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Yet Another Matrix Reloaded Review

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Think about all the sequels out there. Most of them are horrible and should never have been made, very few have ever been worth it. Generally, they are the attempt to squeeze out the last few dollars from a storyline. To me there is one sequel that stands above the rest and that is The Empire Strikes Back not only the best of the Holy Trilogy (I’m not counting the new movies here, and yes I know that a trilogy means three), but it took Star Wars to a whole new level for me at least. The question was could The Matrix Reloaded do that for this trilogy? While there has been loads of hype about this movie and expectations that were off the chart; the biggest question facing this movie was would it live up to the first one. Could the story be as well thought out, could the action be more over the top? From where I sat at the end of the movie I had to say yes to both of those questions.

The story picks up presumably 6 months after the first one; Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity have been busy pulling people out of the Matrix and the threat of the machines has continued to grow. The Matrix has some unusual features this time around from 1,000 Agent Smiths to a couple of crazy twin “programs.” I won’t give more away, but the story unfolds nicely and it keeps you hooked. In a movie where you expect the unexpected I found the story to be credible and intriguing without verging on the ridiculous or being prefabricated. They also introduced us to new characters and didn’t fall into the trap of trying to give them too much background and making the movie drag. Overall the story was solid and the ending of this movie almost reminds me of Empire Strikes Back in that sense that you can’t wait to see the next to figure out what in the world is going on.

As for the action and special effects it was definitely uncharted territory as there things in this movie that we have not seen before and perhaps are unlikely to see again. The fight in the park with 1,000 Agent Smiths and the freeway chase scene are particular standouts. The fight scenes are well thought out and planned and there are special effects in this movie that will leave you with your mouth wide open. I don’t expect anyone will be disappointed with the action of The Matrix Reloaded.

However there were a few things in the movie that were a bit disappointing. One of the scenes in Zion which I will call the Matrix Rave I didn’t understand it when I was watching it and I don’t understand it know, but I found it pretty ridiculous and definitely way too long. To me if I wanted to watch a bunch of naked people dancing around in a cave I wouldn’t watch the matrix. Also, the CGI Neo was a bit of a disappointment I generally like CGI when its done well, but there were points in the movie when our hero looked like a cartoon that was strange. There was a fight scene or two that dragged as well, but overall these few are far between and easily overlooked.

Overall, The Matrix Reloaded was worth the hype and for the most part up to the expectations established by its predecessor, and the end of the movie will certainly have you asking some questions. Just like the greatest sequel ever The Empire Strikes Back.

This review written by Sean Gleason who got to see this movie before you did. Sean is a contributor to the wonderful mess I call Buzzgrinder.

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  • Luke Divine

    The Matrix Rave was to show human unihibition based on the presumption that that the Matrix is symbolic of our world and our human nature. If the Matrix is also based on religion could it not be a “last supper” in effect? The people of Zion know challanges are ahead yet have one last gathering with all present?

  • There were extremely excellent scenes in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.
    Good originality and great imagination in this movie!
    I’m very interested in science fiction movies.