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XBox 360 Review: Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

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Monster Jam Path of Destruction is published by Activision and developed by Virtuous. The racing game lets you create your own monster truck or to use one of the 30 officially licensed trucks provided. The game lets you race and destroy things in your path. There are also single- and multi-player modes so you can play alone or against friends.

If you choose to create your own truck, you start from scratch with tons of customizable options including body type, color, accessories (like a giant baseball helmet), vinyls, and decals and you can rename the truck as well. There are thousands of options and you unlock new parts and upgrades as you improve. If you would rather, you can choose one of the real life monster trucks including Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, or Blue Thunder.

The main game operates in a career mode. You start out in one stadium and then as you improve and learn to do different stunts, you earn trophies and advance through other stadiums. As you get the trophies, you unlock new things. Once you have all the trophies, you are awarded the Grand Slam trophy (and can claim victory).

In career mode, you get to compete in different types of events including stadium races and freestyle competitions. As you improve, you can also compete in bonus events like circuit race, time crunch, gate rush, and team race. There are over 50 different types of events that are performed in eight different real stadiums around the country. Finish events and do different tricks and you unlock new trucks and new ways to customize your truck. You also earn invitations to national tour events to become the Monster Jam World Finals Champion. More tricks are unlocked the further into the game you get, and some are definitely easier than others.  It certainly takes some practice to learn to do them properly. Once your comfortable in a race you can add in tricks like donuts, wheelies, flips, barrel rolls, stoppies (spins on your front tires), bouncing, and flat spins. The user guide has some handy tips and suggestions for you to learn to do each type of trick.

I am impressed with how the game appears on screen. There’s a lot of detail to the stadiums and the backgrounds, and the trucks look pretty sharp too. They move smoothly without any jolts or jumps. Racing the truck itself isn’t that difficult to initially work out, but as you progress, it does get harder especially when you want to do some of the more advanced tricks. You race over some really cool tracks, over hills and ramps, and different types of obstacles. It’s a truly fast-paced game and the announcer adds a real authentic monster truck race feel to it all.

Monster Jam Path of Destruction is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Mild Violence. This game can also be found on: Nintendo DS, PS3 and PSP, and Wii,.

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