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Worst of All Time

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Music’s dinosaurs live on in Hall of Shame

This is an interesting list, compiled by Blender magazine, of the worst 50 artists of all time. It is very interesting because some of these people would definitely not make a lot of your lists.

The full list:

1. Insane Clown Posse
2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
3. Michael Bolton
4. Kenny G
5. Starship
6. Kansas
7. Asia
8. Vanilla Ice
9. Lee Greenwood
10. Air Supply
11. Latoya Jackson
12. Tin Machine
13. Mick Jagger
14. Yngwie Malmsteen
15. Yanni
16. Oingo Boingo
17. Benzino
18. Pat Boone
19. Dan Fogelberg
20. Howard Jones
21. The Alan Parsons Project
22. Primus
23. Creed
24. Bad English
25. Jamiroquai
26. Celine Dion
27. Colour Me Bad
28. Crash Test Dummies
29. Skinny Puppy
30. Richard Marx
31. Arrested Development
32. The Hooters
33. Japan
34. Live
35. Paul Oakenfold
36. 98 Degrees
37. The Doors
38. Nelson
39. Bob Geldof
40. Blind Melon
41. Whitesnake
42. Rick Wakeman
43. Mike and the Mechanics
44. Manowar
45. Gipsy Kings
46. The Spin Doctors
47. Goo Goo Dolls
48. Master P
49. Toad the Wet Sprocket
50. Iron Butterfly

While I agree with a lot of these like Yngvie Malmsteen, Air Supply and Nelson, I take offense at Blind Melon, Primus and The Goo Goo Dolls (personal guilty pleasure, I guess), being on the list. Blind Melon for one is maybe one of the most underrated groups of the 90’s. They got labeled by the No Rain video and people just wrote them off completely. Soup is a really good album that nobody gave a chance to. Then Shannon Hoon died of a drug overdose. Go HERE to see their explanations for the choices.

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About Craig Lyndall

  • I saw this list a couple weekends ago and was irritated by it as well. Toad the Wet Sprocket? Skinny Puppy? ELP? Primus? Come on. But what do you expect from something that springs from the style-conscious “minds” at Maxim?

  • Eric Olsen

    What disturbs me about the list is that it doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to it – what are they holding as qualities that make for placement on the list? It seems totally randon, totally subjective, and really stupid.

  • Yes, on this one:
    1. Insane Clown Posse

    No, on these:
    5. Starship
    6. Kansas
    21. The Alan Parsons Project
    23. Creed
    37. The Doors (!?!?!?!?!)
    41. Whitesnake

    C’mon, The Doors one of the worst bands of all time … ever?!

  • I guess the comment on the doors was that Jim Morrison’s philosophies and ideas were very immature and amateurish, maybe even simplistic. I don’t know how I feel about that, because I am not a huge doors fan, but I am still surprised to see them end up on the list.

  • Immature and amateurish compared to whom? Robert Plant? No question Morrison was a bit of drama queen, but what rock star isn’t? People deserve to be judged on their best work.

  • andy

    I agree w/ that list except for Mick Jagger, The Doors, Primus, and Iron Butterfly(I like em anyway).

    Creed definately should be #1.

  • Craig – I’m not a huge Doors fan either, but their music will outlive most, if not, all of the other artists on that list. If for that reason only, they stick out. Respect.

    Might as well put The Beatles, The Who, and Zeppelin on that list if The Doors belong there.

    I agree with you, Eric, what’s the criteria for this list? I can’t think of anything musically that say Oingo Boingo has in common with The Doors.

    The only notable gig Oingo Boingo ever “played” was the party in Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School. And they were breaking car windows in that LOL.

  • Yeah… they don’t seem to have much rhyme or reason to their list.

    I mean, Milli Vanilli won a grammy and they didn’t make the list. And how has Insane Clown Posse even been enough of a factor to make this list? I might as well make local Cleveland bands available to the list as long as we are going with obscure people that almost nobody knows of.

  • I will take no notice of any “50 worst bands” lists that doesn’t have The Smiths on it. Or Phil Collins.

  • Eric Olsen

    The Doors, though pretentious and foolish at times, are all time greats. They’re in the Rock Hall and belong there.

