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Yahoo Blocks Trillian

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Yahoo on Wednesday began blocking Cerulean Studios’ Trillian software from communicating with its instant messaging service in its latest step to fence its popular client from third-party integrators.

I am interested in getting some reaction to this announcement by Yahoo. Also, if you are a Trillian user how much effect is this having on you?

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Robert T DeMarco is CEO of IP Group in Herndon VA. IP Group offers software communication tools for use on the Internet. These include: PowerTools, Watch Right, Always on Time and IM Frame. Mr. DeMarco is the author/editor of several Weblogs and is also a member of the High Tech Crimes Industry Association (HTCIA).

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  • ert

    “you just have to change scs.msgs.yahoo.com to scs.yahoo.com and it works again” — my pal pete

  • Robert, you’ve got an open bold tag before the link to “Watch Right Internet Crimes Against Children.”

    Once fixed, this comment will make no sense whatsoever . . . 🙂

  • Nathan

    Trillian already has a patch.