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Would You Date a Stripper?

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Would you date a stripper?

Would you date a pot dealer? What about someone who euthanizes animals for a living? Perhaps this brings up a bigger question:

Is it cool to NOT date someone based on their profession?

Lauren: I used to believe it was unfair to rule someone out just because of their job. Like me, many younger peeps have jobs that simply pay the bills. It isn’t their passion in life, just a means to an end. However, after I dated a stripper, my opinion on this has changed to…


If you aren’t cool with what someone does for a living, move on. You will always be bothered by it, or trying hard to make ‘em quit. Why waste your time or energy on that?

When I dated a stripper at first it was hot (just being real). Free lap dances and drinks…I was in heaven for a few months. But, as time went on, I realized how unhealthy it was to be around a strip club environment: drugs and drunks everywhere, unsafe, always up late. Also, I started to question my Boo’s choices, wondering, “What kind of person wants to work in this environment?” In other words, I was judging. Not good.

It was hot while it lasted, sure, but not something I’d ever do again.

William: You and your Boo mut have a similar moral belief system from the beginning. Otherwise, it won’t work out. Back in the day, when I was Lauren’s age, I would have definitely dated the stripper. However, as a man now in his 60s, that wouldn’t happen.

When you get older, you stop putting up with bullcrap. We just don’t have time to waste.

Let’s say I walked over to a fly lookin’ woman (who is a stripper) at a bar. Here’s how the conversation would go down:

Me: “Mind if I join you?”
She looks up, likes what she sees, and smiles.
Her: “Sure.”
I sit down and give her intense eye contact.
Me: “So, do you come here often? I haven’t seen you before.”
Her: “Not really, just happens to be my night off.”
Me: “Really, what do you do for a living?”
She hesitates, but reconsiders.
Her: “I…strip.”
Me: “You’re a stripper?”
Her: “Yes.”
As I start to leave –
Me: “It was a pleasure speaking with you. I’m going to go find my friend. I think he’s lost.”
And like that, I’m off and running to find the friend I know isn’t there.

Sure, I would probably flirt more, but I would eventually make an excuse to leave and NEVER see her again because our moral belief systems don’t match. She’d only bring stress, chaos, and strife into my life.

What are we trying to say? As you date people, keep in mind what you need from the beginning. Is it important that you’re with someone who has a legal 9-5 job, or do you not care at all? It may seem pointless to think about these things now but trust us when we say it’ll pay off in the long run.

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  • I agree that some professions say a lot about the person. i.e. a politician of lawyer are professional liars. I wouldn’t trust a word from their mouth.

  • As a stripper, I don’t even want to be around you if you’re going to judge me for my job, so I suppose that works out nicely. I’m 30 years old, and working my way through school.

    Stripping allows me to work my job around my class/homework schedule and still get my bills paid. That said, I stripped for 5 years before I started school, and I genuinely love my job. If my body would hold out for it, I’d do it until I was old enough to retire. I get exercise, freedom, and stimulating conversations with a variety of people I would otherwise never meet.

    I don’t do drugs, and I rarely drink. The other strippers I spend my off time with are highly intelligent women who are working their way through school, supporting families, or simply paying the bills. It doesn’t have to be a lifestyle, and chances are, if the sort of people you draw are not drawn to the crazy life, the sorts of strippers who might be willing to date you will likely be just the same.

    I probably know more non-strippers who have caused their S.O.’s drama and heartache than strippers; most of us don’t have time for the drama.

    All being a stripper says about any of us is that we’re good at walking in high heels and that we like money.