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Xbox 360 Freeze Issues Known

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Technical difficulties and the Xbox 360 seem to be synonymous for some gamers. Microsoft is aware of this and it appears as though the company is working to address the problem.

The Xbox site has an entire quick link page dedicated to addressing the freeze issues many gamers have reported. In fact, the page was updated earlier this month, so it seems as if the folks at Microsoft have acutely felt this issue.

Most recently, gamers who bought 2K Games’ MLB 2K6 for the 360 have been facing lots of issues with freezes. The game, some report, is almost an exercise in futility to play. 2K is working on the issue.

In the meantime, our dedicated 2K Sports QA team has tested and confirmed two work-around methods for those consumers who are experiencing the “freeze” issue:

1) Remove or disable the HDD


2) Load three different Xbox 360 games to the main title screen of each game then load Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360. All three Xbox 360 games must be completely different before loading Major League Baseball 2K6.

While we realize that these measures may seem unconventional, our 2K Sports QA Team has tested both methods and both will remedy issues that are causing the Major League Baseball 2K6 “freeze” issue on the Xbox 360. Again, we truly apologize for any inconvenience to your playing experience.

Please stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your attention.

[ADBLOCKHERE]The problem, though, doesn’t seem to be isolated to just this title for many players. From Xbox’s site it would appear as if screen freezes go beyond one title. You can find the official troubleshooting information from Microsoft’s site.

The Xbox 360’s time as the only next-gen console is starting to run out. Next month, it’s expected Sony and Nintendo will lay out more detailed release plans for their consoles during E3. If these consoles hit the ground running without all the bugs, Microsoft had better have its act together.

In the meantime, those who have the 360 and haven’t had issues continue to say it’s the best thing going in the gaming world. To date, my console hasn’t experienced any problems at all, but we haven’t tried MLB 2K6 on it. Since I can’t seem to wrangle Fight Night Round 3 out of my husband’s hands, it’s not likely our console will ever see that title!

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  • It’s hard to say whos fault this is. In the case of MLB, it’s obvious.

    But then again, system problems are always overblown, mostly by fanboys on messages boards who don’t even own the system. Remember all the PSP dead pixel issues? When was the last time you heard about those? It’s not a matter of “working out the kinks.” LCD screens always have dead pixels, yet oddly, all of that hype seems to have gone. Odd, no?

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Well, I have Xbox 360 and have not yet had a problem. The only games that I currently have for it though are Dead or Alive 4 and Perfect Dark Zero.

    I’m not saying that these problems do not exist, but I personally haven’t experienced them. I hope they resolve it since I don’t want to have problems with mine. Thankfully I got an extended warranty with mine, so if I have any problems during the first year, I can get it taken care of.

    I wonder how badly this will really effect 360 in the long run. I mean, PS2 has remained the #1 system for its time, and issues with it having disc read errors seem to be pretty wide spread as far as I can tell.

    I personally have a PS2 that had this problem (luckily since my fiance and I moved in together and she already had a working PS2, I didn’t havde to buy a new one). And through people I’ve actually met in person (meaning not from stories I’ve read online), I can probably account for at least 11 other PS2’s that have had the disc read errors as well (this includes a case in which someone was on their 4th PS2 because the previous 3 had this problem). And if you go into most any store like Gamestop or EB Games and ask the people that work their about this problem, they will tell you all about it. I’ve even seen employees of these stores recommend Xbox to customers over PS2 for this very reason.

    Yet, somehow, PS2 remains #1.

    And in response to Matt Paprocki’s post,

    I don’t personally own a PSP (mainly because its too expensive and there’s not enough out for it that I really care about), but I’ve heard quite a bit about these pixel issues. And, I even heard someone on another message board that I frequent talk about how they were on their 3rd PSP because of various problems they’ve had with them. Now, this may not mean there is a wide spread problem, but considering Son’y track record here, I wouldn’t put it past them.

    Now, if there is a widespread problem with 360, I hope they do resolve it and are customer friendly about it. I don’t want some kind of widespread, ongoing issue with it. I’m already weary of PS3 since there seems to be a lot of problems with PS2 and PSP. I’m not trying to be some kind of anti-Sony ‘fanboy’ or anything as I try not to be specifically loyal to a certain brand (I have PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube, amongst many others), but Sony seems to really have a lot of ongoing problems that don’t get resolved.

    I hope any 360 issues are just with these early models and that they will offer fixes for people having these problems and that future models won’t have the problems to start with.

  • smokeyhoodoo

    my 360 froze. that was after playing oblivion for 10 hours though.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    “my 360 froze. that was after playing oblivion for 10 hours though.”

    Has it frozen at all since that time and become a reoccuring issue? I’m just curious if you have had any problems where now it freezes right after you turn on the game or anything.

    A game freezing once after 10 hours of play doesn’t worry me as much as a game freezing constantly and randomly after a small amount of play time.

    I’m just trying to get an idea of what I should watch out for with my 360.

  • anonymous

    mine freezes when i go to sleep. In elder scrolls of oblivion

  • spcmanspliff

    My 360 froze while playing Tiger. So I took it back to Target for a replacement as soon as they got some in. I also bought Madden 06 and G.R.A.W while I was there. Then the new one froze while playing Madden, so I tried Tiger and that froze too. I called Customer Support and they told me to make sure it was the system and not the hard drive, so I played Madden and G.R.A.W without the hard drive attached and both froze again within minutes. I was forced to send it in (MS paid for all shipping) so they can replace the DVD drive. I’m 7 days into a “10 day or less” policy. Hoping this cures my problem…..???

