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Y’all can say ‘Sad’, right?

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I knew that you could! (Small spoilers for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)

Because that is about the only way to describe the nice boys and girls who put this gem. Specifically, its put together by a bunch of whiners who can’t get over having grossly misread the hints and intentions laced in the first five Harry Potter books about which of the trio would end up with whom, and who didn’t like having the author tell them this. How sad can you get? The hints have been there since book one pretty much from when they meet. And the fourth book just about screamed for the two to get a room. In book six, Hermione and Ron finally do end up as a couple. And yet, as of the time I write this 419 people where whining about misunderstanding it and not liking being told they were.


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  • Jon

    I am disgusted with the Half Blood Prince.
    I patiently plodded through pages and pages of what I assumed was a stately build-up to something well planned and thrilling, and found … ? A plodding, pedetrian and, frankly, stupid plot line, with a completely cop-out ending. I finished the book in bed late at night, clapped it shut, said “What a load of absolute Rubbish.”, tossed it across the room onto the floor, and rolled over and went to sleep.
    In TV series parlance, Harry has finally “Jumped the Shark”, ie. damaged its core essence so badly that no amount of re-writing later on, short of ‘it was all a dream’, will allow it to recover.
    Ms. Rowling, your only previous lemon was Chamber Of Secrets and even it had its gripping and worthwhile components. Half-Blood Prince is simply dreadful, I’m sorry but its bad art. I would rather have waited another year while you re-wrote it than read this pile of pointless gibberings. Please do better with your next one, with the money you have made from this whole series and the fact that this IS your professional output, you have no excuse. Get to it.


  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    oh yeah ok i no it i no it

  • Hp reader

    ummm and isnt it “mediocre”?

  • Hp reader

    karate, “mediocare” means like, average, medium, i guess..

    i really dont think jk rowling shuld apologize 2 ppl whether or whether not she said that. shes an author, not a saint

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    sory im probibly just being a stupid idiot and i was never good a spelling and reading and shit but wat the hell does mediocare mean!!!

  • parryotter

    re.comment 36

    Ok. I was going a bit overboard, but i still think she should appologise.

  • narcissus

    i agree to one of the comments above. hermione suddenly acting like a mediocare to pave to harry’s new found keeness and to ginny’s sudden “exaltation” .. from a supporting to a main character… but let’s try to understand j.k. she’s only human. she cant always please us.. and she shouldnt try to… it will only compromise her creativity just to please us… she should write it the way she see it fits… even ur the writer u lose ur track sometimes…. her character are getting bigger so it’s just natural for to lose track at times.. but shouldn’t be always. i understand her pressure but lameness wont always be forgiven if overdone.

  • narcissus

    in fairness and defense of J.K., she didnt say that the fans are delusional.. some just put that on her mouth… if ur going to read the interview again she refused to call them that it was the one from mugglenet…. she wouldn’t call her fans like that. she knows she owes her success to the her public

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    she can say wat she wants, i dont care, justs as lon as she writes a good 7th book.

  • parryotter

    From what i can see the petition is about an insulting interview that was done with j.k.r.

    I don´t like Harry and Hermione thogether, but it’s unfair to say those who do are delusional, militant, and other things.

    As i said I don’t like them together, but after reading the interview i lost all the respect i had for j.k.r and mugglenet. Calling a part of your fans(The ones who bring you all that f*****g money) delusional and saying that they should re-read the books when they most likely have read them about a hundred times is just disgusting.

    I think j.k.r should appologise. And if you haven´t read the interview you shouldn´t be commenting on this.

    (Also read the freaking petiton, it´s not about j.k.r writing Ron/Hermione into the book, it´s about that damn mugglenet interview)

  • Lavender is and always was a semi innocous _user_.

