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Xbox Live Arcade Review: 0 Day Attack On Earth

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0 Day Attack On Earth is a pretty standard dual-stick shooter that is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. The left stick controls steering and the right stick controls the direction your weapons fire. Some games, like Geometry Wars, have turned this simple formula into a recipe for success. Unfortunately for 0 Day Attack On Earth, it doesn’t quite measure up as one of the best offerings on XBLA.

The plot is directly from a bad science fiction movie. An alien force of giant beasts has descended onto all of the world’s largest cities and you have to pilot a craft and save the planet. Instead of having fun with its done-to-death premise, this game takes itself extremely seriously and refuses to laugh at its own the gimmicky setup. The grave seriousness of the situation is squarely in focus, and it is definitely a missed opportunity.

Your job is to destroy wave after wave of these alien beasts in different cities around the world. One of the game’s finest points is the visuals of the cities. All of the landmarks you would expect are here — the Tokyo Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and more. In addition to these landmarks, there is also a high level of attention to detail in including many 3-D skyscrapers as well as little parks and small alleys. Crashing alien ships don’t do any visible damage to the maps however. Good visuals though are not enough to redeem this game.

Players lead a global defense force in three different seven-day campaigns in New York, Tokyo, and Paris. In each stage you have to take out a several alien vessels in a set time limit. Often times however, the time limit is relatively short for the requirements the game establishes for victory.  On top of that, the AI for your wingmen is pitiful. They do very little to help bring down the stage’s enemy motherships, and consequently contribute very little to the overall battle.


The game does feature some power-ups.  There are many smaller enemies on the maps that release orbs when they are destroyed. Collecting these orbs causes your weapons to increase in firepower.  These orbs are essential as clearing the stages in the time limit mandates upgrading your weapons.

There are several types of vehicles in this game, and each one flies differently and features a different weapon. While it is fun to see what all of the vehicles upgraded weapons look like, due to the unenthusiastic gameplay, bad AI, and the game's overly serious attitude, the charm quickly fades. There are some multiplayer game options on Xbox Live, but finding other players is a tall order.

This game might appeal to some, but definitely download the trial game before spending the fifteen dollars for the full download.

0 Day Attack on Earth is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Fantasy Violence. 

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