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Yellowcard in full throttle

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Yellowcard is breath of unique air which is not geared tward a TRL screaming teen. However if you’re still interested in punk, pop punk, melodic music with guitars, or anything within close to that genre it would behoove you to go out and get acquainted with a wonderful band called Yellowcard. The five guy unit from Florida consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, and a violin. They have a wonderful live sound which includes harmonies and you may find yourself singing along, even if you don’t know the words, just because of their show is incredibly energetic and audience focused.

For a few years now Yellowcard has worked hard to gain a loving fan base that is strong. They tour the clubs of America at night and the high schools by afternoon, often playing two shows a day. On top of this they released an album in 2001 (One for the kids), the “Underdog EP” in 2002, and have finished recording “Ocean Avenue” their second “big” album which is due out sometime soon. This could be a problem seeing as I am nowhere near tired of the last two albums.

Some of my favorite Yellowcard songs are Rough Draft, Big Apple Heart Break, Drifting and Powder. Of course I suggest that if you have a friend, child, invisible dog that’s into this sort of music that you purchase “one for the kids” for them and look for Yellowcard to continue making great music to enjoy in years to come.

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  • brittany nash

    i was just looking back at this and its crazy to me still !! but if peeps still check this out if you jus google my name there are more pics of me sooo check em out !!!

  • Ella

    i grew up practically with brittany cause i was really good friends with her lil sis zoe. She’s a really awesome down to earth girl and antone would be lucky to get to know her.
    Love ya brit shit!!! lol

  • Anon

    Well sorry to say something else about Brittany N, (I do love yellowcard, trust me) but I was wondering, if she’s on Gap/JC Pennys or in an issue of Seventeen, which issue, and is anyone devoted enough to look for her? I’d love to see some more pictures but not enough to go searching frantically for them.

    In otherwords, I bought the Yellowcard cd when it came out. I was surprised, because the vendor said she got a bunch of them in, but I seemed like the first person to be picking them up.

    I guess no one’s really rushing in to get them, which is probably good; us loyal fans (I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to them for long, but as soon as I heard “Way Away” I was hooked for life) are able to pick them up easily, and laugh at everyone for missing out on a truly amazing CD.

  • Mikeyboi

    Hi everyone anyone have pics of brittany nash?? shes HOT!

  • Sirspike

    Does brittany nash have like a website or summat anyone?

  • Morgan

    hey, wow its 2006 now, with 7 YC albums out (but aren’t 2 out of print?). I thought it was fun reading this and all the comments from 3 years ago and stuff, and seeing how much Yellowcard has porgressed. Everyone was saying how they thought Ocean Avenue was the best so far, but wow, Lights and Sounds! i still absolutely looovveee listening to Ocean Avenue, The Underdog EP, and One For The Kids (which im listening to right now, Rock Star Land is playing), and you can truly see how muched they’ve progressed since OFTK. I wish i could at least hear song samples from Midget Tossing, Where We Stand, and the Still Standing EP. (i saw the re-release of Where We Stand or somthing quite recently, but didn’t get it…)

  • Yellowcard DEFINATELY fucking rock, Brittany Nash is cute and all but like other people have noted models are SUPPOSED to look good. Ready to get the new album after hearing Ocean Avenue…anybody know if they are touring now or anytime soon in the Los Angeles area??

    Yellowcard ROCKS!!!!

  • geez, no one has been on this thing in a long time…i don’t think that makes since…oh well–nik

  • Turning off italics?

  • how do you start these things? and Yellowcard rocks, and i agree with whats-their-face, ya’ll are getting pretty out of hand with the Brittany Nash girl, this is a fan site for Yellowcard, not her, yeah, i’m done, talk to you all later.—nik
    oh hey, go check out my website, http://www.xanga.com/asdoimylove yup yup…that’s all—-nik

  • so bored, so bored, so frikin’ bored!!

    please enjoy some of my famous signatures, well their not really famous to any one but me and my friends, but enjoy them anyway!

