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Go to any urban public high school, sit in on any mainstream class for ½ hour and you will become a Republican. Psychology-driven educational theories disappear immediately when a new teacher is suddenly confronted with a class dominated by ill-mannered thug wannabes. In a word, education is not therapy, and yet school social workers and teacher education programs begin with that presumption. This uncritical therapeutic presumption accounts for the extraordinary amount of energy schools of education expend teaching new teachers educational psychological theories, when far more benefit would accrue to our urban students if teachers were taught how to teach basic skills more effectively. There is no measurable relationship between a teacher’s knowledge of the developmental neo-Freudianism of Piaget and Kohlberg or the Marxist linguistic presumptions of Vygotsky or the mindless determinism of Skinner, and a teacher’s actual competency teaching our children what they need to live successfully in our liberal democracy.

I am a liberal. I embrace most liberal policies from abortion to gay rights to gun control, but I am also a Republican. And I am a Republican because Democrats have embraced an educational system that is patently racist. No perversity is more certain to oppress African American urban communities than urban public schools throughout America. Self esteem is achieved through competence, and pseudo-scientific educational pap embraced by Democratic Teacher’s Unions guarantees our African American students will not achieve the academic competence necessary to leave the ‘hood. John Locke understood that democracy depends on an educated electorate, for only an educated electorate can earn a decent living and thereby become active participants in a democracy that protects that decent living. The uneducated are the least able to embrace a truly democratic government since they gain little from voting and most from paternalistic social policies.

So let’s honestly leave no child behind, and stop the pessimists who care less if public education works than if their union workers win a better contract. If you have any doubt public education in urban America is racist then why aren’t 50% of our urban school-teachers Black? Far more than 50% of our urban public-school students are. And why do so few Black men from urban public schools get into college at all? Most simply can’t; they never learn the basic skills necessary. Yo Yo that NEA and AFT.

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  • RJ

    The NEA is not pro-student or pro-parent. It is pro-teacher.

    Therefore, their interest is in raising teachers’ salaries and hiring more dues-paying members, not in actually educating kids.