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X-Weighted Participant Sheds Self-Doubt Along With Pounds

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"I lead a somewhat unusual life," laughed Gaia, an upcoming participant on X-Weighted.

The weight-loss show on Canada's Slice network returns for its third season on Wednesday, May 7. Gaia's episode airs May 14, when we get a glimpse of that unusual life and her unusually poignant and satisfying story.

A stay-at-home mother to a 2½-year-old daughter, Gaia's unusual life includes hobbies like roller derby. "It really has been motivating to me in terms of being fit and perceiving myself as an athlete," she shared during an interview on the TV, eh? Blogtalkradio show. "There's a glitter mixed with the grit with in roller derby. It's a very feminine sport as well as being a very physical and aggressive sport."

A striking woman with an adoring husband and supportive family and friends, Gaia's decision to lose weight – and to do it on a reality show – came from wanting to be a role model for her daughter and for others facing the same self-esteem problems.

"I really have struggled with body image and body hatred issues all my life," she explained. "I felt it was important for to me to be able to speak out about dealing with those issues. And it's important for other people to hear somebody talk about it, because you feel really alone when you're stuck in those circles of self loathing."

The six months the X-Weighted cameras followed her were just the beginning of her weight-loss journey, but they were a strong start to the eloquent Calgarian's bigger goals.

"For me, it wasn't just about losing weight to get skinny. I mean, skinny is nothing," Gaia said. "I wanted to change the way I live. I wanted to change the way I see myself. I wanted to change my attitude toward my body. I wanted to change my life. That's not something you can do in six months and it's something I'm continuing to work on but I feel like I've made tremendous strides and I feel more positive and hopeful about the future than I ever have."

Expect a lot of tears in Gaia's episode when she explores her feelings of self-worth as they relate to her body image. "My weight loss journey had a lot of emotional weight attached to it as well as the physical weight," she explained when I confirmed the tear quotient to her – she hadn't yet seen the completed episode. "I knew that if I didn't address the emotional issues, the weight loss was something that wouldn't last. If I didn't change the fundamental reasons that I got fat in the first place, then I felt like I was setting myself up for failure. So I tried to take the journey from the inside out."

"Anticipating the airing of the show, I do feel a little vulnerable," she admitted. "But when I got cast for the show, I decided I wasn't going to hold anything back and I feel really proud of putting out all my struggles and the things I feel in my heart."

She has no doubt that the experience was an overwhelmingly positive one, though. "My life really has changed. I feel so much more positive about myself and about my body and about my life. I don't want to give this feeling up. I don't ever want to go back to feeling crappy all the time the way I used to."

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  • danielle

    If Gaia is a vocalist and was known as one of the GMCC divas then i kind of know her. I always though that she was beautiful, just the way she carried herself. Glad to see you are now happy and healthy! keep it up Gaia (even if your not who i think you are)

  • Gaia

    Thank you, Danielle! I was a vocal student at GMC – I didn’t know I had achieved diva status but I will take it! Thanks for the compliments. I’m taking them as gifts. xoxox!

  • Sylvia

    I saw this story and was so inspired. Especially because I’d seen Kabuki Guns perform before and it was awesome to see them on this show! I think Gaia is such an inspiration and I have been really struggling with my weight as well, I lose and then gain and it’s very difficult because I don’t really believe in myself. I absolutely loved the Gaia episode andit gave me so much inspiration.

  • Trina, Mississauga, ON

    As I watched you on the show, I felt a very deep connection to what you were going through, Gaia. Being a “big boned” girl all my life, I have similar body image conflicts. But watching your dedication to the process of changing not only the outside, but the inside, has been truly inspirational. I just wanted you to know you are a beautiful person and your story really affected me.

  • Gaia

    Sylvia and Trina – it means a lot to me that you both found some inspiration in my episode. Thank you for watching and thank you for your comments!

  • Mindy, California

    I could really relate. Gaia has been such an inspiration. I’ve tried every diet out there, but never really made the connection that I was going abut it all wrong. I was expecting that I’d feel good about myself after I lost the weight, but that never quite happened and I ate more to comfort myself. You helped me realize I needed to take the journey on the inside and deal with my emotions before I could take the journey on the outside.

    I did my research and bought “Body Esteem” from Amazon. So glad I did, it’s really been helping me.

    Between you as an inspiration and my friends to support me I know I can deal with my emotional eating and finally love myself for who I am!

    Rock on girl!

  • Shirley

    Gaia, you are a beautiful woman. As I watched the show I kept saying out loud “Jeez, she’s gorgeous” (and I was by myself, lol!). You have the kind of face one just wants to stare at and watch as your expressions change. Really. I sometimes have the same thoughts you did and my husband constantly shakes his head at me and tells me how beautiful I am. Sometimes the mind can blind us. I wish you continued success with your life changes.

  • Gina

    Gaia, I caught your episode and cannot believe that someone so beautiful(both inside and out) could have the doubts about yourself that were portrayed in the show.Your determination and drive to succeed in all your endavours is really inspirational, and I will take away from the show an “I can do it” attitude. Just wondering if you have been able to keep it all off and what you are doing to keep motivated at keeping it off. It looked like you really work your butt off in the gym, and rollerblading and changed your diet, how’s it going? Any advice or tips you can give woudl be great.