    Of the rest, I at least “like” (and some more than “like”) ELP, Oingo Boingo, Howard Jones, Alan Parsons, Skinny Puppy, Primus, Jamiroquai, Crash Test Dummies, Arrested Development, Hooters, Oakenfold, Spin Doctors, Gipsy Kings, Toad, even some Live.

    I mean my God, the more I think about it, the more these idiots blow dead ones in the sewer. How can you compare Pat Boone and Skinny Puppy other than the fact that their music comes on round things?

  • Pat Boone controversially covered some metal tunes.

    Not sure if that was him trying to redefine himself … or trying to be cool. Whatever the case, the experiment didn’t work for me anyway. The Osbournes liked Boone’s version of Crazy Train enough to make it the theme for their reality show.

  • I am not the only Blogcritic who actually positively digs Boone’s In a Metal Mood album. This album is officially Al certified to be both COOL and HIP.

  • Joe

    Au contraire, mon frere. If you actually identify something as cool or hip or any combination thereof, it ceases to actually be so. It’s a bitch that way.

  • No, if anyone other than Al Barger declares something cool or hip, it ceases to be so. I personaly and specifically am the true, objective arbiter of cool.

  • The Theory

    i definately disagree with some of the bands on the list. Namely Primus and Pat Boone. However, props to them for having the courage to put Creed on the list.


  • Joe

    Well, see, there’s the conundrum, because, well, I don’t know how to say this… but, I think YOU are pretty cool Al!

  • Joe

    In the completely manly way, of course.

  • I am starting to feel used by this list. Do you think that the point was to piss everyone off so that we would at least be talking about Blender magazine? I have honestly never read an issue of Blender, and here I am talking about one of their articles. Is infamy just as good as fame?

  • I’m gonna echo Eric. Looking at the list, I can’t tell what the criteria for being on it are. Some of those listed are novelty acts that lasted for no time at all, others shapers of the music scene for decades. Why not stick with people who penetrated the national conscienceness as more than a briefly recognized name? I find it difficult to conceive of any list that both Latoya Jackson and Bob Geldof belong on.

  • Blayne

    These people are obviously morons who wouldn’t know musical talent if it bit them on the butt. Many of these acts belong here because they ARE truly talentless but many do not, especially THE DOORS. Ray Manazarak alone – ever try to play the piano with your right hand and the bass parts with the left on a separate keyboard? Or Jim Morrison – these bozos probably couldn’t even spell Nietzsche in Junior High let alone read and understand him! Sartre, Camus, many other classic poets & philosphers, all influenced the Doors and appear in their very INTELLIGENT lyrics. Notice that there are hardly no new “artists” on the list (where’s Britney??). This article is just another piece of crap from the new, brainless generation. God help us all.

  • Anyone — or any entity, such as Blender — who would label Dan Fogelberg one of the worst artists ever

    a) knows nothing about music


    b) has never listened to anything beyond his hits, which would not be among his best work


    c) is a failed wannabe rock star writing for a nothing rag and seeking attention.

    If he isn’t one’s cup of tea, that’s cool. Worst ever? No. And there are other artists on the list — the Doors (THE DOORS!), Primus, Mick Jagger, ELP, Jamiroquai, Creed (no, wait, Creed does belong among the worst ever, along with Celine and Bolton) — that have no business being here. Pat Boone sucks, but I wouldn’t even count him among the worst ever. This list is a joke, and a bad one at that.

    I just looked at the list of critics involved, which explains that this is a pot-meet-kettle situation. All I can muster is pity and scorn for them and for all who agree with them. But I do have to thank them. Now I know not to pick up the worst music magazine ever.

  • Angry Bob

    No Limp Bizkit, no Crazy Town, no Trixter, no Methods of Mayhem, no Simple Plan, no Good Charlotte, no O-Town, no Boyzone, no Westlife, no Culture Club, no Gorky Park, no Puff Daddy. I can’t say I’ve ever read the magazine Blender, but I’m sure those who compiled this list aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box. The list is not only boring, rushed and ill-advised, but also reeks of the kind of useless, pretentious drivel only smug, pseudo-intellectual trendy types could spurt out. There’s not a single pop-punk or nu-metal band either, and that’s criminal.