  • The people telling that their Xbox 360 has gone foobar must be much more than “fanboys” as you are suggesting.
    Just go take a look at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 hardware forum, there are _plenty_ of ppl having this problem, and several threads has been created. Microsoft has also deleted one of the threads that was over 60 pages long from people feeling the pain of the dreaded three lights, and what not else.

    My own 360 went foobar last week as well, started with locking up in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Then the problem became more permanent, looked up in boot, dashboard etc.
    I returned it, got it back in 8 days (which is good), only to find out that GRAW now crashed _every_ time I go to the multiplayer section. I’m investigating the problem, but haven’t found any solutions as of yet. Have tried creating new profiles, disconecting harddrive, using only memorycard, clearing cache and so on to no good.

    I hope I can manage to fix it this time without shipping it in for repair. Microsoft should just send you a new one when you have these problems, because there are a _lot_ of people having them too. I talked to the UPS guy as well, and he said they are taking in Xbox 360 guys for return all the time…

  • Bob

    When i try to load oblivion it freezes literally 1 second after its done loading. no matter how many times i try to load it after turning off my xbox, it freezes after 1 second. I am really frustrated.

  • Rob_Aussie

    My 360 freezes while playing Oblivion at the Shrine of Clavicus Vile. Upon completing the quest (retrieving the Umbra sword) and returning it to the shrine the game freezes after roughly 5 secs upon the dialogue ending. There are a number of ways doing the quest and I’ve tried them all but it’s like frigging clockwork dialogue ends I walk away and it freezes. I can do the quest and get the sword but I can’t return it to the shrine. I checked with a mate who has it and he has the exact same problem, so I’m guessing this problem isn’t with the hardware. If anyone else is experienceing this problem or has any insite into this problem (maybe there’s a patch fix… I’m not sure because I’m not on Live) Some feedback would be appreciated.
    K thnx
    Rob from Australia

  • There is a patch coming for the PC and 360. My question to you is: Why would you give away the Umbra sword?

    Also, have you gone to the elderscrolls.com forums?

  • Rob_Aussie

    You don’t have to give him the Umbra Sword but you still have to talk to him to complete the quest. And to get the quest for the last shrine you have to complete all the previous shrines.
    And yeah i went to the elderscrolls.com forums and had a browse through but couldn’t find anything similar to my problem. I tried to create a new thread but every freaking name I tried when I registered was taken so I just gave up in the end.

  • yeah i get the same result with clavicus vile shrine it freaking sucks i think it has to do with that damn dog statue being taken out and appearing on the shrine next to that annoying little daedra prince vile hope there is a fix 123 hours is too much of my life to not let it piss me off

  • NomadicGod

    Yeah I have the exact same problem.
    I just kept the dog thingy and the sword.

  • brad

    My 360 freezes all the time. Mainly on oblivion. I have had problems with other games too. Such as nfs most wanted and call of duty 2.
    I have dead or alive and it works great… so does ghost recon. I had no problems out of gun, perfect dark zero, condemned, fight night, and a few others. I think it could be something with the emulators or the disks. I regret getting an xbox 360… should have just waited for the ps3.

  • Pyro XXX

    My 360 freezes also. I’ve had it for not even 24 hours and yet my Gothem Racing, Ghost Recon and my NBA 06 all freeze. I made sure it was properally ventilated but still the problem persists. So what do we do about this? I should have waited for the PS3 is my opinion!

  • Dolla Bill

    Yeah, wait for a PS3, cuz that won’t have any problems either… NOT! (and yeah, I would be twice as peeved when that thing freezes after spending a BMW Z Series Payment on the system alone)
    Anyway, my ‘problem’ is that it takes forever to load any section of the imperial city. I own the PC version, and the 360 version. I’ve had 1 lockup, and I get kind of frustrated waiting for the thing to freakin’ load.
    My PC version is 10 X’s worse. It crashes every time I hit the main menu. It crashes when I quit the game, it freezes up a lot, and compared to the 360 version, runs like poo. (My PC is admittedly older than the 360 however.)
    It’s most likely a problem with the coding, and will be addressed in the patch hopefully. The problems are not 360’s alone.

  • truckmcgee

    Just had GRAW freeze in multiplayer last night, now reading up here. First time for that problem so hopefully its not reacurring. Havent had any problems with Oblivion yet…

  • PointmanXB

    Hi everyone. I have exactly the same problem with Oblivion, as soon as I give the Umbra sword and the dialog from daedra ends give it or take a few seconds and WHAM!!!! the world stands still. So my guess is that it’s a coding thing since alot of us have the same problem. It has nothing to do with Live since I’m 24/7 connected and it hasn’t made any difference. By the way I just cheched on XBOX Marketplace for a patch but as of today nothing yet.
    Concerning the speed, there’s a litle trick that can speed loading times. Turn on your XBOX360 press and keep pressed any of the four buttons (I press A usually) until the BETHESDA logo goes away (I usually release it on the 2nd BETHESDA logo). Truth is you can see ‘some’ loading speed improvement but not much.
    I totally agree with you that after spending so MANY MANY hours of playing, having 426 saved games and feeling you’re on the way of completion to get a freeze of this kind, it simply !sucks!
    Do any of u ppl know if there’s a release date for the X360 patch???
    The best I can think of till they get out with a patch is to continue the other quests and let this one for when the patch comes out

  • oobee-dooby-scooby-doo-benubi

    The only info I have to add about Oblivion freezing after giving the Umbra sword to the Vile shrine is the problem, as far as I can tell, is after you give the sword up and get the mask, the dog statue thing in your inventory is supposed to say something and the game freezes because of this.

