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Would You Like Some Eggs With That?

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Starting my period at nine years old was not ideal, nor an idea of fun that I really wanted to experience. However, as with any genetic trait, I didn’t have a choice about it and must deal with the consequences.

Though doctors assured me my body is not threatened because of the early release of hormones, I am at risk for being infertile during the normal time period of pregnancy for women.

Because of this, I was appalled when the subject of women selling their eggs was brought up in one of my classes today and got such a negative response. Other students’ reactions seemed heinous to me; a unanimous crowd seemed to look on my ideas about selling eggs as futuristic and morally wrong for the human race.

On some levels, I can understand this ignorance. The mass was more or less only talking about eggs used (by those who can afford to) to make the “perfect” offspring, choosing their new robotic child’s eye, hair, and skin color, along with their potential for academic success. Sure, this may not seem “right” in our society. But honestly, if you have the money to do so, more power to you.

There’s also the other side. How disgraceful it must seem to women who try so hard for a baby, but just can’t have one. This was another alarming point in the class’s conversation; a girl seated near me stated that women could use their own eggs to make this happen. This is obviously not true for women who cannot bear children because of their infertility.

I don’t see anything wrong with donating your eggs. Nothing about receiving $5,000-50,000 for a portion of your time seems like a bad idea. More important, many mothers I know, including my own, were near being deemed infertile at some time during their lives. Their children are miracles. My mom tried for a year and a half for me; I am a miracle.

What about those women who aren’t so blessed? Speaking to my mother this evening about when she was trying to have me broke my heart.

“Believe me, whenever you want to get pregnant and can’t, it’s hell. Everyone around you is pregnant, even that stupid little girl who might have just looked at her boyfriend once in the backseat of the car. Hearing you could be infertile is disheartening,” she said.

Though I had not considered egg donation before, and might only be sentimental about the subject since these words were coming from my mother’s mouth, I had a change of heart. Hearing her story and knowing 7.3 million women in the United States struggle with infertility made me want to become a donor while I am at the prime age for reproducing.

Knowing that my eggs could be one couple’s only hope for a child of their own gives me a sense of warmth inside, just as doing any other random act of kindness would.

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  • John Lake

    “..even that stupid little girl who might have just looked at her boyfriend once in the backseat of the car.”

    The little boy needed some guidance as to ‘where babies come from”.
    Mother told him, “The stark brought you!”
    But Grandmother said they found him “Under a cabbage leaf”. More grief when his dear Grandfather said, “Babies come from the ‘conception unicorn!”
    The little boy remained non-plussed. He gave a look of hopelessness, then muttered to himself, “How odd. There hasn’t been a natural childbirth in this family for a generation!!”

  • Sammy

    Thanks for the article. I know some people struggle with this decision. The procedure is minor and there is little if any recovery time involved. And you can even earn something through the process. You need to decide whether you are comfortable with children out there who share your genetics. For some people, it is just like donating DNA, but for other people it is a more sensitive and personal issue.