    )!owned by India!(
    Veggies are better!

  • sorry typeo…using is spelled using not useing…like i said typeo…shit happens

  • by the way brittany, you spelled barely wrong…there’s an apostrophe in can’t and the form of too you are useing meaning also is spelled too not to…Other things that were wrong…Yellowcard’s…I’m…too, but ya…(that really doesn’t make sense anyway)…everyone’s…sorry if i made anyone mad but i’m bored as hell…no wait, more bored than “as hell” eh…you don’t care do you…oh well…i tried…-longineuilove-

  • what i was talking about just then, was about the picture on the cd cover…if any one cares…cause ya know…people tend to forget me…

  • My frikin’ lord i just said that, did i not just frikin’ say that!?!?!?!

  • gaby

    i mean you ´re fucking right,we all love u because you look so great in that picture.

  • gaby

    you´re fucking, we all love u!!

  • brittany

    hey i think its awsome that everyones writting about me i mean im just brittany and everyone seems to love me and you cant even see my face barly, im on one of the yellow cards posters to but ya and i love the fact that all my friends from school wrote on here to me, its fuckin awsome!!!!!

  • DAMN!!! why hasn’t anyone written back?? Come on i’m bored and i don’t want to do homework. please write!!!

  • AHH i remember my first message. this is a site for reviewing yellowcard cds not talking about a model. good times, gooood times. -longineuilove- i forgot to put that on my last message so ill put it again. -longineuilove- there, happy now?

  • I’m back, i am looking at my new ocean avenue cd and you can hardly see her face and of what i can see is just boobs thats the only reason you think shes pretty isnt it? just because she has big boobs. and if she gets any more famous and we see her on tv one day and she has a huge planet earth size mole on her face or something like that i’m coming back on this website and i will make fun of all you people for the rest of your lives. saying i told you so but you all are too stubborn to listen to me. so before you start up again remember what i said here today. that a woman isnt pretty just because she has big boobs.

  • on lane my last 3 messages i forgot to put something so ill put it now

    -longineuilove- -longineuilove-

    BY THE WAY THATS AN AWESOME WEB SITE CHECK IT OUT http://www.orisinal.com it doesn’t require flash either. games and fun all in one.

  • jenn

    I grew up with Brittanys mom..I think I’d like to become her manager. I’ll ask her ..she is going to be a huge star..trust me.

  • PLEASE stop talking about Brittany Nash!!! yeah she may be pretty but shes practically a celebraty. You cant have her so whats the point of trying. By this point Hell, shes probably married. just give it up!!! that was rude but this is driving me insane!!


    Damn everyone loves this Brittany Nash girl huh? I’ll admit she is hot as fuck but remember she’s a model. They always look good. Except for the cracked out looking ones. Anyway I saw that Brittany Nash actually worte something in here so if she decides to drop in again…I have a band and I WOULD LOVE to have you take a picture for our site at least. Do you charge to take pics? E-mail me

  • heres a picture of brittany nash for you SHOVE THIS UP YOUR ASS!! NAHH… i’m not that disrespectful. please don’t talk any more about brittany nash this site is for YELLOWCARD NOT BRITTANY NASH!!!!!! okay… again sorry but it irritates me. -longineuilove-

  • AJ

    yeah…send me pics of brittany too lol

  • wow! it’s like 11 somethin’ and i’m surpzized that no one has wrote in and made fun or yelled at me (over the internet) yet!! i must be pretty smart….NAHH!!! -longineuilove-

  • OKAY i’m not saying this too be rude but this is a page for yellowcard right? than why are we talking about a cd cover model!!! sorry, again, not to be rude, but i’m just saying. -longinegilove-

  • Jordin

    Hmm. I kind of want to know what Brittany Nash looks like, since you’re all raving about her, so if anybody would be so kind, send me a picture of her? At quakingkitten@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  • ryan

    ok so yeah i agree with you fools. brittany nash is a sexy beast. and if some of you actually do know her then send me a pic please!

