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Writer’s Warning a Tad too Late for Bicyclist

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Do writers sometimes connect with events they are writing about in mysterious ways unbeknownst to them? I ask this because last Sunday morning, within an hour of my article “Drive Safely on This Death Drive,” being published, something peculiar — and fatal — happened in the real world that related directly to what I was writing about.

The article was my effort to forewarn readers, and more specifically those readers who are or are going to be driving in Virginia Beach, of the dangers of a particularly deadly route called Shore Drive. This notorious drive leads visitors east from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, to the resort strip on the Atlantic Ocean. It has also led a suspiciously high number of pedestrians and drivers to their graves.

I felt an inner urge to get this article published as soon as possible, and anxiously worked through the night to finish it. Less than an hour before it was published, at 6:38am, a bicyclist heading east on Shore Drive was struck and killed by an SUV.

The bicyclist’s tragic death happened just blocks from the location I had recounted in my article about my own bad experiences with drivers in the area. Additionally, the vehicle involved was a white Ford Explorer, like the one I own.

Was my rush to get my article published somehow motivated on a deeper level by this impending fatality? Could this article have prevented this fatality had it been published earlier and read by the bicyclist? Fat chance, but so was the timing between my article and the fatal accident.

Perhaps experiencing meaningful coincidences is a step towards the realization of the interconnectedness of seemingly separate things. Writers, when in the flow of their craft, may be temporarily functioning at a higher level, tapping into a wellspring of infinite possibilities and connections.

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