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Yellowcard in full throttle

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Yellowcard is breath of unique air which is not geared tward a TRL screaming teen. However if you’re still interested in punk, pop punk, melodic music with guitars, or anything within close to that genre it would behoove you to go out and get acquainted with a wonderful band called Yellowcard. The five guy unit from Florida consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, and a violin. They have a wonderful live sound which includes harmonies and you may find yourself singing along, even if you don’t know the words, just because of their show is incredibly energetic and audience focused.

For a few years now Yellowcard has worked hard to gain a loving fan base that is strong. They tour the clubs of America at night and the high schools by afternoon, often playing two shows a day. On top of this they released an album in 2001 (One for the kids), the “Underdog EP” in 2002, and have finished recording “Ocean Avenue” their second “big” album which is due out sometime soon. This could be a problem seeing as I am nowhere near tired of the last two albums.

Some of my favorite Yellowcard songs are Rough Draft, Big Apple Heart Break, Drifting and Powder. Of course I suggest that if you have a friend, child, invisible dog that’s into this sort of music that you purchase “one for the kids” for them and look for Yellowcard to continue making great music to enjoy in years to come.

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  • Mikeyboi

    Hi everyone anyone have pics of brittany nash?? shes HOT!

  • Anon

    Well sorry to say something else about Brittany N, (I do love yellowcard, trust me) but I was wondering, if she’s on Gap/JC Pennys or in an issue of Seventeen, which issue, and is anyone devoted enough to look for her? I’d love to see some more pictures but not enough to go searching frantically for them.

    In otherwords, I bought the Yellowcard cd when it came out. I was surprised, because the vendor said she got a bunch of them in, but I seemed like the first person to be picking them up.

    I guess no one’s really rushing in to get them, which is probably good; us loyal fans (I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to them for long, but as soon as I heard “Way Away” I was hooked for life) are able to pick them up easily, and laugh at everyone for missing out on a truly amazing CD.

  • Ella

    i grew up practically with brittany cause i was really good friends with her lil sis zoe. She’s a really awesome down to earth girl and antone would be lucky to get to know her.
    Love ya brit shit!!! lol

  • brittany nash

    i was just looking back at this and its crazy to me still !! but if peeps still check this out if you jus google my name there are more pics of me sooo check em out !!!