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WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Results: August 26, 2013

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This week’s Monday Night Raw aired live from the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the 1057th weekly show.

The show opened with the WWE COO Triple H coming into the ring and presenting the elevated ratings for last week’s Monday Night Raw. He exclaimed, “The business is blooming” and gave all the credit to the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. He thanked Orton for breathing a new life to the company and gave him a brand new Cadillac Escalade as a gift.

But then Daniel Bryan interrupted, resulting in Triple H putting Bryan in gauntlet matches against each member of The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and then Roman Regins if he makes it that far).

Match #1a
Fandango Vs Cody Rhodes
Result: Early in the match, The Miz, who was dressed like Fandango, came dancing on the ramp along with Rosa Mendes, thus distracting Fandango. Rhodes took the advantage and rolled up Fandango for a three-count.

Later, Damien Sandow entered the ring and attacked Rhodes. The Miz reappeared and came to rescue Rhodes, which resulted in Raw General Manager Brad Maddox coming out and announcing the bout to be continued officially as a tag team match.

The Miz hits Sandow with a Skull Crushing Finale

The Miz hits Sandow with a Skull Crushing Finale

Match #1b
The Miz (with Rosa Mendes) and Cody Rhodes Vs Fandango and Damien Sandow.
Result: The Miz won the match for his team via pinfall after he hit Sandow with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Match #2
CM Punk Vs Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman)
(According to stipulation chosen by the WWE Universe, if Punk wins, Heyman must get into ring with CM Punk.)
Result: Punk won the match by pinfall following his finishing move, GTS.

Heyman attacks the handcuffed Punk with the kendo stick, yelling "I loved you Punk."

Heyman attacks the handcuffed Punk with the kendo stick, yelling “I loved you Punk.”

After the match, Heyman tried to escape the ring, but the referees dragged him back in. Axel came to rescue and handcuffed Punk, then he attacked Punk with a chair. Later, Axel handed a kendo stick to Heyman, who gave enough powerful hits to Punk to break the stick in half.

Match #3
Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella & Eva Marie) Vs Natalya (with The Funkadactyls (Cameroon and Naomi))
Result: Brie Bella won the match by pinfall following a Bella Buster on Natalya.

Match #4

Alberto Del Rio Vs Rob Van Dam (with Ricardo Rodriguez)
Result: RVD won the match by a quick roll-up after Rodriguez distracted Del Rio. RVD thus earned a title shot at the Night of Champions.

Orton delivers an RKO to Christian.

Orton delivers an RKO to Christian

Match #5
Randy Orton Vs Christian
Result: Orton won the match via pinfall following a thumb to Christian’s eye, and then an RKO.

Later on, Bryan appears on the giant tron and reveals Orton’s brand new Cadillac Escalade is all sprayed with “yes.” This incident enraged Triple H and he ordered all of the WWE roster to be present on stage at the upcoming main event match and also gave them warning that anyone interfering the match will be fired.

Match #6
Jack Swagger.(with Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro) Vs Titus O’Neil (with Darren Young)
Result: Titus won the match via pinfall following a Spinebuster.

Match #7a (Gauntlet Match)
Daniel Bryan Vs Seth Rollins
Results: Bryan won the match by a three-count following a running knee to Rollins’ face.

Match #7b (Gauntlet Match #2)
Daniel Bryan Vs Dean Ambrose
Result: Bryan locked Ambrose in a Yes Lock, but Roman Reigns interfered, resulting in Bryan winning by disqualification. Bryan then locked Reigns in a Yes Lock. Ambrose broke the lock and then all the members of The Shield launched a three-on-one assault on Bryan. Reigns delivered a spear to him.

Triple H then came out an ordered The Shield to deliver a Triple Powerbomb to Bryan. Then the WWE Champion Orton came out and delivered and RKO to Bryan.

The Shield delivers a  Triple Powerbomb Daniel Bryan

The Shield delivers a Triple Powerbomb to Daniel Bryan

The show faded out with The Shield standing on the knocked out Daniel Bryan.

Photo Credits: WWE.com

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