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Great summer movie. Of course, the trailers were pretty cool, too, since one of them was for The Matrix: Reloaded. If that movie is half as cool as the preview it’s gonna be awesome.

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: Famke Jansen is hot. She may be the hottest thing in movies today. I’ve probably said that about other actresses, but I was wrong, oh Jebus how I was wrong! She’s especially hot with her new little bob haircut. Damn, I say Damn!

Rebecca Romijn-… oh, I have trouble with this part… Stamos is also hot. And she got to have one scene as herself in this one, without the creepy blue skin. In a tiny little mini-dress. Yowza!

If I swung that way, I’d say that Hugh Jackman is hot, too. But I don’t, so I won’t.

The story line was pretty predictable. One set of humans wants to destroy the mutants, one set of mutants wants to destroy the humans. Our heroes are the reasonable mutants, who just want everyone to get along. Special effect assisted fighting ensues.

One thing I really enjoyed about this movie was the addition of a religious mutant, NightCrawler. Religion and mutants ain’t something you think of as mixing, so it made things a little interesting to have a blue dude who can teleport reciting the 23rd psalm. Other new additions were the chick version of Wolverine, another mutant with healing powers who’s been given a metal skeleton and blades that come out of each finger, and Pyro, who we barely met in the last movie but who gets a big part here. His was probably the coolest action sequence.

Now, a discussion of the third X-Men, with a few spoilers. Don’t highlight the next paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie or don’t know the major plot-points of the comic books.

I’m thinking that the next movie will concentrate on Jean Grey, or Phoenix, the creature that she has become now that she’s realized the extent of her powers and died. This was hinted at with the bird-like shadow under the lake during her voiceover at the end. I’m thinking that Professor X will start to hint more obliquely at her return, and then she’ll rise out of the ashes in all her flaming glory about thirty minutes in. It’s gonna be a cool movie.

Obviously, I recommend this movie for any X-Men fans, and also any fans of fast and fun action flicks.

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  • Okay, if you don’t, then I will say it: Hugh Jackman ist HOT. Even if this thing he has on his head (brave people might call it a hairdo), is quite laughable;-)

  • When this story was originally published by Marvel, it was called God Loves, Man kills. this story by the colorer recounts a religious backlash against the graphic novel.

    they were claiming that a two page segment of the story where Professor X is crucified that I colored all red, had been printed using human blood. That?s such a silly idea, I can?t even comment. Besides, if we?d used real blood, it all would have been brown.

    And yeah, it will be cool if they come out part of the Phoenix Saga in a future movie. As long as they don’t bring in Dazzler to flirt with Scott…

  • X2 *was* quite enjoyable, but I got the feeling that Anna Paquin (Rogue) was included just to provide a psychic link to the first movie. Still, she served admirably as the target of one of the best comedic lines of the movie…but I won’t spoil it for you; just go see it.

    But, yes — it was all just an appetizer for the main course, soon to be served: MatrixRe!

  • andy


    the next movie is gonna be the Phoenix. Definately. You start to see the transition in this movie w/ the glowing eyes, and at the end when the damn breaks, it looks like there’s flames all around her.

    Did you see Beast on the TV? It was 2 guys arguing about mutant registration, and one guy’s name was Dr. Hank McCoy.

    Does anyone remember Jason Striker’s mutant name? I couldn’t remember it at all.

  • Dog

    you suck

  • Dog

    why don’t u all just go to hell

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  • Staty

    Jason Strikers name in the movie was “The Great Illusionist”, though he was never really mentioned in the comics.

  • guymutant

    i thought his name was mutant x …