  • Hp reader

    lol ya that was a bit disgusting, at least they didnt go into further detail.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass


  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    yeh but it was just the mental image that made me wannapuke. coz u no wen ginny says its like hes eating her face, well iv seen ppl kiss like that and its not a pretty site so it was just like *shudders*

  • Hp reader

    i think ‘won-won’ was funny. except kinda sudden i mean, lavender hasnt really been a big fan of ron (she kinda hates him, it seems like) and then suddenly *bang* shes like, in love with him. hmm.. i guess its just: “theres a fine line between love and hate”

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    won won suks,( not the character or the actor but just the whole won won sinarrio) i could just imagine him pullin lavander ( and pulling is just the way we say snog at my skool incase ur goin like ‘pulling?’) it made me cringe and wanna stop reading, it was like ‘get a room’

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    lol thank u.

  • eriqo

    Ron with Hermione.
    Harry with or maybe without Ginny.
    Definitely NOT Harry and Hermione-Rowling wouldn’t give harry both the power in the book as well as the chic.
    It would be totally unfair to won won.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    will ppl plz get over the whol ‘hermione & harry’ thing. it sucks!! it would just be weird if they got togethrt!! it wouldn’t be right!! and i think its good that ron and hermione got together except that we dont no if they actually did at the end of the 6th book!!! i didn’t think in the slightest that in any of the books, harry and hermione had anything but a friendship!! everybody keeps saying ‘oh yeh, u could totally see the chemistry in the books’, NO U COULDN’T!!!! i think it makes sence that H and R r getting together because they used to always fight and ron was jelous of krum and hermione and hermione was jelous of ron and lavander!!!!! it makes sence. but i can’t seem to make anybody see that so in the words of the great jim carry, what im gonna do is piss and moan!!

  • Doc

    Well most Harry and Hermione fans, are justifiably pissed after a certain interview was given. Hell I would be pissed off if I was called “delusional”, But looking at the book as a reader and as a parent I found it lacking ANY substance. I was however more than annoyed over the cheesy way she set up the whole premise for this one. Now I have read all of the books now after coming home from work on friday and finding both of my girls in tears over the books portrayal of Hermione. I didnt understand this till I read them; did Ms Rowling decide to just lobotomize her for no reason or is she(rowling) really like that, I say this due to the fact that I found an interview she did after book five had come out and she said something to the effect of ” she’s my avatar, when you hear her speak it’s really me.” If this is the case then I guess she is advocates women debasing themselves inorder to get a man, and I am a man by the way. I happen to be a ten year veteran paramedic working in NYC, and I have seen “men” like Ron many times they are the wife beaters, the drunks with too much time and no motivation, I could have seen Harry with Hermione, hell I read the interview on one of the “prime” websites and was thoroughly disgusted by the lack of professionalism, and the obvious baiting of the Harry and Hermione fans. Now if you are a Ron fan I am sorry; but he should have been relegated to the background in the third book. He as a character is rather one dimensional, crude jealous and meanspirited, the type of guy that drags others down in order to make himself feel good. in short the type I would toss out of my house if my girls ever brought him home, I dont mind the jock thing I was one however I also busted my butt studying and stil played three sports, Hermione reminds me of my wife the woman i met on my first day of high school and dated all through that AND college even though we went to schools that were distance wise far from each other, SO this leaves me to wonder DOES the author condone spousal abuse? You see boys and girls tearing a person down verbally and constant argueing is NO way to begin a healthy relationship. OK thats done on to my next pet peeve from this book. Ginny hmmm where to begin, ahhh I know Who in there right mind believed it ? Not this man for one. The set up was contrived and bland she went from a supporting role to a main one, please I have now over this last weekend read nearly fifty fan fiction works and saw many corolations in the way this character was brought to the forefront. Hell the book itself reminded me of one between the bad grammer and the over use of BIG words inorder to sound intelligent. Out of five stars I give this book two for sheer lack of anyhting resembling a premise as well as the assisination of a wonderful and strong female lead, my prediction for the next one look for a dead Harry in the end or a Luke Skywalker archetype.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    omg!! will some 1 plz answer this bak plz

  • with karate ill kik ur ass


    at the end of the second movie? no they weren’t. and like i sed up there,i didn’t think that R was jelous of H for goin out with the famous quiditch player, was he?

  • with karate ill kik ur ass,

    Um, pay attention to the way Hermione is shown as being more akward around Ron than Harry, especially at the end of the second movie, but also during them books, if more subtly.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    by the way, the guy that plays the famous quiditch player is really hot!!

