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Xbox 360 Overheating?

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Early reports from angry gamers and a handful of news sources point to a possible problem with Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console, released yesterday. On forums across the ‘net, some gamers are complaining that their consoles freeze or begin flashing an orange warning light. Some are claiming that they’ve already called Microsoft support lines and that the problems seem to be connected to the hard drive. Of course, reports are thin as of yet, and no one knows if this is a real issue, merely a few isolated cases, or even simply rumor.

A few hardware problems are common any time a new console is launched, but considering the severe shortage of consoles, even among those who pre-ordered months in advance, one has to wonder what’s going to be done about any lemons sold yesterday. Did Microsoft reserve enough units to replace faulty systems?

Maybe there was a reason to buy the less expensive core system after all — to avoid the hard drive.

Over the next few days, as more and more proud new Xbox owners play their systems and discover all the foibles unique to owning a first run system in a new launch, more problems are likely to be discovered. The real challenge will be sifting through the stories and separating truth from rumor.

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  • ViewyDestroyer

    Microsoft is out there mind now sending a cheap fucking xbox 360 to me that breaks in the next months fuck microsoft ,but 1 idea that works is this where you plug your garddrive in on the opposite side plug a fan in and let the fan face the 360 it works.

    But still fuck microsoft

  • trickyricky

    i just read this whole blog and u all have some valid points i am in the procces of fixing the x clamps rightnow i am going to try that silicone compound and i will let you all know if it actually works!! but over all you all have some good points on xbox fixes

  • ang&jai

    were not going to bother fixing our xbox coz from this site it could be many of problems so , to every one that wants an xbox read all these you dont they are a hassle and do your head in , we buy things to enjoy , if i wanted to pull apart my new toy i would have got one that pulled apart, this is a let down and i wont be purchasing anything from this company again, they are rip offs from very pist of X xbox fans

  • ang&jai

    error E74 has come up on my xbox so we pulld it apart and re-glued something , due to its overheated and the glue has become hard rather than sticky, anyway know it seems to be really loud in the fan area and it is going very hard after about 2minutes , what can i do to stop this and is it necessary to but an extra fan?

  • JOHN56784


  • Matt had to play the waiting game, so did Andy. But they didn’t void their warranty 😉

  • Koodle07

    I called microsoft and they said that they would send a box to me, within a week or so from the time i phoned and they took down my mailing address and all my other info. So i waited 3 weeks nothing showed up, then i phoned them back they said it was coming i waited a couple more weeks and still nothing. Finally i decided to investigate on my own litte bit, and i accidently broke that little microsoft tape that they got uderneath the faceplate. Right there i figured that I did somthin that would void the warranty, so i took the whole cover off fired it up and only one fan was going around. Thats when i started to try to wire up my Pc fan along side the one good fan.

  • Any reason you didn’t call Microsoft Koodle07? You do know that they are fixing them. Right?

  • Koodle07

    my 360 has 3 death lights flashing, with only one fan on the back turning. So what i did was take it apart tried wiring up a fan from my pc in the back along with the one good fan. It worked for little while then it started to freez up with the 3 rings of death, but i think if i get a new set of fans it will work. I hope

  • z parker

    I have had my Xbox 360 for a week and it seems fine, but i am worried about it overheating!!! What can i do??!!!

  • JOSH

    For those with the overheating and 2 flashing red rings problems (not the 3 rings):
    I am dropping a line here to hopefully help some (of not all) of you having problems with your 360 overheating. I had the same problem – and believe it or not, it is a simple, cheap, easy to fix problem (although it should NOT have been an issue considering I only had it 5-6 months, but yeah, out of warranty). After passing all the dope test that Microsoft customer service people try and run you though (I will assume you already know the basic crap), try feeling in the back of your XBOX 360 and see if you feel air coming from BOTH sides of the exhaust area. There are TWO fans in there, and one of them stopped working on mine. It kept overheating like clockwork after only 2 hours every time I played my new Gears of War. Of course, MS told me to send it in for a $130 out of warranty repair. BUT, after I realized what was wrong, they still wanted to charge me $130 to snap in a new cheap fan part that cost them a couple bucks. After arguing with them, they offered to maybe let a supervisor possibly authorize a lesser charge based on the actual problem – but I refused and just said I’d fix it myself. You can find this fan online (ebay) for less than $10, (not the $40-$50 fancy one with lights like at a lot of mod sites, although they are nice looking!) and you can take your 360 apart for free (just search for some guides, you’ll find them. And trust me – it aint that hard). I got it done the first time in 10 minutes taking my time. And you DON’T need that 360 unlock tool kit you will see advertised all over online. Watch this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=LsMOaklSm-U to see how to do it without a special tool or a fancy cut piece of plastic cd spindle cover plastic. But if you have probs doing the way shown, then try it cut plastic way (I did). If you cant do it then – buy the 360 unlock kit! Oh yeah, all you need to really buy is a TORX 10 screwdriver (I got one in a $5 tool kit from WalMart) and a small knife or screwdriver for poking through the holes.

