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Xbox 360 Gets Improved

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Xbox 360s rolling off the assembly line in early 2007 might not suffer from the same overheating and freezing problems that have been reported on some current consoles thanks to a planned CPU upgrade.

Xbox 360The new Xbox 360s will have a better CPU than the current batch, one that’s built to more effectively reduce heat and lower power use. Plus, the new CPU is expected to handle faster speeds better.

The improved Xbox 360 CPU will be manufactured using 65 nanometre technology starting in the first quarter of 2007, Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore said. The existing CPU uses 90nm technology.

Source: GameShout

[ADBLOCKHERE]This will no doubt be good news for gamers who plan to buy the console next year, but the question remains what will happen to the consoles already on the market. While not every 360 owner has reported problems, there’s been enough issues for Microsoft to directly address the freeze issues on the Xbox site. One gamer’s even launched a lawsuit over faulty 360s.

The new CPUs aren’t expected to hit the market until early next year, and they’re expected to cost less. Whether this translates to a cost savings for gamers or just Microsoft on production costs remains unknown.

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