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Yeah, Right, Ralph Macchio

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According to a video posted by Radar Online, Ralph “The Karate Kid” Macchio claims that he will NOT be checking out his Dancing with the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff’s recent nude spread in Playboy. He claims to have an “older brother/younger sister relationship” with the 33-year-old Ukranian dancer. Yeah, right, Ralph Macchio.

Now, I’m not saying Ralph is headed to his local bookstore right now for a little “wax on/wax off” action, but to claim he has no interest in seeing Karina take her clothes Smirn-off (insert rimshot here) isn’t something I or anyone with half a brain believes for a nanosecond. If you told me that the aging female janitor from my former high school posed naked for Playboy, I’d not hesitate to Google it, if only out of morbid curiosity. For Macchio to claim that he’s not even a little curious expands believability to limits that would easily turn your Stretch Armstrong into a sad pile of latex and corn syrup. It’s simple human nature to want to see your opposite sex acquaintances naked, especially the svelte Ukrainian ones. Saying you don’t is akin to claiming you’ve never had a sexual thought or have no opinion on which Disney princess is the hottest (it’s a three-way tie between the Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, and Princess Jasmine, in case you’re curious).

What leads a seemingly normal former teen actor to make such a ridiculous claim that clearly no one is going to believe? Is it our socially conservative American society demonizing sex and sexuality to such a degree than any attitude that isn’t strictly puritanical is seen as immoral filth? Surely that backlash would be no more than the backlash he’s currently getting on the internet. Is it some warped sense of what he believes decency to be? Were all those blows he took at the hands of Johnny and his fellow Cobra Kai members following the Halloween party slightly more real than they appeared in 1984?

Whatever it is… yeah right, Ralph Macchio.

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  • Reznov

    Is it possible that Ralph Machio has some measure of Catholic ethics that he is personifying in the statement. It is possible I could be wrong. Aside from that. It is way to large a leap to assume that because one person makes a conservative statement. He speaks for the majority. He may represent a good deal of conservatives. It is simple logic to assume that he is upholding what he believes should be the example for the situation. That is the only flaw I see in your statement. As for the reality. I don’t believe I could have said what he said with a straight face. I would bat the question away maybe and still be honest. That is one crude question to ask. I would not have to answer. I believe “No comment” is one of the greatest ambiguous statements in the history of the English language.

  • ewong

    What is so unbelieveable about Ralph Macchio’s choice not to view pornography–not to view nude photos of his friend? I would find it creepy and disgusting if he did! As far as “curiosity” being part of human nature, there’s a big difference on a passing thought and letting a thought take root and becoming a desire. Not everyone is driven by “human nature”. Your desires and thoughts can be so focused on what is acceptable for you, that many “human nature” influences just pass through the mind without a thought of entertaining that, because your heart focus is not on that type of thing. It’s all about choices and making choices that are healthy and right for you and your family. We should respect those of who have a different view and make a different choice from us in the same way that we want our opinions to be respected. This might be hard for you to believe in your circle of acquaintances, but in a lot of other people’s circles, there are a lot of men/women around who choose not to be involved in pornography–it’s not even given a second thought. There are plenty of men around who choose to guard their hearts and protect their marital, family, and friendship relationships against influences that could damage or destroy these precious bonds. For my circle of family and friends, his choice is very, very believeable and I applaud Ralph Machio for being honest even though it may not be the expected or popular response.