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    You know what else is hot? My genitals.
    They’re on fire! In a bad way.

    Always use protection kids.

  • yeah i think Brittnay is hot.. but i aint obsessed with her..

  • Alicia

    If u want pictures of Brittany Nash, go to JC Penny she is on some of the swimsuit billboards. She was my best friend growing up…

  • dammitjosie

    yeah Brittany is really hot, and I think we’d be a perfect match


  • valerie

    brittany used to go to my school too, and we ditched school one day and smoked pine needles and moss, because we were bored one day… heh heh

  • ptgold

    Brittany I want to be your manager! Tell your mom to call me..

    Jenn in VA.

  • Strange, I didnt know Blogcritics was the Brittany Nash Fan Capitol…

  • Brian and Nicole

    Hey Ya’ll! So You like Brittany Nash huh? We’re close friends of hers, we came on here to see how funny it was that she was on the internet and find it hillarious that she has an actual fan basis! If you guys want to check her out she was also a model for gap and was in an issue of ‘seventeen.’ If you are the guy who wants to marry her maybe we can get some real photos of her for you. lol
    Nicole And Brian
    P.S. – Take A cold shower

  • hey if your really brittany nash then you should have a web site or something online… there are tons and tons of people who would love to check it out… email me back or something if you are interested thats what i do…

  • Eric Olsen

    But you have the mirror, dear.

  • brittany nash

    hey this is brittany nash the model for yellowcard i just wanted to ask you guys if there are any more pics of me cuz i havent seen any of them yet??????

  • i need pics of that brittany nash babe. anyone w/ pics or a link could you PLEASE email it to me. Thanx. P.S. I got ocean avenue today and its really good. I love how heavy the guitars sound in “Way Away”. Later

  • Matt

    Yellowcard is an awesome band. I just purchased their CD, it is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. I can actually say that I liked every song on the disk. I think that Yellowcard can be classified – I would put them into the “real music category”. The music is put together and mixed very well, and I believe that the words to these songs actually happened to them, unlike some of the bands out there that just write songs whenever they need to be written. Good songwriters write whenever they feel inspiration, not when they need a new tune.

  • Its unfair to even insinuate that this band has not “gone places” already. Their journey to the point they are now was long and hard, you should congratulate them on being one of the incredibly few who hear their songs on the radio.

  • Courtney

    yEllowCard has to be one of THE best bands ive heard in a while..! They’re sound is very unique..and just about anybody can relate to their songs.Yellowcard is def. going places..

  • if brittany nash is out there, can she please get in touch with me- i think i want to marry her- even though the picture is alittle vague- the beauty just comes right through- so Britany- if you get this, I like like long walks on the beach and romance novels and cuddling

  • Paige

    Hi, my name is Paige. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and i am a sophomore at the highschool in which Yellowcard graduated from. Im proud to be able to say i go to their highschool.
    I was just wondering if they remember us, and if they would ever mention us in their “thankyou’s”.

  • Megan, the girls name is Brittany Nash.

    I agree with Jenny too, Ocean Avenue is a wonderful album. I listen to it every day. I especial enjoy the title song.

  • Megan

    who is the picture of on the new Yellowcard cover (Ocean Avenue)?

  • Jenny

    Yellowcard just came out with a new C.D. call “Ocean Avenue” which i truly believe is their best work yet. They have such a unique sound that there is no way to pigeonhole them. They are their own band. The melodys and the way the violin is incorporated into the songs in awesome. The lyrics have really matured and every song sounds different making it hard for you to get tired of the album.

  • Well Michele, that may be before they retooled. Around 2000 they had a few band members switch out because they didnt want to commit to the band. Afterwards their sound changed a bunch.

  • About five years ago, a friend from Florida sent me ten copies of his friends’ band cds.

    Somewhere in my closet are ten copies of the Yellowcard demo.