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Xbox 360 Review: Supreme Commander 2

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Supreme Commander 2 is set twenty-five years after the Infinite War. The newly elected president of the Colonial Defense Coalition has recently been assassinated. The United Earth Federation, The Illuminate and The Cybrian Nation are all blaming this assassination on each other and there are rumors of an imminent war throughout the galaxy.  During the game, the player takes on the role of three powerful commanders from each of the different factions — The United Earth Federation, The Illuminate and The Cybrian Nation.

The United Earth Federation's goal is to reunite the galaxy. They have a strong sense of brotherhood and loyalty and are driven to keep order in the galaxy. The Illuminate are a group that has sided with aliens called Seraphim who were discovered during a deep space mission. There are several splinter groups within The Illuminate including those who value a communal lifestyle and those who value a more capitalist system. The Cybrian Nation is a race of symbiotes. Their main desire is to be left alone.

Supreme Commander 2 is a real-time strategy game. The player builds bases, develops an economy, harvests resources (mass and energy) and puts together armies to ship out and conquer their opponents. The player uses their armies to take over strategic points on the map and destroy their enemies.

There are two modes the player can play in. They include Campaign mode and Skirmish mode. The player can also play their most recently saved game. Campaign mode offers access to an in-game tutorial that newbies will find extremely helpful. Skirmish mode allows the player to play solo or cooperatively with computer allies against computer controlled opponents. The player can adjust difficulty and play styles in skirmish mode. There is a multiplayer mode using Xbox Live where you can play two, three or four people at one time.

The first Supreme Commander was released in 2007 and Supreme Commander 2 made the game available on the Xbox 360 in March 2010. Once the player has learned the basics of the game by playing in the Tutorial Mode several times, they will really need to read the enclosed manual to get a full understanding of the game. There is just so much information that it will take time to absorb and remember it all and be able to make intelligent decisions in this fast-paced game. You may find the need to play the same section over and over and over again by saving the game and re-starting until you can get past each section.

Using research, a player can improve their war machines by adding more ACU abilities, making their units more durable and unlocking nuclear silos, long range artillery and special experimental technologies. Your research automatically accumulates points by building research stations and through battle experience. The player can unlock new technologies with more research including gunships, shield generators and carriers. Upgrades give existing units better abilities like weapon upgrades. Research will also help improve health, armor and abilities.

The graphics and animation were impressive. The zoom feature is fantastic and allows the player to get up close to see a lot of detail although it gets rather complicated when there is a lot happening on the screen at one time. The music and sound effects were enjoyable and they ran smoothly even when there was a huge battle going on.

There is a lack of control over some of the elements of game play that players who are very well versed in real-time strategy games may not like. For example, players don't have the ability to regulate the vehicle's firing. It simply begins firing when the machine is within distance of the enemy. Newbies may appreciate this automation because it allows them to focus on other areas of game play.

This is an extremely in depth real-time strategy game that should appeal to experienced RTS gamers. There's a lot of information to digest and players may find the need to remain in tutorial mode for quite some time until they've grasped the basics. While the game may be rated E10+, younger players may find this game to be too complicated to enjoy.

Supreme Commander 2 is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Content Descriptors. This game can also be found on: PC.

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  • Jeff Bridge

    Ever since the original Command & Conquer, I’ve loved this type of game but on an Xbox??? Surely you need a mouse to play a point and click game like this with any accuracy?

  • game fan

    At first, I was very negative about Supreme commander 2, like a lot of people.

    Then, i did my first online match, and my opinion changed totally : it’s funnier, faster, more intense than most of my FA games.

    The economic system is finally the same as FA, if you can manage it correctly in both games, you wont see that many differences.

    The research tree forces you to choose for a long term strategy and stick to it. And i find that the multiplayer over Steam makes games very fast and easy to get into, hopefully more community features will emerge over time as well.

    This game is a really pleasant surprise. With a much improved economy, and a great selection of end game units for all different play styles, this game will soon prove to be one of the better RTS games. I also hear the campaign is quite good, too.

    I now like this game a lot.

  • Ryna dennett

    im in love with this game and i love it
    ime quite a batty