    I know this because after giving the sword up, I knew the game was going to freeze so I tried to fast travel away from the shrine and hope it didn’t freeze. I fast traveled to the Imperial City docks, and the dog started to talk but only after a few words the game froze anyway. So I figured the audio for the dog was corrupt or something. Is there someway to bypass the audio, maybe if I fast travel again after the dog starts talking but before the game freezes?

  • Trent

    Ok well I can confirm that fast travelling doesnt work, I just fast travelled 6 times after giving back the sword, and soon as I gave it a few seconds it froze. I even tried turning of autosave because.. well Im not sure why I did.

    So yeah… they be best bringing out a patch very soon because Ive done everything else and I dont feel like leaving these last 2 quests undone.

  • Trent

    Ok! This works:

    As soon as you give back the sword fast travel once to Imperial Waterfront and dont move! Let the dog speak, and right before it finishes speaking, fast travel again, I chose Arcane Uni but that doesnt matter, and bam! you can keep playing and quest solved.

  • John

    ok ive had this same problem with that shrine quest unfortunately i saved after giving the sword to the shrine and then it froze so i loaded agian and then tried to fast travel to get away from the shrine so it auto saved so im pretty screwed unless there is some way that i can bypass the audio.. i would try and fast travel before the dog stops talking but it freezes at the exact time the dog starts talking

  • Casual Gamer

    Ok….u know I was gonna buy a the 360 in a few days, but I think ill just wait for Wii, or until MS gets all this issues worked out….

    hoping 6 months is good enough

  • Casual Gamer – That is such a shame, and your loss. Matt and I have not had any major issues. The only problem Matt has had is with the headset. For some reason he goes through them like water. But our systems run just great.

    There are already a lot of great games for the 360, and the Christmas lineup is gonna be great.

    Sure, the Wii will most likely be the console to have when it ships, but you will simply not get the games on it that the 360 has.

  • John – I assume you don’t have multiple save files? Using one or two save files is just suicide, I don’t care what the game is. The hard drive is big enough, I have well over 100 Oblivion save files for these types of reasons.

    Oh and Casual Gamer – these issues are not Microsofts to fix. There are a bunch of glitches and bungs in Oblivion, and Bethesda is readying a patch. It will first be released for the PC, and then on Xbox Live.

    Until then we just have to live with the Oblivion issues. And from my experience, with more than 200 hrs. into the game, I have not had any show stoppers.

  • John

    no i dont have multiple save files, i didnt think that i would need more than my own save and the auto save but i guess i learned to have more saves… but are there any ideas on what i should do or am i screwed and have to wait until the patch… does anyone have any idea what day that will come out

  • LOS

    Does anybody know the exact date the patch is coming out

  • R1edge

    umbra prob…

    maybe get arrested and go to jail, then break out but dont pick up stupid dog !!!!!

    might work

  • hobbit

    Im having issues in Loading… and while playing.. it takes minutes loading and even during the game the screen freezes and then comes abck in few seconds:S is someone having similar issues?

  • John

    i wouldnt have enough time to get arrested before it freezes and does anybody know when the patch will come out… they are already over due… about 4 weeks ago they said the patch will be done in about 2 weeks and its been 4

  • John, I have no idea when the patch will hit Xbox Live. But I know who to email about this question.

    Hobbit, have you cleared the cache? Reboot 360 and hold A until you see the Bethesda logo anim. But I assume you might have already done this?

  • Okay, after reading through this, I tried a number of things, only to be taken by surprise by my 360.

    Trent, you had a good idea with the fast-traveling. That can work sometimes, as it has for me in the past, but get this:

    After Vile spoke to me, I saw a message telling me I was over-encumbered, though only a second before, I hadn’t been. I dropped a bunch of potions I was carrying [73 Strong Potions of Healing I nabbed during the Boethia shrine quest], and the dog spoke, returned, and the game ended up fine! Though, my encumbrance is 440 at the moment, and for some reason it went to 450 after talking to Vile. But, oh well. If it tells you you’re over-encumbered and doesn’t freeze, just wait about six seconds, and it might turn out like mine.

    Good luck, guys.

  • nathan

    i dont if i should buy an xbox360. i might just wait for the next batch to come out but i dont no when that will be does anyone know

  • MANIA 2D4

    My Xbox work like charm untill i played oblivion
    for 15 hours ,it feezez up ,when it hase to load a new screen or slows down realy bad;loading the new data in .There is no alarm or fault notice .
    REMEDY !!!! START UP THE XBOX ,WITH PRESSING DOWN (AND HOLD)the A button ,in order to emty your R.A.M. memory ,A overload is causing this
    It workt for me..MANIA 2D4

  • X true SnIpEr


  • John

    Well they said the patch will come out today and so far they are offically 13 mintues over due

  • Man, it came out when they said it would. Chill out 😉

  • bob

    My 360 started freezing with Oblivion, but it kept getting worse and worse. It started to freeze while loading but would then work after starting it up a few times. Now it doesn’t seeem to start up at all — just freezes on the 360 logo if it even gets that far, which is rare.

  • Becky

    Not freezing, but disc unreadable?

    This is the problem we are having with Oblivion. We did a straight exchange of the game and the second one worked for a while but now it is doing it too.

    From what I can tell, you guys are talking about a freeze rather than the disc being unreadable. Right now we can’t get past a certain part (not the part you’re talking about). Anyone else experienced this unreadable disc thing?

