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Yo-Ho-Ho! A Refreshing Alternative to Grog for Buccaneers and Wenches

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In honor of Chip reading and reviewing not one, but two books about pirates (he’s very democratic; one was fiction, one was non), here is the recipe for a “cocktail” (pirates don’t drink “cocktails”) that is sure to enhance your swashbucklin’ adventures on or off the high seas. 

Bob’s Pirate Punch is one part Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, one part pineapple juice, two parts cranberry juice, and a bit of lemon (a squeeze or a twist). Shake it up, pour it over ice, and serve in on-the-rocks or collins glasses — or a coconut shell if that’s what ye’ fancy. 

Etymology: There are a number of recipes for drinks called "Pirate’s Punch" or “Drunken Pirate’s Punch.” This recipe is based on a drink Captain Chip and I enjoyed at the wonderful Bistro 1896 in Asheville, NC. I remembered that the drink was named after a flower, but couldn’t remember which one (and no, not because I had too many). It was refreshing and delicious. I went home, experimented, drank, experimented some more… passed out (not really), until I came up with this simple recipe. My name just clarifies that it’s not one of the other well-known pirate punches. However, in an effort to add verisimilitude to this tale, I took the "What's My Pirate Name" quiz and learned I could change the name of this recipe to Captain Bess Rackham's Pirate Punch. I fear, though, that after one or two, it would be difficult to order, so Bob's Pirate Punch it is! If there’s another Bob out there who has his or her own Pirate Punch, maybe we can reach an agreement. But — remember, Bob — no one can pronounce Etier. 

I’ve introduced this recipe at a number of parties to “smashing” success. To translate the measurements, Bob’s Pirate Punch for two would be ¼ cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, ¼ cup pineapple juice, and ½ cup cranberry juice (or cranberry juice cocktail). It’s low in carbs and I’m pretty sure it will ward off scurvy — just don’t forget the twist of lemon.

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  • The two pirate books I reviewed for Blogcritics were:
    “Pirate Latitudes” by Michael Crichton and
    “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” by Edward Kritzler.
    And by the way, Captain Henry Morgan was not Jewish. We was, however, knighted by the King of England!

  • The cocktail sounds delightful. I could go for one of those right about now.