    14. Yngwie Malmsteen
    41. Whitesnake
    44. Manowar

    These inclusions are typically inane, also. Yngwie Malmsteen, while not the world’s most melodic genius, has been hugely influential in the rise of neoclassical metal in all its forms. without him we’d have no Symphony X or Stratovarius! Whitesnake are also another odd inclusion. I knew hard rock was bound to feature on the list, as its not exactly in fashion right now, but Whitesnake were a more solid band than many. All of Whitesnake’s guitarists were of high quality and David Coverdale was very good vocalist. Surely, if hard rock or pop-metal has to feature on the list, there are FAR more deserving bands. I have no doubts when I say Whitesnake were better than Poison, Winger, Trixter and Europe. So what if they copied Led Zeppelin? Great White and Kingdom Come copied LZ too, and I don’t see any of them featuring.

    Finally, I understand the inclusion of Manowar. I guess I’ll let Blender off with this one (even if they are more wrong than they were with Whitesnake) because most people don’t understand them either. They’re a band people either love or hate and, despite their great talents, most people choose the latter option.


  • andy

    “without him we’d have no Symphony X or Stratovarius”

    and since those bands are so influencial…thank GOd for him! Now millions of bands can sing about Pharoah’s curse upon me who dares to invade his sacred realm. Give me a break. I say we could all do w/out that kind of lameness…and don’t even get me started on Luca Turilli and his kings of the northern twighlight. dumb dumb dumb! Newsflash…writing songs about unicorns and pharoahs is lame.

  • Al – you and the other critics who like Pat Boone can keep him. Seems like a nice fellow from what I’ve heard about him, and his project was certainly creative, but I don’t really care for trombones covering Judas Priest 😉 It was worth a few laughs when I first heard it. Like when I first heard Ozzy on the muppet show.

  • The whole thing is basically about a “new generation” of rock critics who wish to maintain the traditions of Robert Christgau, Lester Bangs, Chuck Eddy etc., but no longer support the commercial music of the nineties.

    Many of these critics are even more focused on the “punk revolution” than previous generations. However, Joe S. Harrington sees the decline in profits occurring with the “punk revolution” leading to a decline in “real rock” in the 1980s.

    Most of the artists on the list are either traditional critics’ targets from the 1970s, synth bands from the 1980s or 1990s rock bands that are now out of fashion. Japan (#33) alone never had a big US hit, but they have been trashed by many critics and others – and adored by fans – ever since “Ghosts” in the early 1980s.

  • and don’t even get me started on Luca Turilli and his kings of the northern twighlight. dumb dumb dumb! Newsflash…writing songs about unicorns and pharoahs is lame.

    Writing whiny songs about ‘my mother hates me’ is even more lame.

  • Eric Olsen

    As I said before this list is just a provocation, an attempt to stir people up and for the most part no more relevant than if they had picked names out of a hat or thrown darts at a board. At least best-of lists are an attempt to find the essence of a genre (or whatever is being measured) – this is just rejectionist horseshit.

  • JR


    Realistically, the worst acts of all time were never heard outside their immediate families. Anyone famous enough to make this list obviously appealed to some people; to dismiss the taste of those fans is just musical snobbery.

  • Eric Olsen

    exactly, good point

  • I’m a fan of The Hooters, I like the mid-1980s pop and the more recent folk. A friend’s blog had this to say about that list a few weeks ago.

    From the preponderance of prog rock outfits and the utter lack of any bands of the nü metal variety, I suspect this list was cobbled together by twenty-something dudes making fun of their parents’ record collections. The only thing that irritates me is that someone actually got paid for it.

  • JR

    The Hooters had some good stuff, although I prefer the work they did behind Joan Osbourne. One of those guys also cowrote “Time After Time”, which was a good enough tune to stay in Miles Davis live set for like the last ten years of his life.

  • I’m very disgusted with THE DOORS being on the list. I mean come on! Where do you not see The Doors/Jim Morrison merchandise? They didn’t get there by sucking. They did so much for rock too. No band did more controversal obscure things in the late 60’s like the Doors.