  • James

    There *IS* a patch available for oblivion on XBL now. We’ve had the Clavicus Vile problem too, but have kind of ignored it and done other quests.

    I haven’t downloaded the update yet b/c I still wanted to dupe some items (the patch corrects that glitch) so I don’t know if it fixes Clavicus Vile or not. I’m assuming it does.

    To all you “i don’t think I’ll get a 360 because of this” people, go ahead and get one. As long as you keep it WELL VENTILATED it shouldn’t have any problems at all (especially since it’s been 7 months since the release).

    I am, however REALLY excited about the wii though 😀

  • bobbyb

    The freezing after clavicus vile, i can vouch that trent’s solution up top worked for me, fast travel to the imperial waterfront and let the dog talk.

  • zach j

    my 360 froze and now ever time i try to turn it on again it turns red or it freezes up at the 360 logo part. has any one else experienced this?

  • Dylan

    For those of you having trouble with the clavicus vile quest…if you have a save before you started the quest, load it up and get the sword before you ever get assigned the mission. Then go back to the shrine…TALK TO THE KHAJIIT PRIEST FIRST…then talk to the shrine. This way, the dog never gets into your inventory. If you are screwed and don’t have a save file before you started it…then try the other method listed above. (By the way, in case you depend on the map markers to find the place…it’s called vindasel and I believe it’s in the lower mid-left side of the world; near the old bridge).

  • pr

    I have the same issues with xbox360. I hav talked with MS and they are now admitting there are issues. Whatever you do be careful of the game DEAD RISING it not only causes freezing it gives you the 3 red lights. I have tried 3 gams they all fail. OBLIVION causes my XBOX to freeze

    MS is in trouble with this platform. Although there are people who do not experience all of these issues there are enough who do that MS will begin to worry. In fact who would prescribe to the rememdies on the XBOX 360 site. Unplug the video, unplug the power cable replug the cables what a bunch of crap.

  • sean

    i got xbox 360 premium pack i bought oblivion i played it when i clicked start new game it froze do you know how i can fix it?

  • Fuck MS, my system is messed up too

  • The D



    I purchased my 360 in late January 2006 and never had a single problem until a few days ago (September 17, 2006). Before I relay my experience I want to mention I have performed a great deal of research over the past few days. After visiting many different sites I was surprised to find so many other people had the freezing and red ring of lights problems. Unfortunately many posts are just rants, so I will try to explain the problem, my attempts to rectify it, and ultimately the resolution. It’s kind of long, so skip to the end if you want to read my epiphany.


    At first I got the red ring of lights while playing a game of GRAW (not a big deal). I assumed this was due to a software problem, and upon rebooting my machine worked properly for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately the next evening my freeze problems began. The red lights no longer appeared, but my console would crash as soon a game would begin to boot. I could still boot to the Dashboard, but movies, music cd’s, and games all would cause the freeze to occur. It seems that some people have different types of freezes. My freeze had the following characteristics; dvd or cd would freeze within 30 seconds of starting, short vertical grey lines would appear sporadically, and a loud pitched sound would emanate from my tv speakers. Sometimes I could actually get through a game menu and start playing a game, but it would always freeze within 30 seconds or so (most of the time within 5 seconds).


    There are many simple solutions you should try for both problems, such as checking your connections. Surprisingly (at least to me) Microsoft actually has some info on their Xbox support site. I find it interesting that the first 2 links on the site concern these problems (low failure rate?). Follow the link and look at the first 2 links.


    Some people were able to eliminate their problems by clearing the system cache (hold “A” before a game begins to boot). I tried clearing the cache, removing all peripherals (including the hard drive and wireless ethernet adapter), and unplugging the unit from the power adapter for an extended period of time. I also tried cleaning my discs, moving my unit to a vertical position, checking the power supply LED during a crash, verifying the system time and time zone was set, and ensuring that the unit wasn’t already overheated (it was ice cold in the freezing basement sitting on the ground far away from all other objects except a random house spider and of course the carpet). None of these corrected my problem. The next step was to call Microsoft and diplomatically state my case.


    Of course I never bought the extended Microsoft or Best Buy warranty. The standard 90 day warranty was long gone. After going through the same checklists from the support site with a tech I was informed of the dreaded $129 fee + shipping + extended warranty fee. When I asked if Microsoft had documentation concerning defective machines and the freeze problems I was immediately put on hold. The supervisor told me that my machine had to be purchased before January 1, 2006. I told him I didn’t want the service and got off the phone.

    I had a tough time stomaching this expense when the problem was clearly documented by so many users. So I performed more research (to no avail). When I called back I received a different tech who had to walk me through the same troubleshooting steps. However, he informed me of something I have yet to see in another post. If your machine was manufactured before January 1, 2006 (look on the back of your machine for the date) if will be replaced free of charge by Microsoft. Not only this, but you will receive a one year warranty for free. This is vastly different information than I obtained on my first call. Armed with this info, anyone who has a machine manufactured before this date should be able to obtain the free repair and warranty. I read some success stories of people who complained and got the repair for a discounted fee or free. Most people said they got the shaft. My suggestion is to call back and get a different rep again and again and again till you get what you want. Complain until it’s more cost effective for them to repair your machine. Best of luck.

  • jason

    My 360 froze while i was attempting to sign online and update the system for GRAW. Now every game i play freezes within 2 to 5 mins of playing…my screen turn into alot of lines. I think it might be my av cables becuase i have to hold my cables in a spot for the video to com through..the might be short circuiting my system cause it to freeze. There are no flashing lights or anything..and ms wants me to pay for repair when its their product that messes up i dont think so!!..im going to buy new av cables and will see if that is the problem..