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    has anybody eles noticed that the time they posted a comment is rong. im on here at 10:45 and it says 6:45 or somen, is this an american web site or is it just rong??

    wat was the point of this book by the way, it was called the half blood prince but only a 5th of the book was about the half blood prince, the rest was just filler, im sure that it will all be relivant soon in the 7th book but com on it was modiritly interesting but the 3rd 4th and 5th book got my attention more!!

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  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    lol my name is from a ‘Tenacious D’ song,u no, Jack Blacks band, Jack Black being the teacher guy in ‘School of Rock’! karate kid 3 was an OK movie……not that good!

  • Speaking of which, Hillary Swank deserved an Oscar for Karate Kid 3.

    That is all.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    ‘the co’ is right. in the third movie it has R and H looking at the shreiking shack together and H says ‘do u wanna move a little closer’ and R takes this the rong way,and H says’to the house i mean’. but in the book there was nothing of the sort and definitly not in the fist 2 books. now in the fourth book, R is pretty jelous of H and the Quidich player (i can’t for the lov of god remember his name) but i thought he was just jelous of H for being with is favourite player not coz they were going out. it was a bit of a shock that they go out but how says they were, all it says at the end of the six book is that H had her head on R’s shoulder, does that mean thier goin out? and so what, i don’t think that H should go out with Harry anyway, i like him goin out with Ginny and i certainly don’t want him goin out with that chinese moaning bitch!!!

  • Movie #3 was um, not very true to the book. The first two were fairly close but imo if you wiped yourself with the script from #3 you might never get the stench off your backside.

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree it’s pretty evident in the movies, especially 3

  • Eric,

    I thought R+H would be a couple since at least book two, sorta thought it might be possible from book one. The movies even play the two of them up even more. The books are fun, but definately kid/teen aimed.

  • Come to the dark side, Luuuuke.

  • Eric Olsen

    I knew about Ron and Hermione before J.K Rowling was blond, and I still haven’t read any of the books, although my resolve is weakening now that my wife has them scattered throughout the house like rectangular dustballs

  • Kate

    Yeah, like a multi-million dollor writer is going to change her vision and in other words bend over backwards just to fill the requests of a bunch of fans. It’s her story! Live with it brats!

  • That might be sad, but this is hilarious: Someone has compiled the inadvertent innuendos from the new Harry Potter:

    ” ‘There was no need to stick the wand in that hard,’ he said gruffly, clambering to his feet. ‘It hurt.'” (p. 64)

    “‘Pass me a bowl,’ said Hermione, holding the pulsating pod at arm’s length” (ibid.)

    “‘I’m his Head of House, and I shall decide how hard, or otherwise, to be,’ said Snape curtly.” (p. 320)

    “Lupin burst out laughing. ‘Sometimes you remind me a lot of James. He called it my ‘furry little problem’, in company.'” (p. 335)

  • To most of the people i know, the Ron and Hermione thing has been rather arrantly obvious from book one or two, certainly in book four.

  • reallife

    The SAD people perhaps haven’t lived long enough yet to see that love and relationships ebb and flow, come and go, change and end. That H. has hooked up with R. doesn’t mean that Hermione and Harry might not have wild passionate love down the road. Life and lvoe have many twists and turns. Pehaps she will go les, and Harry and Ron will become the dynamic duo of their time. There’s so many possiblities. Give Rowling her space to create, and there will be more to come……

  • Is that before or after the giant orgy involving all the members of the DA?

  • Duane

    No one likes a red-haired kid. Let’s face it.

    I heard the J.K. is already planning for the series to portray the three main characters in their 20s, during which time Harry, Ron, and Hermione will use their satanic sorcery powers to have out-of-body experiences and possess each other, thus opening the way for unspeakably un-Christian 3-way sexual adventures.

  • Kids! I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today…

  • I was rather amazed, well after my eyes unglazed and i washed all their foam off.

  • jess_turish

    That’s beyond sad – it’s pathetic.

    You’d think fanboys (and girls) of that calibre would be too busy with, um, other things to get their hands free long enough to type that garbage.

    Ick. I say ick!