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Yo, MTV Laughs – New Wild ‘N Out series

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Almost two weeks after I saw the thing, I’m still remembering Kanye West ripping and flowing over the friendly competition on Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out.

For some reason I haven’t, yet, set my remote to skip past MTV so I flipped and saw a group of mostly black men and women coming to the end of acting out … something. Everyone else, dressed in long black, white or red Jersey shirts and “whickity-wack” skewed caps, casually sat in lawn chairs.

Someone won a point – graphically popped on screen as a microphone tally – as the Red and Black teams squared off on the circular, low stage.

The vibe was good, so I stopped. Good enough where I sat through the immediate commercial. Nick “Feeling’ Freaky” Cannon‘s doing what now?

Coming back from commercial, I turned the volume back up and one of the guys on stage announced “The Hating Game. Two men – for laughs – tried out their best come-to-me, pick-up lines. The idea being the men didn’t want nothing to do with trying to win the woman’s heart – I think Christina Milian in this case.

I didn’t know who they were, but one was putting in a seriously smooth freestyle rhyme. Found out later in the show that was Kanye West.

The group on stage was a multi-cast, multicultural set, though I didn’t see that at first. I can’t honestly say any comparisons came to mind as I watched – not In Living Color or Whose Line Is it Anyway. I think I was still in deep shock that something was worth watching on MTV (aka Mind Thought Vacuum).

Each team acted out whatever interpretation and scratch-spin they wanted to put on Pinocchio and Robin Hood. In a “Fractured Fairytales” vein – set in the projects – they developed plot and roles. I haven’t seen it since then, and remember I may have been suffering some sort of Post-Traumatic MTV Disorder, but it was improv and lathered up hard. It was fresh.

I just looked the program up yesterday as talk of Kanye West lightly filtered through my consciousness. It seems I had watched, episode 4.

I really sat up, I think literally, before doubling over in laughter as they two teams took on, “Wildstyle” a slightly less combative version of “The Dozens

One at a time – one-on-one – they all cracked on each other appearances, race, features, clothes and rep. Low-browed, but on the spur and not always simple. You had to have been paying attention to who some of these people really were to get it. I wasn’t quite paying that much attention and didn’t recognize anyone else except India Arie.

Kanye takes the brunt at first – called “Jay-Z’s bitch” and told that he wouldn’t be nothing without sampling. His bright pearly whites just grin back until he lets fly with what must have been 90 seconds of straight signifying. (Video here, look for “Kayne Rips the Red Team”)

This show was an amazing surprise. On Thurdays at 10 p.m., Ima tune in, to the show MTV describes, thusly:

Every episode, it’s Nick vs. a new A-list celebrity, as each leads their own team of improv comedians in an attempt to come out on top in a variety of ridiculous comic throwdowns. Traditional improv games get a hip-hop twist as Nick and our troupe of regulars rip through the headlines–and each others’ reputations. It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame.


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  • cody tengan

    yo yo yo this cody from hawaii! ur show is off the hook! keep doing the great job homie!

  • cody tengan

    o and i forgot how did ur movie go nick cannon?? i hope it goes good well any way holla comin from the 808 email man if u can ??

  • cody tengan

    o and i forgot how did ur movie go nick cannon?? i hope it goes good well any way holla comin from the 808 email man if u can ??

  • cody tengan

    o and i forgot how did ur movie go nick cannon?? i hope it goes good well any way holla comin from the 808 email man if u can ??

  • Cathy

    Yo Nick

    you show Wild n Out is awesome. I love that show. I like it when one of your crew member made fun up the 7up guy. Keep up the good Nick


    You a seven up bitch and that aint right. No wonder they fired yo ass , we’re all drinking Spriiiiiite! *funny as hell*

  • cody

    can you teach me to rap and and skool a kid nextdoor plz.

  • Nick

    yo man your show is crazy, i loved it when kanye ripped every 1 up in the freestyle battle.

    cant wait till 50 is on there to battle yall

  • Nick Cannon

    Yo pops dont like me

  • Hey Nick! I think Wild N’ Out is Awesome keep up the good work by the way im all the way from Atlantic Iowa!

  • Yo Nick how do I get some Wild’N Out gear. I was lookin but I guess tou cats aint salin any but get back at me on that.

  • yo nick i always see someone on your show wearing a red sweatshirt with white crowns on it. who makes thoes and how can i get on those sweatshirts are the bomb

  • paula strickland

    how can i get some wild ‘n out gear? i love the hoodies and shirts ya’ll be rockin’!

  • josh

    yo nick wear do u get that wild n out gear cuz i want some gear. hit me back on where i can get some sick gear. thanks

  • terri

    hey nick,
    where can i buy the offical clothing for wil ‘n out from?? I love your show!!!

  • mike

    yo nick where can i get one of those red sweatshirts with the white crowns on it that i always see u wherin. just wonderin who makes it cause they’re tight!

  • Sabrina

    i think your show is really funny i love it oh and tell taren i said hi he is really cute