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Xbox 360 From Famine To Feast

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One of three manufacturers helping to create Xbox 360s for Microsoft has announced a lofty goal of producing a least a million consoles per month by the end of the year. Taiwan-based Wistron is the one taking on the task.

We are now expanding the manufacturing base for the Xbox in the southern Chinese city of Zhongshan,” said Wistron Chairman Simon Lining. He also indicated that the company hopes to reach a total capacity of 30 million units over all its products by mid-2007. — Gamasutra

Should this be pulled off, the days of finding empty store shelves where 360s ought to be will be over. This, of course, would be good news for Microsoft since the days of the 360 being the only next-gen console on the market are coming to a close, and fast.

Since its November launch, the Xbox 360 has been plagued with problems ranging from freezing screens to a shortage of consoles. Fans have gone above and beyond the call of loyalty to get their hands on a 360, some paying hundreds and even thousands over retail to simply own the machine.

Whether Wistron pulls off its target or not remains to be seen, and how well such rapidly produced consoles will hold up also will be interesting to watch. Here’s hoping for the buying public’s sake that what’s shipped is in tip-top performing condition.

Wistron makes PCs and laptops for companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, as well.

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