  • JonZ

    I had a similar issue with NHL 07….but I erased the cache and had to recover my Gamertag…here’s to hoping it doesn’t reoccur…mind you this was only in attempting connections online via their wireless adapter…

  • Oblivion Nerd

    if you have any questions about oblivion i can probably help you

  • AB

    Glad I stopped by this site. I have be a die hard MS XBOX fan since the first release. I was forced to send my original back only once for the “faulty disk drive” problem that occured with the early models. Didn’t learn. For the 360 me and a buddy pre-ordered and was 3rd on the list at the local gamestop. For what, 6 months of solid gameplay and a seemingly reliable hardware package. Took the summer off live to enjoy the rare Washington sunshine and have logged back in for another 9 months of rainy day gameplay. To my suprise a “required update”, no problem trust the all mighty MS, accept…. What’s this, my always reliable 360 now mysteriously reports a hardware failure. But i played offline with no errors. Suddenly i find myself on the phone with a young sounding cutomer support girl walking through the basic troubleshooting guide. Yes the cables are plugged in, yes i tried turning my xbox off then back on, was she joking? Finnally she asked to register my xbox and i said sure. good thing too. She quickly admitted it is a hardware fault and will require service. She will send a pre-paid box for shipping and garantee a “warranty repair” based on the manufacture date of 10/29/05. What was all this? Another early release snafu that requires me to send my box back. I design electronic circuit cards and am highly sensitive to software patches/ updates breaking a perfectly good HW platform but this is silly. TEST, then RETEST, then hire some contractors to TEST AGAIN before you send out a required update that breaks things. Sorry had to vent. Good luck and remember demand free repair. It’s not your fault they rushed to market before they could adequetly test their stuff.

  • As long as your machine was manufactured in 2005 there will be no problems getting it fixed. MS said that a few weeks ago. Free repairs for all 2005 units.

    The percentage that have issues are quite small, but those people bitch the loudest.

    But this always seems to happen. I wonder how the first PS3 units will behave.

  • Martin

    I get Disc unreadable so much its rendered my 360 useless

  • Slattsie

    I have a serious feeling that X-Box is covering up a huge screw up with the latest models of 360. Every blog I go to with users all over the world are saying the same things. To me it seems that Microsoft is trying t downplay a major manufacturing f-up. This system has a diseise folks. Dont accept anything but perfectly flawless play for $400 bucks. By the way, Has anyone even cosidered how this frigging thing can heat your house? Man this thing runs hot and loud. I am now on my second 360, and I have come to the conclusion that I no longer trust Microsft, judging by the way they are dealing with customers complaints. Read the blogs and the posts. In one instance, on of the X-box tech support staff recommended that this woman shoudl get a lawyer to help her file suit against MSoft. Hmmmm, I wonder when an employee of your company says that, how bad things really are? Open your eyes Gamers. This is a huge f-up

  • SwampoO

    mine really always freezes while playing GRAW on the Rocky Cove and Boneyard levels. … I hate it…

  • i have sum serious problems with my xbox 360..
    its an original release version.. never had a problem with it until about a week ago.. Dead Rising is freezing up like crazy.. usually about 1-5 minutes into playing.. so i started to read up about it.. needless to say i tried all the bull-sh*t tips microsoft gave about fixing this blah blah blah.. so i figured i’d try another game to see if it would freeze.. Madden nfl 2007.. i haven’t played in a while but is also a some-what new release.. and it is also freezing.. sometimes within the first quarter of play.. other times b4 i can get pass the setup screens..

  • I have a serious problem. Every since I bought Oblivion and downloaded the patch required to play the game, the 360 has givin me hell! I always get a white screen when I load a game(any game)that says “Please put this disc in an XBOX 360 console” in multiple languages…really frustrates me because IT IS in an XBOX 360 console! Also, in the middle of playing a game (any game again) “This disc is unreadable” will pop up and tell me to clean it and reboot. When I check the disc, it is flawless, not a scratch to be found. I can’t find nothing on xbox.com and have not recieved a response to any emails from Microsoft. If anyone has a clue of what is going on with my console send me a message on myspace


  • kasper – I have to ask, did you actually CALL support? They have been quite good at fixing defective units, as I have talked to numerous people who had their 360 fixed, and pretty quickly.

  • Gary Kane

    I have a big problem with Oblivion on my 360, when i try to start it up now it wont start the game or any other game. It started when it froze today, now i can’t play any other games nor can i play DVDs. If someone knows about this please give me a hand.

    Please post your comments on this site.

  • D.Kim

    I bought my XBOX 360 in April 06 and have been having freezing issues with the system for the last three months. I’ve tried all of the “fixes” on the MS website. Nothing works.

