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Xbox Mod Adds New Link For TV Downloads

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The folks over at Ask Metafilter have a creative way of helping people set up the ultimate downloadable TV viewing system. It seems putting an Xbox into the mix can solve the problem of having to have a computer next to the TV or at least remove the need for tons of wires running here and there.

Here's how it works: You install Xbox media center (xbmc) and then download shows to a networked PC. Tell xbmc where the PC is on the network and then stream video to the TV with the Xbox.

According to one modder:

I can second matt on the modded XBox. It is f*cking fantastic. I've run a modded 'box as my downloaded-content-watcher of choice for about 2 years on a standard 29" TV and recently upgraded to a Panasonic HD LCD TV. I can categorically state that the quality of the content off the XBox is almost as good as a DVD (depending on the encoding).

With the download world taking off like never before, my guess is more and more people are looking for ways to effectively stream from the computer to the TV without having to go to a lot of trouble. Between GUBA, iTunes, In2TV and YouTube, who needs cable any more?

(OK, maybe for Deadwood and Oz.)

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