  • Nathan

    Skinny Puppy one of the worst???????????????
    Skinny Puppy is one of the best of all time.
    Maybe it’s because Skinny Puppy isn’t for shallow mindless people like Blender.

    ps Yet, Linkin Park, 50 Cent, Godsmack, Limp Bizkit aren’t even on the worst list

  • Duane

    ELP the 2nd worst of ALL TIME?! Blaggghhh… So Black Oak Arkansas and the Bay City Rollers top ELP? Uh, yeah. Another I’m-so-hip backlash against perceived pretentiousness.

    I hate Kenny G as much as the next guy, but he can play his instrument. Cut him some slack. He knows what he’s doing.

    Celine Dion can sing, so what’s the deal? You don’t like her songs? Fine. I don’t either. So Fiona Apple and Missy Elliott are better than Celine? Hehe.

    And Rick Wakeman is worse than KC and the Sunshine Band and Dr. John, I suppose. (He’s so pretentious.)

    Besides that, it’s just plain mean to put together a list like this. Next we’ll see The Top 10 Ugliest Actors of All Time or something. Top 10 Worst Ankles of All Time. Top 10 most Irritating Voices of All Time.

  • I didn’t really read your comments, but here are my thoughts on the list.

    Industrial’s not my thing, but Skinny Puppy doesn’t belong on that list at all.

    Paul Oakenfold has certainly taken a turn for the worse, but he’s the most glaring inclusion on the list. I have a feeling this was an editorial choice to seem hip with the EDM clubhead kids by pricking Oakie’s ego balloon while it’s popular. He’s still 100% more talented than the rest of the list combined.

    Arrested Development seems cheesy now, but they had the right message and sold a good amount of records too. They don’t belong on this list.

    LaToya Jackson doesn’t even count as an “artist.” Go after her brother (for his MUSIC) ever since “Off the Wall” and then I’ll respect you. Talk about picking easy targets. Same with Kenny G and Yanni. No one who reads Blender even listens to that crap. Pat Boone? Pussies. Hire some real rock critics.

    At least Benzino had one listenable song, even if he’s produced so much crap and financed his own career with his own crappy music rag.

    I’ve never even heard of The Hooters, although I get the feeling that if this were 1993, Blender would have Hootie and the Blowfish on the cover as the “next hot thing” in feel-good rock.

    The Doors MOST DEFINITELY belong on that list, right up there after ICP. Classic rock is a veritable nadir of our civilization and Jim Morisson’s drug-addled pseudo-hippie Messianism was the worst example of its excesses. Never have mediocre bar-band blues been so abused with such tortuous lyrics and terribly cliched, Poetry 101 imagery.

    The Goo Goo Dolls belong as well. There are so many other bands I could list that belong, but I’ll just list one because it’s so popular:


    THAT choice I’d respect. Maybe someone would read their stupid rag if they had some balls.

    That is all.

  • I think it was kind of ballsy to include Jamiroquai on the list to counter the overall PCness of it, but he’s not one of the worst 100.

    Primus does suck, but they’re not worst 100 bad.

    Oingo Boingo doesn’t belong on that list, as dated as their music sounds now. Danny Elfman wrote the Simpsons theme, didn’t he? Regardless, he’s shown he can be quite successful with music in more than one medium.

    That is all.

  • Joe S. Harrington

    We’ll see if Blender magazine lasts as long as the Doors

  • I am going to take up for the Goo Goo Dolls not belonging on that list. They are middle of the road. I like a lot of their songs. Trust me this would get me ridiculed in most music circles. I know. What am I going to do? This is the point of these lists though, is to get us to talk about them. After running around and circles over these lists don’t you sometimes feel as if you have been had?

  • OK, fine.

    The Goo Goo Dolls don’t belong on that list. Their fans are horribly lame and that Johnny Reznik pud is way to taken with himself, but they’re not one of the 100 worst bands ever. They did an OK version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for that MLB commercial, after all. They play their guitars and sing well, but they’re just so cheesy.

    That is all.


    The Goo Goo Dolls certainly deserve our collective scorn for their post “A Boy named Goo” output, which is watered down dreck, though even by that record and “Superstar Carwash” were both also showing signs of decline. Prior to that though, they were a fine band, one of the best live acts around, full of energy and so much fun. Their horrid descent into soundtrack balladry and general mid tempo lowest common denominator lameness accomponied by their queer eye for the straight guy makeovers was disappointing to me as fan, however, I was glad to see them cash in, ’cause they paid their dues and seemed like decent working class blokes. And “Hold me Up” still sounds great, and it is on Metal Blade. How cool is that?