  • natalie in toronto

    saw the episode this week (obviously a re-run!)loved the episode and found gaia to be truly inspirational!

    on a slightly petty note, i loved gaia’s overall makeup look , especially her pink lip gloss would love to know the brand….

  • Gaia

    Hey everyone – I thought I’d pop by this corner of the internet and it’s so cool to see that you’ve left comments! I’m really glad you enjoyed my episode.

    It’s been a year since filming and the experience has really stuck with me! I’ve been able to keep it off and I’m still going strong – definitely bouncing back after some holiday overindulgence. But it’s natural to fall off the wagon now and then and I think it’s important not to beat yourself up – just pick yourself and keep going! The only advice I know how to give is to eat beautiful, nourishing food, do things that make your body feel good and be gentle with your spirit.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful compliments. They are gifts! And it means a lot to me that you would all take the time to write them. I wish all of you luck and love!


    (And almost all my make-up is MAC 😉 )

  • janna

    hi, gaia!! i just watched your episode on line at slice.ca tonight… and i just wanted to congratulate you! and to thank you so much for the inspiration… as paul said, you’d always give 100%, and you come across as so real and down to earth. i could relate to so much that you shared… thanks so much and i wish you all of the best! God bless, janna

  • Lori

    I came across your episode last evening during my workout…..you are a truly inspirational, beautiful and wonderful roll model for Canadian women!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Sarah

    Hi Gaia, Just wanted to say that your appearance on x-weighted is my favorite! You were so dedicated to losing the weight, and are totally an inspiration! You are such a beautiful girl and have such a lovely family. Best of luck to you girl 🙂

  • Jasmine

    Gaia’s make over was amazing! She was beautiful from the start, but the clothes hair and make up really captured who she seems to be. I wish I had help to look that good!!!

  • Gaia

    Thanks for your comments! It’s been over a year since the episode and I’m keeping it off – but not without a lot of hard work and dedication. You guys keep me motivated – thank you!


  • Dayle

    Hi Gaia!! So happy to see that you are a regular visitor to this blog. I wanted to say thanks for telling your story on X-weighted and for inspiring women to be who they want to be, not who society thinks they should be!!

    It was so refreshing to see a woman who is also a mother go for the activities that are slightly outside the norm….not every mom is into scrap-booking and gardening!! For me, I had always wanted to learn to belly dance. Once my weight starting dropping, I gained the confidence to go and start classes.

    So a big thank you for inspiring us to be as saucy as we want to be!!

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  • Susana

    Just watching your episode of x-weighted (re-run, but hadn’t seen it before) and wanted to say, WOW.. You are an impressive, determined, strong woman! Truly my fave episode of x-weighted!! Thanks for being such an inspiration 🙂

  • Wow Gaia! Just caught your X-Weighted episode via re-run! You’re amazing! So determined, focused, and eloquent. Thank you for sharing your story with others. Wow.

  • Jen

    i absolutely second everyone else’s comments on here, when i was watching your episode (a re-run but new to me) i was struck by how beautiful you are inside and out. I have been working at improving my overall self and i found your story to be really inspiring and encouraging. Thanks!

  • Gaia

    Hey Everyone,
    The X-Weighted Challenge got me thinking about the show and I came by to say hello 🙂 Thanks for all your comments – you guys really do build me up.
    Thank you for watching and thank you for leaving me so many touching messages. Sending you love and strength for your own journeys!


  • Jillie

    I love Gaia! I can’t tell you how much you motivate me! I relate with your X-Weighted episode so much that I have it recorded, and locked on my TiVo. I watch it whenever I need a little motivation to work out. My family knows that if it gets deleted there will be hell to pay!

    You are so beautiful, and inspirational!! I LOVE your style as well!

    p.s. If you do catch this comment, do you mind if I ask which red lipstick you are wearing throughout the episode?

    p.p.s. Your daughter is soooooooo cute as well!

  • Hey Gaia

    saw your show over here in the UK. I am a nutritionist in the UK media, and always watch these types of shows from all over. I found you a true inspiration, and thought your spirit and beauty just illuminated the screen. i found myself almost on the edge of my seat rooting for you all the way. It was wonderful to watch and I am so glad that it gave you such joy and a healthy new chapter in your life.

    Love and light from across the pond.


  • Melanie

    Hi Gaia,

    Just saw your episode for the first time. So inspiring!

  • Gaia

    Hi Gaia,
    I’m watching your personal story on X-Weighted right now. You are a beautiful woman all throughout and incredibly inspiring. Your daughter is adorable!
    I hope you find yourself keeping well and all the best!

  • Ben

    Hey Gaia,
    Just wanted to say that I have just seen your episode of X-weighted and I am impressed. Your dedication and hard-work were truly inspiring. I couldn’t believe that you didn’t think you were beautiful before, but I am glad that you know it now. You are amazing! Great work, all the best to you and your family.


  • kim

    I would love to contact you personally.
    I watched your show yesterday and it really motivated me.
    Your beautiful inside and out!

  • Juan Manuel Vargas

    Hi Gaia, I congratulate you for your participation, you are a living example to follow, besides being a beautiful woman, you’re a winner for having achieved your goals. God bless you. Greetings from Tampico, Mexico

  • Vicky (Mirabel, QC)

    Wow! you’re beautiful!!!