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Would You Buy a Used President from These People?

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You’re watching TV one day, and an ad comes on for a food product which is admittedly tainted with salmonella. “Buy our product!” screams the ad, “Because we don’t have botulism contamination!” Would you buy that product? Or suppose later a car ad comes on. “Buy our car!” screams the ad. “No worries about our cars having stuck throttles and killing you, because our wheels will fall off long before you can get to a dangerous speed!” I’m very sure you wouldn’t be very interested in that model.

So why does the Democratic Party leadership think they can sell us a Pinto President just because the other choice is a Yugo?

Maybe the fact that the Obama for America ad campaign won two top awards from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Awards competition (as well as a “a special jury commendation” for a third ad which didn’t quite meet the qualifications for a full honor) has something to do with this misimpression. I won’t repeat the entire quote about the third honor issued by Bil Bungay, a UK advertising professional and one of the judges, but it bears reading on how the Obama campaign got sold to us as a good thing.

“But the election was over two years ago!” you protest. “Why wallow in that slime again?” It is because the next presidential campaign has already begun. If you can stomach that much egomania, you might want to read David Plouffe explaining what a genius he was in 2008, for he’s already advising the Obama 2012 campaign strategists. It worked before, and to me it’s clear they are trying it again. The issues facing this nation require a man of action and not an orator of empty promises. We cannot afford to be diverted from solving these crises by yet another pig-in-a-poke, image-over-substance campaign which Plouffe will likely promote.

My regular readers (if I have any left) know that I did not vote for Obama, so this post is not an expression of voter’s remorse. I have been a steady and harsh critic of Obama’s policies, as anyone reading my previous posts can discover. My remaining regulars also know my stances on the current-day issues from reading those posts, so I cannot be deemed a knee-jerk, Obama-hating Tea Bagger for them. I would very much prefer the inspiring candidate Obama to the lame duck president we got.

Because we did not get the candidate as our president, I feel that the Democratic Party should open the floor for new candidates by revoking support from Obama’s re-election effort. He has done nothing of substance that matters to the unemployed of Main Street who will vote next year. Obama can be defeated by these unemployed and impoverished votes, and will be, if the GOP herds their ego pigs back into the sty and brings forth someone not tainted with personality enhancement disorder.

The only good news for Obama is that the Republican Party isn’t doing so. It has even less to offer voters than he does, which is why Obama continues to poll ahead of any of the potential GOP candidates. The Columbus Dispatch reports that while Ohio voters reject Obama 47 to 48% (a statistical tie), Obama would soundly defeat an unnamed Republican. It has to be taken as a sign of how poorly the voters perceive these Republican candidates when Charlie Sheen is preferred over Sarah Palin.

But what are the Republicans doing about this? If, in the interest of brevity, one limits oneself to the emails one receives from Tea Bagger friends, one notes that racist and political slanders are still the driving force behind the effort to defeat Obama. One I got just yesterday (as of submission date) blesses Glenn Beck for exposing a $2 billion gift to a Brazilian oil company allegedly owned by the top Liberal-hiding-under-the-GOP-bed, George Soros, via a presidential executive order. I know that using the Internet is a chore for Tea Baggers, but even they have the brain power to check out Snopes for the refutation dated February 2010! As anyone who brews tea knows, tea gets very unpalatable if left to sit too long. Most of us aren’t going to swallow it. So make it fresh, make it real, or make it disappear.

It is thus with the Democratic efforts to raise funds. They are known to be rotten producers, yet they expect us again to sample their sour lemons and praise their sweetness. In the last week, I have received at least a dozen emails under the names of prominent Democrats pleading for money. “Senate Democrats are fighting back each and every day!” claims one allegedly from Majority Leader Harry Reid. “The DSCC must raise $150,371 by our March 31 FEC deadline to keep the Republicans at bay.” It would help if you Democratic legislators had used the power the voters gave you to do something which this nation needs you to do instead of telling us one thing while you do the opposite. You didn’t fool me last time, and you sure as hell aren’t going to fool me now, no matter how bad the Republicans prove to be. And any casual perusal of the readers’ comments on any major liberal blog will demonstrate that I’m not alone.

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me again . . . you’ve got to be kidding! So make it fresh, make it real, or make it disappear. There are many other options, and the people today are growing more restive over the poor quality of the old sorry selections. They just might decide to sample something new. It’s long past time they did.

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  • Long time no talkee, Reb Ruvy! Glad to hear from you!

    While I lean in the direction of agreeing with your comment, I have to continue to work for the alternative – at least until they haul me away to that FEMA detention camp that doesn’t officially exist. To do nothing allows the Dark Side to be victorious, and I refuse to (in)act like the Democrats of recent years.

  • You didn’t have a choice in 2004; you didn’t have a choice in 2008. Do you seriously think you will have a choice in 2012 – assuming elections are even held?

    You “democracy” is over – done, finished, caput – or haven’t you been able to figure that out yet?