  • I love the soundtrack balladry. I think that song from City of Angels is an incredible song. I know it isn’t the hard rock that they started out with, but hey they grew up and decided to write more soft stuff. Not bad, just different. Also, Black Balloon is one of my favorite songs by them.

    Seriously, I think they just subtracted at least a million “scene” points from me. That puts me at negative 2,300,475 I believe. I guess I can kiss those hipster dreams goodbye.

  • AerosmithHero

    what the fuck are the doors doing on this list?!!!!!?

  • BearMan

    The Doors were great, no doubt about that. But seeing my all time favorate band, Oingo Boingo, on the list makes me sick. They surely didn’t consider song writing, musical talent, stage performance or success when making this list.

    What a bunch of morons.

  • Juggalo

    who gives a shit about this fucking fucked up list, the [edited].

    ICP RULE so if you think other wise fuck the fuck off bitches

  • You’re no Juggalo. A real Juggalo would find more ways to fit the word “fuck” into a two-sentence comment.

  • Ken Carter

    Any worst bads list that doesn’t include the Bealtes is obviously meaningless. They changed music into a beautiful artform to create a watered form of sludge with ‘catchy’ (e.g repetive) lyrics with a repetive beat that never changes.

    Rock was never meant to be complex, it was supposed a rebellion against other real music. Ironic that rock was about rebellion and it is now the most mainstream form of music. Art>Rebellion.

    The Beatles invented POP! That is when music went downhill. All the crap they influencesd used the same pop formulea for teen-boppers to bop to. Thanks for destroying true music with emotion and deep lyrics.

    Listen to the Beatles, than listen to Ludwig Van Beethoven. Which one has the greater, more complex music? Rock isn’t complex unlike classical.

    Blayne is the most intelligent person here. He understands that anyone younger than us are idiots. Death to the new generation! They listen to pop like Led Zeppelin and the Velvet Underground who made basic music on a simple level for simple people.

  • hellspit

    i don’t know what that snotty nosed ken carter just wrote, i don’t think any1 will ever read it cos he dribbles so much shit, i agree with juggalo, icp should’nt be on the list. the deserve to be on the top 100 band list rather than this crappy list that a bunch of idiots made

  • lunchbox

    i think the doors should be at no.1 they r the crapest band of all time, no talent and the peopl who actually like them live in a padded room and have to wear straight jackets at night time

  • jonny cash

    what the hell would you know about the doors, sure their music made me wanna have sex with a sheep, hey all us the doors fans r alike we all r cool dudes

  • rolf

    hell yeah all the doors fans are the same, their all retarded

  • Leon

    Anybody who takes Blender magazine seriously, must be crazy. First of all, Blender is not a reliable rock or even music source in general. The magazine does not even have 20 or 30 years or creadibility under its belt. Is more of a soft-porn/popmusic/meetsMTV crap.The writters for this magazine are likely to be in their early 20’s or even late teens. This mag was never about music, is more about fashion and pretty faces than about the real deal or talent for that matter. In general blender magazine is great only for the gossip pages that’s pretty much it besides that maybe some pic of Britney spears’s behind, but thats about it.

  • wow, a two-year long conversation. well, i might as well put in my two cents.

    “hell yeah all the doors fans are the same, their all retarded”

    i love the irony. “their all retarded” are they?!? or is it that they’re all retarded?!? someone’s retarded.

    and for the record…Blind Melon kicks effing ass!

  • thejart, you must mean “kicked” instead of “kicks,” as I can’t remember hearing anything from Blind Melon in quite a few years. 🙂

  • thejart

    thejart yeah the best band is crazy penis cos thats what i suck

  • Blind Melon kicked out some years ago, sadly, after the drug-induced passing of lead singer Shannon Hoon.

    Both of their albums are really really great.

    About the list: agree completely that it’s stupid and arbitrary.

  • Joe

    I can understand Insane Clown Posse and Lee Greenwood…but ELP, Iron Butterfly ,The Doors and Toad the wet Sprocket? Who the fuck died and made you God? Why isn’t Eminem on there? What instrument do you play? Put an MP3 on there and let’s fuxcking rate you|!

