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Yorke on Hutton

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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has joined the post-Hutton debate, hitting out at the findings that Blair et al were completely blameless in the David Kelly affair.

Writing in the Guardian Yorke said: “When the Hutton report arrived this week, I expected Geoff Hoon to have to resign. I expected, at the very least, a grovelling apology from Tony Blair. I had been looking forward to this for months. Instead, I have had to stomach the gloating and moralising of Blair, Hoon and Alastair Campbell as the establishment of this godforsaken country closes ranks to protect itself, its intelligence services and the oh so wonderful MoD.”

“Lord Hutton’s damning report of the BBC is a whitewash. I still cannot see why Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke have had to resign. It flies in the face of reality, ripping all evidence to shreds.”

On Blair he added: “He has made a very dangerous political mistake which endangers global stability and has sent thousands to their deaths. He tells us that he will be judged by his maker. Well, he certainly wasn’t judged by Hutton, was he?”

While it isn’t exactly how I would have put it and I think “white-wash” is a bit inaccurate; I have to agree with Yorke’s comments on Hutton. The BBC got what they deserved, but the fact that Blair and company got off pretty much scot-free is a bit much to swallow. Of course, to be honest, since when has a one of these reports been really critical of the government that set it up?

Then again, one could ask, why anyone really cares with Yorke has to say about Hutton? Still its good to see him say something sensible for a change.

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