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Xingolati: Flaming Lips Apparently Don’t Sink Ships

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These concert cruises are becoming all the rage — Jam Cruise, Rock Boat, Blues Cruise are a few of the more prominent — and now we have “Xingolati, (pronounced Zîng-gō-läh-ti) – Groove Cruise of the Pacific,” headlined by the tuneful and mysterious Flaming Lips, fresh off their piratical SpongeBob soundtrack appearance.

Xingolati will feature:

· The Flaming Lips (review here)

· G Love and Special Sauce

· Medeski Martin and Wood (interview with Billy Martin here)

· John Popper Project Featuring DJ Logic (Blues Traveler review)

· Slightly Stoopid Acoustic

· The Everyone Orchestra featuring Vince Herman, Rob Wasserman, Joe Craven, Jamie Masefield and Jamie Janover conducted by Matt Butler

· Particle (reviews here and here)

· Tea Leaf Green

· DJ Greyboy

· R.E.D. featuring Rob Wasserman and members of Particle

· The Mutaytor

· DJ Laird

· Rob Cantrell from NBC’s Last Comic Standing

· Perpetual Groove

· Delta Nove

· That One Guy

· Soul Rebels Brass Band

· Lowpro Lounge

The three day, three night cruise from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico will depart on October 14, 2005 and feature the comforts of a cruise vacation aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines’ ship Paradise. (take a virtual tour here) The ship has several venues that will showcase live music and DJs as well as performance art, character exaggerations and circus theatrics. In fact, the call is out for artists who want a free trip: “We have reserved a number of spots on Xingolati for performance artists, magicians, showman, exaggerated characters or just plain gems of society. We want you to share your gifts with our community. All you have to do is send us an email with photos, videos and a short description of what you bring to the event. In return for your passage, we ask that you make a special effort to be generous with yourself and everyone aboard Xingolati.”

For civilians, reservations range from $599 to $2299 per person.

“The Flaming Lips take this event to the next level. They capture the excitement and creativity we want to bring onboard the ship,” said Neal Turley, co-founder of Who is Guy Grand, the company that is producing Xingolati. “This event is something entirely different and I think they see the vision and the possibilities of a circus at sea. The Lips are not touring right now so this will be one of the band’s only performances of 2005.”

Between the Lips, the groovy acoustic hip-hop blues of G Love, a slimmed-down John Popper, the jamming neo-disco of Particle, and all the other music, bells and whistles, this should be quite amusing for you Left-Coasters.

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  • Eric Olsen

    I have pretty good excuses for the ones I missed: the only ones I got right were art and audio

  • Eric, I live with the guy, and he’s been truly insufferable since his showing, I tell ya.

    Or not. But it sounds better to say that he’s smug.

  • Eric Olsen

    and yes, I would very much like to go on this. That’s another reason we need to keep the traffic going up: at some point we’ll (meaning “I’ll”) start to get some REAL swag

  • Eric Olsen

    so, you think you’re pretty smart with that quiz showing, eh?

  • Nathaniel Winn

    The Lips are incredible live. The joy and energy were comparable to that of a Pentecostal church service. Except with boobs and blood and “Happy Birthday”.

  • I was glad to see that along with the great live music Xingolati brought on board, they paid some attention to what was going to happen after the live shows were over… namely the dance-music-based late night parties.

    This cruise will be rocking all night long.

    I probably wouldn’t be attending if I wasn’t performing, but with some of the discounts they’ve been offering I have a lot of friends who couldn’t refuse!

    Lowpro Lounge

  • Eric Olsen

    cool Tom, thanks

  • It used to be cruises were like one step lower than Las Vegas. Now Vegas is the place to play, and I guess cruises are going to be the next step up from there. It’s a weird world.

    That said, I’d love to go just to see That One Guy play his “magic pipe.” And no, that’s not a euphemism. Check out the video. The rest of the album’s just as weird and fun as the songs shown on those two videos.

  • Eric Olsen

    would love to go, however unless I am asked to be one of their circus freaks and go for free, it is highly unlikely. I’m also nowhere near Long Beach

  • Your title brought back memories of my 5th grade teacher who used to warn us when we misbehaved with “You better zip your lip, or I’m gonna sink your ship.”

    But seriously, I caught the Lips this past NYE at the Garden, and they played a great set (I heard it’s the same one they’ve played for almost 2 years). Although I’m sure the guy dressed in a bunny suit enjoyed them slightly more than I did. But for those thinking of going, the Lips don’t dissapoint.

    Are you going on the cruise, Eric?