  • ihatexbox

    i bought a 360 not even 3 months ago and only played madden 07 and nba 06 and a few other games that i would occasionally rent. i recently rented dead rising and thought it was a pretty cool game(the movie they ripped it off of sucked balls), but i thought the game was pretty good overall. until i played the game for the third time the other day and for the first time my 360 froze. i got pissed cause i read all of the problems happening with the 360 and knew it was gonna happen again and again(why would it just happen once? if it only happened once then no one would complain). so i then tried my madden 07 and nba 06 and even a couple dvds(all cds completely scratch free), all froze within 60 seeconds and so i called microsoft and after telling that automated dude to f*** off and get me a person to talk to, they walked me through all this stupid basic troubleshooting s*** that u learn to do back in the nintendo nes days. anyways after talking to this jackoff, he provides me with a refrence number and says to mail it to them to repair(now keep in mind on all these other blogs posted, yall say they only replace it for free if it was made in 2005 but the date on mine was may 3 2006), and everyone is saying that microsoft sends a box to you to send the 360 to them in for free and this jack off who apparently is talking to the person sitting next to him more than he is listening to me, says that i have to go to the post office and get a box and pay $25.99 for shipping so i hung up on him and went back to the store that i bought it from and with my receipt, i demanded a new one in exchange for this waste of $400+tax. an hour later i return with my new xbox 360 and decide to go rent the new splinter cell double agent and everything is working fine. im playing the game for about 80 minutes and im getting pissed again, this time because i think that the game is terrible, just like all of the other 360 games out so far. so i go to turn my system off and strangely i noticed that the 5000lb power adapter’s green light is still on, but the ring of light on the console and the controllers are turned off and my tv screen is black and i hear a noise and its the cooling fan inside the 360 and its still running and my 360 is almost ready to melt. so now im really pissed off and i call xbox hotline and of course i get some dumb b***h from the other side of the world and we can barely understand eachother, so i tell her whats going on and she tells m to do the same s*** the last guy told me to do. so this time, i just do it make her happy and what do ya know, the problem is solved. and now she ensures me that the problem will not occur ever again. if u read this blog this far thanx for hearing my terrible experience with yet another horrible microsoft product. so i called back the store i got it from and told them i will rob the place at gun point unless i get cash back and i am putting the money towards a ps3. F**K MICROSOFT AND F**K BILL GATES AND MOST OF ALL F**K XBOX 360.

  • Rorison Meadows

    Remove USB devices when your 360 is off…

    I tried this following the SECOND breakdown of my 360, after getting it back from repair, a day later freezing up and breaking down.

    I have had 1 freeze per night since taking out all USB devices when my 360 is off…

  • gsama

    this thread has obviously become infested w/anti MS (pro Sony? nintendo? apple???) fanbois. this is silly. no one is offering any fixes, every single post is over the top w/the “Major 360 F-up!!” etc. You’re so obvious. What a waste of your lives. Do they pay you for this??

  • Jugular

    If it is not an ipod breaking down after only two years of use (mine did) then it is an Xbox 360 freezing up after less than one year’s use (ditto for me). The consumer here in America is not in a position anymore to get quality products. What are we supposed to do, take it on the chin? So what Microsoft is telling us is that for $300+ they can only guarantee that it will last only 3 months (90 days). Does anyone know if there has been any class-action attorney’s looking into this issue? I ready to opt-in, especially if Microsoft knows about this issue being more ubiquitous.

  • Alex

    My xbox 360 freeze in similar ways that have been mentioned above… on the dashboard or within 10 secs into the game… but recently it has worsened
    the screen freezes within seconds of turning on the xbox. it is too old to be replaced. have sent it back to be repaired when the minor freezing occured but then the major freezing started after it was returned.

  • gfdsgfdsg

    just bought the 360 yesterday…need for speed is freezing alot, dvd drive seems faulty.

    I hope best buy enjoys my return…maybe I’ll try one more model.

    Don’t know when mine was manufactured yet.

  • most of the old games have reoccuring issues with freezing

    all the new ones dont freeze frequently

  • WharfRat

    I get the unreadable disc error pretty much every time I play Oblivion, which is the only game I’ve played on the 360 since I got it about 6 weeks ago. It’s incredibly annoying.

    I’ve read about the problem on a lot of different sites, and I’ve tried all of the recommended fixes: Switching from vertical to horizontal, making sure there’s plenty of ventilation, keeping game sessions short, etc. Nothing seems to make a difference; the error just pops up at any old damn time. Downloaded the patch from XBL, too; no difference.

    I’d be willing to give MS a pass and assume it’s a Bethesda/Oblivion problem, but others are reporting similar issues with other games from other developers. So I’m not buying that, and I’m not sure I’ll be buying many more 360 games either.

    Leave it to MS to turn gaming into a chore. Well done.

  • jason

    ghost recon that i got with x-box 360 won’t play , it reads as a DVD ………….HELP!?

  • Seriously? Try the forums at xbox.com, or maybe Xbox Technical Support (1-800-4MY-XBOX).

  • Jenny

    ok, i read all the comments about the Xbox freezing while playing Oblivion… although this has never happened to me, i did have an issue with it, either xbox, Oblivion itself or w.e. but whenever i put something in a container, say in a house i bought in the game, after a few game days, it is gone, replaced with some junk items… anyone else have this problem? or know how to fix it? i lost alot of good stuff, and now i have to start all over =*( someone told me it was a lack of Xbox memory… please help.. you can email me at jenshop22, yahoo with any advice, it happened in the old morrowind game also, … i thought with this being a new game, Beth would have fixed that issue… could be wrong though….

  • Unless you put it in a container in a house that you own, it is not guaranteed that it will be there when you come back to it. This has not changed since Morrowind. It is not a glitch, it is the way the game is.

  • mark smeldey

    Hi anyone had any problems with all of a sudden whilst playing a game it comes up and says unreadable now it will play none ofmy games is this a known fault if yes does anyone know how to getit wking again or know a repair service?

