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XXXChurch and The American Bible Society

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Okay, here is a story that I became aware of while reading my friend Chris Rice’s blog. Like him, I was familiar with xxxchurch.com, the website set up to minister to the porn industry, and likewise I had not really visited and studied the site. The site has been the topic of many news articles, both in the Christian and secular media. A recent story, however, is one that I had missed before reading his blog and subsequently visiting the website. It seems the ministry was seeking to print up some New Testaments but a Bible publisher, in the words of a popular game show said, “No deal.”

The American Bible Society (ABS) defends their decision at ChristianPost.com.

While committed to making the Bible available to all persons, the Bible organization wrote in an official statement that it saw the cover words proposed by Fireproof Ministries as inappropriate to clothe Scripture.

“The American Bible Society commends Fireproof Ministries (which runs xxxchurch.com) for its outreach to those addicted to pornography and informed Pastor Craig Gross that the American Bible Society supports his ministry’s initiative to share the Gospel with those who are so addicted,” read the statement released Friday . “However, out of a sense of propriety, ABS felt that the wording ‘Jesus Loves Porn Stars’ was misleading and inappropriate for a New Testament cover.”

I can agree with the ABS when they state that the cover’s words could be interpreted as condoning such activity; in fact, that was my first thought when I heard about this. However, I also agree with Fireproof that Jesus loves you regardless of your profession, which is the central message of the gospel.

I also agree with Chris, when he says in his blog, “It could have been a lot worse. They could have had Wally the Wiener, the giant blow-up penis on the cover. They use this gimmick with the sign in front ‘Do you have the balls enough to quit viewing porn?'”

I don’t know about all of you, but like Chris, I would much rather see the words “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” rather than this image on a Bible.

The two ministries “affirmed that Jesus’ love is extended to all people and that he ‘came to invite sinners’ to be his followers and ‘to save people who are lost,'” but differences on the Bible cover remained unresolved.

Despite this, the American Bible Society reassured the public of its commitment to making the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford.

It is my hope that the differences between these two ministries can be resolved and that the Bibles are soon printed.

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