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Xbox 360 Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Let’s get this nice and straight; this is NOT Modern Warfare 2, it does not play or feel like Modern Warfare 2 and the only real similarities are that it is an FPS and involves shooting people in the face, sometimes the chest but preferably the head. Bad Company 2 contains a single player mode and of course, multiplayer, which is the game's main draw. But I shall start with the single player, because y'know, I want to..

Battlefield Bad Company 2’s single player is a solid if unspectacular journey through a very short 6 hours of gameplay. But in that 6 hours you will be treated to some beautiful vistas that the Battlefield team have really nailed thanks to Battlefield's amazing visuals. There are some rough patches with textures but overall they stand out and look amazing as you wander out of a small enclosed jungle path and stand on a hill overlooking a sunlight clearing with massive mountains in the background. It looks amazing and is certainly a standout part of the single player campaign.

But while Bad Company 2's single player is a solid, enjoyable effort, it’s lacking in any real standout moments. It has lost the large, open battlefield feeling of its predecessor, instead going for much more linear levels. While this does help focus the action I can’t help but walk away with the feeling that its lost that "Battlefield” feeling that the series does so well. In some ways this is a good thing thanks to the more focused action, but it does take away some of the strategic flanking and sniping from the first Bad Company.

Developer Dice has made an effort to make Bad Company 2 a more dark and mature story; sadly this has resulted in the main characters swearing every couple of sentences and much of the humour has been lost. However, it still elicits the occasional laugh, and the often cheesy scenes will also bring a smile to your face, though most likely not on purpose.

The storyline is certainly unusual considering the more realistic setting. Bad Company 2 focuses on stopping the Russians from using a new Scalar weapon technology (This is actually based on reality. Scalar Energy is a theoretical type of energy that could be used in many things but remains unproven. There, you learned something today) and is fairly well told, if a little far fetched in places.
However the unusual story is used to good effect as you jet across the globe allowing you to venture into jungles, blast through a desert in a jeep, plow through walks in fields in tanks and fight your way through snowstorms.
All this makes good use of Bad Company’s visuals and each location is well designed and beautiful to look at with some great layouts.

It’s the multiplayer that is Battlefield's main draw though thanks to its brilliant online pedigree. Weighing in this time with an improved ranking system, four game modes and even more awesome maps and ways to annihilate your enemies, it’s certainly back with a bang and contending with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the most played Xbox Live game.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a very large scale affair with tanks, helicopters and infantry all colliding on massive maps that range from deserts, jungles and night maps in the snow. It’s also a a slower affair than many shooters and the game requires tactics and teamwork to beat the opposing players. Players can pick from four different classes and each has a good selection of weaponry and gadgets. Snipers can call in mortar strikes, assault troops can drop ammo, etc.

You can also select three different specialisations to further customise your character, such as increased accuracy, improved ammo, scopes on your weapons, and more. This gives the game some much needed customisation and allows players to tailor their character to their playstyle; however having to take up a specialisation slot just to put a red dot on your weapon feels a little cheap and it would have been nice to see a bit more customisation to the loadouts. The only major flaw with multiplayer is the steep learning curve for new players. Bad Company 2 is a difficult game to just pick up and play and it would have benefited massively from a tutorial on how to play some of the game modes.

Of course the Destruction 2.0 engine in this game allows for utter destruction of battlefields. Don't want to use a door? blow a hole through the wall and go in that way. Buildings can be brought down killing anyone in them; however certain things can’t be destroyed such as staircases. This makes for improved gameplay but does look a bit odd. However it does make for an interesting game in multiplayer as you can blow through cover and bring down the entire building to destroy the objective

Overall Bad Company 2's single player may not impress but it’s an enjoyable romp. The multiplayer will drag you in and keep you playing for a long time.
It’s a great shooter that requires patience to master with brilliant maps to play. While the single player may not blow you away, the multiplayer will.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is rated 16+ by the PEGI because the game contains depictions of violence, bad language and PEGI online. This game can also be found on:  PC, PS3, Xbox 360.

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