  • MrEBE

    Damn, mine started to freeze and not being useable despite all the usual solution (clear cache, etc.. etc.) since I poped Lost planet, got the update…
    Crap. Now Thank you MS, I’m 100% Sony thankfully to you !! (first time I don’t buy the Nintendo console -> Wii)
    Ever owned all console.. but sur will not buy a new vaccum cleaner 360 for that a crap piece of hardware.
    as the other one said.. what did we waited ?
    Isn’t it MICROSOFT after All… pathetic

  • Lake_422

    My 360 for some reason sometimes freezes when i play gears of war im not sure if it is the disc or the 360 console but it pisses me off

  • Xbox 360 freezing constantly when i play any game but when i tack my meray out it does ent

  • niki

    we’ve had our xbox about 4 months now. We play mostly Moto GP6/ Didnt have a single problem playing offline all these months. we got connected to xbox live, joined the multiplayer GP game online and it is freezing constantly. Because of my PC experience, I realized the update has to be the cause of this freezing thing. Its really annoying. We never know when the thing is going to crap out!

  • Eric

    I was playing the full version of DooM on my Xbox 360 and when I wanted to quit to the main menu,it froze.I was at the ‘quit to menu’ screen and I pressed the A button then,it froze.I tried that and it happens everytime I want to quit.
    Does anyone know a cure to this?

  • Landon Buysman

    i had my 360 for 5 hours. now it wont work. the screen froze and now whenever i turn it on, the “x” symbol will start to come up then stop. if i wasted $445 on this. im really mad

  • Tamar

    i has my xbox 360 for a couple of months it was working fine it was incredible but i got the three red lights but i fix it by wrapping the xbox 360 console in 2 towels and i overheat then i turn it off to cool down then it was working again


    Has your XBOX 360 frozen up while playing a game? Has it scratched game disks? Has it displayed multiple error messages after updates?

    Don’t waste your time with Microsoft customer service. They will keep you on hold for an hour or more and simply read scripted responses to you.

    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Use this link and follow the instructions. Microsoft headquarters is located in the State of Washington.

    The BBB will contact them and work on your behalf to resolve the issue. If a business receives enough formal complaints, it sends a strong message to lawmakers.

    Stand up for yourself and hold Microsoft accountable for their deceptive business practices. There is no excuse for producing such a large number of defective XBOX 360 units.

  • No, don’t go through customer service and take advantage of their one or three year warranty. File a complaint and get featured on the news and file bogus lawsuits instead! Yeah!

  • Casual gamer

    I have Oblivion for 360 and ive docked 36 hours of gameplay and i can’t load my game. Every time i go to load my game the loading bar gets to the end and it freezes. Ive tried loading it tons of time but it keeps freezing and i can’t load my game. Anyone have this problem or have a solution if so plz help me out cause im not starting a new game, TY

  • carlos

    try this.. worked for me

    remove hdd and clean drive connector by blowing on it ala nintendo cartridge style.. do the same on the port the drive connects into

    sorted it for me

  • Matt

    I take it you work for Microsoft. They don’t cover any Disc unreadable errors past the 1 year warranty. Maybe think before you post.

  • i have had issue with skate.

  • my oblivion game for x-box 360 freezez after about 2 min at first i thought it was the well it wasnt i got over 4 different copies of it and none of them work and then i thought it was my x-box so i got a brand new one(for free cuz i brought my old one in) and it still freezes i just want to know how to get it to not freeze because im getting really pisseed of>

  • bccanuck_420

    my 360 freezes every time I put in EA’s NHL 2008
    I even returned it for a knew one and it still does it any suggestions?

  • lightningbestteamever

    my nhl 2008 froze and said disc unreadable too so i returned it and got a new one. the new one said disc unreadable also so i cleaned the disc and blew into the disc drive and it has worked so far.

    i might just be getting lucky though.

  • derek

    To rob from austrailia

    rob i had the exact same problem your talking about my game would freez after the diolauge to but i fixed it by just fast traviling anywhere before it freezes i suggest you hurry and fast travel though before the game freezes
    But now i have a new problem with the shrine of sunguine or whatever everytime i cast the spell it freeses so i tried to just leave without casting stark reality but it freezes right when i get outside so i tried just going to jail and right when i got out it froze again ive tried all these LOTS of times and am getting no results HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G man

    I just turned my 360 on….playing C.O.D not online for 5 minutes – frozen solid – 3 of the 4 lights are on where they usually circulate…
    tried another game PGR 4 – same thing 5 minutes in – frozen like a frozen thing…really pissed off as the 360 was the only reliable thing in my life!
    help please. where/what should i do – i bought it from Game uk – London and have only had it 7 months

  • Nex


    So far after reading for hours on the internet, you seem to be the only person with the same problem as me. “”Please put this disc in an XBOX 360 console” in multiple languages…really frustrates me because IT IS in an XBOX 360 console! Also, in the middle of playing a game (any game again) “This disc is unreadable” will pop up and tell me to clean it and reboot. When I check the disc, it is flawless, not a scratch to be found.”

    That is exactly what happens to me, i’ve logged several hundred game hours on Oblivion trying 100% the game. I haven’t tried emptying the cache yet, but does anyone have a solution other than that? I’ve taken in my console and had it replaced as well as multiple copies of the game. You can email me at tisigornorich (at) gmail (dot) come

  • cosmas

    mine always freeze while playing games or just at startup, very annoying since it was brand new. Already did the suggestion from clearing the cache, updating, etc. and its not the overheat problem, sometimes only a few second after power up it freeze.

    any advice?

