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Yahoo Doesn’t Want to Make TV

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Yahoo said it will not create original television-like shows. Should we believe them? Yahoo has not been shy about making advances into Internet television and digital media, but recently their CEO said they weren’t interested in going all the way:

We don’t have the ambition to do a lot” of original content, Semel said at a meeting with industry analysts, executives and reporters. “We have the ambition to help lead the way and encourage others to do it for us. … We don’t aspire to have 2,000 creative people working for Yahoo. We are an Internet company.

Yahoo does have some original content but these are all relatively short and topic specific. Right now, Yahoo has daily tech-related updates from experts and the journalistic reports from Kevin Sites. I really like those, great insight into some interesting and troubled countries. Both of these don’t really follow a TV format. Yahoo also tries to exploit the interactive quality of the medium beyond what television can.

Are Yahoo’s claims genuine? Probably; they seem to be focusing on the delivery system, not what’s delivered, like the recent purchase of Meedio Technology. They also seem to put a lot of effort into providing user-created videos, which might be a strong angle for them to pursue.

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