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Wow – Lost and Desperate… on your new Video iPod

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A video iPod, too?

Long rumored, the Apple Video iPod is here.

For some reason – probably because I didn’t spend that much time really thinking about it – I didn’t think that TV shows would be on the V-pod – at launch.

But there they will be. In glorious technicolor. Episodes of ABC’s Lost and Desperate Housewives will be available for $1.99 a pop from the online iTunes store the day after they first air on television.

Disney owns ABC and has been a partner of Steve Jobs and the cartoon studio, Pixar Animation.

A 30-gigabyte version – in black or white – will sell for $299 and a 60-gigabyte model, $399. (Note, the screen is color not black and white) Now, I haven’t kept up on all the various “thin and beautiful” iPod models – the Nano, Shuffle, Photo, Original Recipe, and how they are selling. But unless Apple learned nothing, from their early years (which last 20 years), they feel being first this time will pay off.

But this could be useful, it seems for those who miss their favorite shows. It might even make people want to take the bus or the train into work.

It will take awhile, I believe, to sort out what channels go where on the inevitable copycat models by others. I wonder what will be the V-pod’s first “One small step for man … ” or Sept. 11, 2001 moment?

Stay i-Tuned.

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  • People complained about watching stuff on the Sony PSPs because of the small screen, but that thing is huge compared to this. This will just take off ‘cos of the branding, I’ll bet.

  • People will complain about the screen being too small, however, if you could connect it to a tv or LCD monitor, it might have legs.

    I’m still hoping for on-demand television with availability within 24 hours of original broadcast, at a cheap price.

  • Good work getting this up quickly, Temple. I had wanted to write something up – still might. Just glad it is getting covered.

    I think it’s cool and all… but not an essential. I love my current 60GB iPod. I can’t see myself upgrading… yet.

  • Portable DVD player screens are bigger.

    In fact, I wonder just how big a screen these downloadable versions will be. I didn’t think to look that up.

    Probably not that big.

    Now movies on DVD players the day of / day after release would be ANOTHER revolutionary step.

  • Screw television shows, I want movies!

  • I’m holding out for the version of iPod that will be able to think for me.

    iMind. $999 for 40 GB of memory, or for the more-affordable “blonde” unit, $499 for 20 GB of memory.