  • Damien

    Just yesterday i got saints row 2 and just being 45mins into it and my 360 frozze on me, i mean screen all messed up and, lights still green and no error bad disc just a frozzen screen. I immediatly tried to turn off the system by the controller but that didn’t work so i turned it off by the main power button. Then waited for like 5mins and turned it back on again restarted saints row 2 it worked for like 10mins long enough for me to smoke a blunt in the game and as soon a my character blew out to smoke my 360 froze. I thought damm that game must have some good weed!!! Nah but 4 real i also tried every other gae i had and same thing happened until the last time i tried my sign in dashboard forze too and i started to hear a beeping sound!! So i immediately shut down the system and called mircosoft up and they told me to send it in, they are very helpful, even extended my warranty. I really don’t think its a power cord deal it’s gotta be the system!! So if u have this problem screw troubleshooting it just send that shit in to get repaired or they’ll send you a new one!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    My xbox started freezing when I was playing saints row 2 too, now whenever I turn it on it freezes about a minute after the game starts, and if I dont put in a game it freezes at the logo before gettin to the dashboard.

  • Micorsoft… Fix your Xbox

    Got a new Xbox for Christmas. Many games kept freezing. Returned the games as MS said unless all were freezing, then it was not the box!!

    After running around returning games with not luck, I took the Xbox back.
    Switched the hard drive into the new Xbox, and it works fine now..

    What a PITA that was.. This is unacceptable!!! What a waste of my time running around exchanging games , making phone calls to MS/Xbox!!

    As I google Xbox Freezing, I see hundreds of posts about this…

    Very disappointed with this product!!!!!!

  • justin james

    when I play oblivion it takes a lot of time to load and then nearly at the end of the 5min load it freezes if you can help [Personal contact info deleted]


  • Becki

    Mine worked fine BEFORE i downloaded this stupid desktop update. Now not a chance, Fable 2 just sits on my shelf while i wait for MS to try and fix my console.

    This sucks… This appears to be a major issue right across the board for almost 3 years. Why can’t MS sort this out. The NXE update made my console 100x worse. DO NOT get it, keep the old settings! If you download the new ones no way to go back when it pisses with the console and freezes the screen every 10 minutes

  • Ted Danielowicz

    This is my story to Major Nelson

    Dear Larry,

    I listen to your podcast every week and love it. I’ve been a Xbox fan since the first original console, after falling in love with Halo. Well, 3 weeks ago I had my 2nd RROD since I’ve had my 360 and that is when my problems started. I got my refurb unit on the 16th of February. I had a game lock up on the first day, but ignored it. By the third day any game I played locked up or was having weird graphic errors. I called Xbox Live support and tried playing the Xbox on a different TV, but it still locked up. I was told from Xbox support that since this was my second return in two weeks that I might get a new one this time. They told me they were having a lot of problems with refurb units. On Feb. 19th I sent my 2nd Xbox back and just received my 3rd Xbox in 3 weeks today Mar. 2nd. This also is locking up when playing multiple games. This time support suggested I play without a harddrive and my games still locked up. It’s funny, but these same games seemed to work fine 3 weeks ago. They started to go through the return process again for this 3rd Xbox and I asked for a supervisor. When I told him that I was told that I might get a new Xbox after the second one, he told me it was not Microsoft’s policy to do this, but that he would put the request in anyway. This will make my 4th xbox in 4 weeks or my 5th Xbox since I bought one 2 1/2 years ago. You know, from where I’m sitting this could be publicity nightmare. I would like to play Halo Wars or the new RE5 Demo, but Microsoft can’t seem to get a Xbox that functions to me yet. I would like to keep playing on Xbox live with the 3 Gold accounts I have and buying games Microsoft releases, but alas no Xbox 360 to play on.

  • Chris

    Yeah. I started having this issue when I got halo wars. Soon after I bought the game my xbox would freeze up before I could play at all. Would work perfect in the dashboard but as soon as a game went in and the level loaded it would freeze. Even on COD WAW it would run fine in thej menu but when a map would load it would feeze. SO far its doing this with everygame. I tried taking the HDD out but still freezes. For a while I was getting the RROD. Waiting for a box to ship if off in to get fixed at the moment. I tried the towel trick and it seemed to work for a couple of days but now it is freezing again. After so many attempts to play a game (10-15) the RROD will come back until I towel it again but its still just freezing. I am now sad because I will be without an xbox for several weeks and after reading alot about this issue I am afraid it may not permanently fix the issue.

  • leo

    Yes i have the same problem with oblivion with the umbra sword. It freezes after giving it. Going to just finish the other quests and 6do that last, maybe it will not freeze then. I even bought a new disk to see if it works but still freezes at the same point. Even if you chose not give the sword, it will freeze after 6 sec. est is to keep the sword and do other quests. Fast travelling didnt work for me after 6 goes. Waste of money. These xbox people are making a fortune and they cant solve small issue. I bought a PS3 and never had one freeze or crash, even though the disks are scratched, it reads perfect and i can move the console around with out a problem.

  • Aaron_Rich

    Oblivion loads but the screen freezes up like i second afterwards. i can hear music still though… wht do i do to fix this? please help me….

  • Anonymous

    My PS3 always freezes I don’t get why people think it’s so freaking amazing

  • thomas

    my xbox is really starting to piss me off.

  • Jill

    Yeah, I just got Oblivion and it freezes not even 30 minutes into the game! All my games work perfectly but Oblivion keeps freezing.

  • moo

    I have been having the same problem with that gay umbra quest… it freezes even after i updated the game…but it still makes me wonder since i updated the game and i cant even find the dude screaming about the pilgrimage and the attack on anvil

  • Alex T

    Microsoft has had years to fix this simple problem, what a bunch of idiots.