    So I ordered the new fan from a guy on EBAY, I got it, but GUESS WHAT: THE NEW FAN I GOT FROM THE GUY HAD THE SAME PROBLEM, except on the other side (so I knew that it wasn’t board related since a different side worked on each fan). Then a light went off in my head: BINGO! *** I bet half these XBOX 360 overheating problems are because of FAULTY FANS. *** If so, it’s good b/c it’s a cheap easy fix (to do yourself if out of warranty), but bad b/c MS is charging people out the butt hole for this easy FIX!!! A $130 flat fee/charge to fix a cheap little fan part? They are getting over. Anyway, I just ordered my SECOND fan online (which the seller verified BOTH sides are spinning) so hopefully I’ll be str8 next week! I’ll keep you posted!

    PS: google a bit on the NYKO coolers – there might fry your 360…

  • Michael C.

    silicon base thermal compound radio shack for $2bucks

  • Michael C.

    is the Thermal compound that comes with the xbox 360 is some really cheap shit that hardens up and produces no heat conductivity… replace it with a silicon base thermal compound to solve the problem… have fun taking apart the xbox to get to the processor you will need Torx Wrench 8T and 15T handy and be careful with the motherboard one broken chip and is game over.

  • k solomon

    the xbox 360 shouldnt have been released with so many hard drive problems, ours hasnt been played very much and after only 5 months it doesnt work and microsoft with fix it for the small fee of 129.00…how nice of them??

  • Nyko makes one of the best Intercoolers for the Xbox 360. As you can see it’s one of the top sellers at Amazon.com which has the best price I’ve found for it.

  • Found a site that provides a simple fan cooling system for the XBox 360 for under $20….http:www.sarrio.com/sarrio/xbox360.html

  • unknown

    are the geaphics better than xbox

  • Some might, many don’t. I wouldn’t let it affect a purchasing decision, unless I lived in the tropics, without air-conditioning.

  • unknown

    i might buy one is it true that they over heat?

  • Oh, you know. Anyone who speaks out against the Holy Xbox must be lying.

  • Liars? How are people lying?

  • you guys are lyers!!!

  • Oh, and they’ve launched a helpline at 1-800-4MYXBOX if you’re having problems.

  • A quick, shameless plug for a site I’ve launched to swap stories about the overheating and launch. Apparently, some guy in Chicago is suing over this, and somebody else has discovered that if you hang your box with string, it keeps it cool.

  • matt gibbins

    My 360 shuts down due to over heating practically instantly
    it sux!!
    Microsoft say they will pick it up within 5 days and return within a few weeks. Considering the price i paid im not a happy bunny!!!

  • So far, I’ve tried only NFS:MW, PDZ, & Q4. PDZ & Q4 both seem to lock-up the 360 @ approx. 90 minutes playing time. Then it has to sit for a good bit (I’ve chosen 30 minutes, minimum) while everything cools down [*guesses*]. So far, I haven’t had a problem with NFS. [*hopes against hope*] I _do_ run the unit with the HDD, @ least until I can go get a mem card. IMHO, if the HDD is the primary problem, the M$ would be well-advised to offer a set of mem-cards to the premium 360 buyers, at least a pair of them. I mean, heck!! We /did/ just line the M$ coffers with a ton of holiday gold.

    My anarchistic supposition is that the SONY execs are ROTFLTAO right about now. In hindsight, as much as I anticipated the launch of the 360, I would have rather waited out another release-date digression as opposed to receiving a $400 paperweight. [*blushes*]

  • My friend got a 360 at the Wal*Mart in town and it was dead on arival. He called MS tech support and they offered to send him a box to ship it back to them for repair. He took it back and got his money back. I read about a lot of lemons, and for different reasons. I had a problem with a Kameo disc, and others have too.

    But *knocks on wood* mine has not given me a blinking orange “ring of light” before. I spent quite a few hours non stop playing NFS Most Wanted on Live.

    Maybe I dodged a lemon and am a lucky SOB? See, I said it before you got the chance.

  • I will be buying a Revolution, though… it’s cheap and I have to admit, the funky controller has me charmed. I could sit around and play fishing games and stuff. Sounds like fun to me. 🙂

    I’m not too much for sports games, though I did play the hell out of everything in the pre-THUG (which sucked, I thought) Tony Hawk franchise, and I’ll hang with the occasional hockey game. I think the Madden games and the EA line are cool, but they’re just not for me.

    I like shooters and fighting games and action games and RPGs and puzzle games and… um… hell, I just like games. But I’m super picky about control schemes, so I admire more than I actually play.

    You made me ramble! I blame you.

  • If the price isn’t right, I am not getting either of them. I have a price ceiling, too.

    I am a little picky but not quite as much as there are only about 2 or 3 titles I play (Madden, hmmm, Madden… I guess the EA College Football game). I have a pretty limited interest so I am not going to pay a gazillion dollars.

    The rumor mill with all this has been fun to watch. I went to Best Buy to buy a couple CDs yesterday and the place was CRAWLING with XBox’ers.

    Keep up the good work, HRP! =P

  • Depending on the price of the PS3, I may pull a Ken and stay up all night for you guys. 😉 But if it’s the rumored $500, I’m not getting one. If there’s not a good launch game, I’m not getting one.

    I’m a little picky, to say the least.

    Still, I think events like this are FUN to cover. There’s so much going on, positive and negative, rumors fly, everything’s chaotic, stories get bigger in the telling… it’s a great time to be a blogger. And the compliments are nice, too.

    -Her Royal Primateness

  • It does seem a bit deflating not to use the nickname I recently coined for you, but…

    Just wanted to say I think you’ve done a right groovy job of staying on top of the XBox launch.

    I am waiting for PS3 to do a side x side comparison.