  • james earl cash

    who the fuck r these these:
    5. Starship
    6. Kansas
    21. The Alan Parsons Project
    23. Creed
    37. The Doors (!?!?!?!?!)
    41. Whitesnake
    never even heard of em , sounds like a bunch of poofs

  • ryan

    it seems like the doors rank fairly high on almost every greatest 100 list. its blasphemy to say otherwise

  • manbearpig

    Who the hell reads fucking Blender magazine anyway? I cant believe the Doors are on there and fucking Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera isnt on there.

    Fuck Blender

  • Dick Weed

    Anyone who thinks Yngwie Malmsteen sucks has never even tried to play guitar. If you think primus belongs on the list you never heard a bass. I got to go take a shit.

  • Chris

    i can’t believe skinny puppy is on there. only one of the greatest industrial bands ever. i really, really hate the moron that made this list. ugh

  • Eric

    In Regards to ICP being the worst band of all time, any band whose fans get pistol whiped by Eminem deserve automatically to be the worst band of all time.
    They also said they were “visited by a dark carnival”. im going to hope that i never really understand what that means but they are so lame, i would rather be a Nelly Furtado fan than an ICP fan, but im sure most “Juggalos” are really just closet Nelly Furtado fans

  • Gazphemer

    Some of these bands really do suck, but there are many which don’t belong. I’m noting the exclusion of many of today’s crapass music, so I’m betting this is geared towards the brainless youth of today who think that “hustlin'” is the best thing out there along with Nickelback’s sludge.

    I am waiting for a modern-day magazine company to have the balls to be honest to the young generations, that just because Skinny Puppy is a band that is “industrial” and actually deals with issues doesn’t mean they suck and shouldn’t be listened to. Maybe the world would be a better place if kids weren’t always brainwashed into listening to that mainstream crap. We need more kids listening to all of them, because crappy or not, there is a meaning besides “hustlin’ pimps wit chicks and their asses”… shit, it can even mean Starship and Vanilla Ice they’re listening to, even ICP. Because ICP is waaaay better than that radio crap. Stupid kids. Stupid manipulative Blender magazine.

  • Donald

    why is the doors on there? i mean seriously, whoever made this list is a moron. i mean i agree with insane clown posse being number 1, but the doors should not be on that list. and where is fall out boy, nickelback, 3 days grace, and hawthorne heights? whoever made this list should never make a list anymore if you are going to put in one of rock and roll’s greatest artist of all time.

  • Junkyard

    I don’t know what’s the criteria of being worst. Musicality? Hits? Any artist who made a mark in music or had a lot of hits is definitely not worse.

  • Charlie Doherty

    I hereby nominate this Blender list the WORST music list of all time. How’s that!

    Seriously, more than half of these artists are or were very good to great at one time or another.

    For example, anyone who thinks the highly talented band Live, the influential industrialites Skinny Puppy, Creed, Primus, ELP, Kansas, Goo Goo Dolls, guitar wizard Yngwie Malmsteen (whose most recent album is his best in years) and Mick Jagger suck have no business telling people what is and what isn’t good music.

  • Charlie Doherty

    Eric is right. In addition to being an awful list it is plainly random.

    For example, if Colour Me Bad and 98 Degrees is on here, why isn’t similar crap like Right Said Fred, O-Town, or Milli Vanilli? And if Whitesnake belongs here, why not Trixter, Winger or any other run of the mill hair metal band?

    I could go on but it would be a waste of time.

  • UpTheirons

    Whitesnake worst ever?
    And no Nirvana?

    Ugh fail list is fail

  • Anon

    ^Indeed, Nirvana sucks a huge amount of penisesIn my opinion Guns n Roses is the worst band ever… Axl is the most annoying douchebag I have ever heard and the sound of that overrated band is sooo bad.
    but Whitesnake and The Doors? that’s rather laughable to me.


    LOL Whitesnake? The Doors?
    I think this list should have included The Beatles and Led Zeppelin too so LOL
    By the way this list is absolutely a fail, because I have here a fact, not opinion…
    The Doors, Whitesnake > Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Three Days Grace, and so on….