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World Soccer Daily: In Memoriam

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Soccer fans in America lost a funny, insightful voice Friday as radio show World Soccer Daily permanently signed off after pressure, including death threats to friends and family, from a group of Liverpool FC fans. The threats began after co-creator Steven Cohen made a series of controversial and erroneous remarks concerning a 1989 stadium disaster in which 96 Liverpool fans were killed. Cohen issued an on-air apology and backed off his tendency to criticize Liverpool and its fans. That, apparently, was not enough.

While he remained vague on the details, Cohen alluded to the fact that his step-daughters had been contacted and/or directly threatened by people who wanted the show canceled. Likewise, threats were received by Steven's co-host Kenny Hassan, as well as several show sponsors. Much of the hate mail and mongering directed at Steven was also anti-Semitic. The announcement was made at the start of Friday's show and most of the call-in discussion centered on fans' expressions of gratitude, shock, and sorrow.

I know how they feel.

The daily show, which I listened to on podcast most times, had become an entrenched part of my life over the past four years or so. Hearing Steven and Kenny pack it in today was a gut check. After the 2006 World Cup, I realized how much I missed watching soccer, but I knew I was out of the loop. Fishing around for some help, I found WSD. The show brought me up to speed and kept me entertained. Over the past few years, it had gotten even better with the introductions of respected commentators and guests from all over the world. While they remained heavy on the English league, there was a real effort to make the show as all-inclusive as possible. I mean, they had a Turkish league correspondent, for Pete's sake!

What turned me on most about the show, though, was the pure love for the game. Everyone involved was nuts for soccer and they wanted to share that with other people. It didn't matter if you had been a fan for 50 years or five minutes, they would take your call. I can't even remember how many times they asked people for stories about how they became fans. At its core the show was about building up the beautiful game in America, and Steven, Kenny, and the rest did a lot to foster a passionate community, and they did it the right way. Even though they were satellite-based, they kept it family friendly (most of the time); some of their regular callers were from the U-14 set. They also didn't use their broadcast platform to return the hate being directed at them. They could have very easily gone on-air with specifics, called for violent reprisals, made things worse. They didn't. They tried to deflect as much as they could until it simply became too much.

It is one of the great freedoms of this country that we can disagree. It means you can voice your opinions, but it also means you have to listen to other people as well, especially when they're wrong. If something upsets you that much, don't listen. Tell everyone you know not to listen, but don't threaten people's children. There's never an excuse for that, ever. I find Rush Limbaugh offensive, so guess what? I don't listen to his show. I loved listening to World Soccer Daily, but that choice has been taken from me.

To Steven, Kenny, Howard, Rafa, Adam, and all the rest: Thank you. Thanks for giving me and thousands of other football fans two hours a day to think about and talk about the sport we love. You'll be missed and I hope you find a way back soon.

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  • Horace Steenblatter

    Cohen never issued a real apology. He’d made plenty of similar comments on Fox Football Fone-In which led to his firing from that show, and each time he’d issue a half-assed apology and make similar comments in the future. I’ve seen absolutely no proof that any threats toward his children were involved and given his history of attacking Liverpool supporters it would not surprise me in the least if he fabricated those supposed “threats.”

  • Chad

    WSD was a shell of its former self and deserved to go. Cohen likes to hide behind the 1st Amendment, yet seems to have a problem with those that disagree with him, exercising that same right to organize boycott. I also find it hilarious that Cohen has the ego to think that this will damage LFC’s support in America. Newsflash Cohen, you had a few thousand listeners. You aren’t Stern or Carolla. Piss off.

  • Phil Kirwin

    Anti-semitic hate mail? Death threats? Show us the proof! Otherwise you are no better than Cohen.

  • Peter Small

    I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life. Cohen is a coward and deserves to be in the gutter.

  • Rob Hodges

    Good riddance. Cohen was a joke who tried to make his name riding off the misfortune of others.

  • Steve

    Cohen was a joke and should be ashamed at expressing his uninformed opinion on matters he knows nothing about. We should all be proud that his voice and the only daily soccer radio show in America has been put to rest. I hope the next person who decides to express their opinion on public radio thinks twice before saying anything inflammatory otherwise they will be shut down as well. Although it’s likely there will not be another daily soccer radio show.

  • Shane Ireland

    What an excuse of a human being this guy is, He does not deserve to have a job in broadcasting, poisoning the airwaves like he has. Discrase of a man and Im very happy today that the 96 and their families have a reason to smile today.

  • Richard Cardiff

    Ignorance of the highest order mate ,
    Please do some research before you write such drivel on the Internet. The fact remains that Cohen has gone and there is a good reason for that. If he’d kept his mouth shut in the first place none of this would of happened. You have no right to criticise anybody when you insist on calling the game soccer, Its Football.

  • Richard Cardiff

    Cohen Cohen ………….GONE!

  • Leyton

    So you think that a guy who told lies to the world about a true tragedy is a funny man? The man is filled with nothing but hateful and hurtful lies towards to people who were there that day and to the people who lost their life’s. The guy never issued a real apology and even took his hated remarks so far that his own club Chelsea fc commented on him and distanced themselves from the so called Chelsea fan. The sponsors were right to pull the plug on him and we can only hope he never works in broadcasting again so he can still perpetuate his lies about hillsbrough. Anyone who has any questions or wishes to research Hillsbrough just look at the taylor report which at no point blames Fans for the disaster. The truth will come out when the closed documents by the yorkshire police are opened in the coming months. Justice for the 96 YNWA


  • This man is the epitome of ignorance & evil.
    How you can defend this scum in any way, shape or form is laughable & pathetic.

    You clearly have no semblance of an understanding of the beautiful game & its myriad of nuances.

    You wouldn’t know a fact if it kneed you in the plums. I suggest, to save face, you withdraw this utter pile of drivel from the web.

    Cohen is a liar, a mercenary & a Spurs fan at heart so what’s all this sycophantic Chelski cak!?

    96 dead & never forgotten… one no mark, very much alive, & not forgotten.
    Unite to bury this wazzock. Walk On!

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Arwel Jones

    There is free speech and there is blatant lies about a horrendous tragedy.
    Read around the issue before you defend him.

  • ModByrd

    The fact is Steve Cohen brought this upon himself. As Tim Vickery succinctly stated on the BBC World Football Phone-in, (paraphrasing) As a journalist you must have facts that support your opinion before giving it. It is your responsibilty to share these facts and debate them, otherwise you should keep the opinion to yourself. If Steven was trained in journalism, he would have known this, but he is not. Steven even had a chance to learn from his mistakes, because he has stirred this pot before and had to publicy apologise. While I do not condone death threats etc., American listeners can place the ending of the one US based daily football show squarely on the shoulders of one Steven Cohen.

  • thomas mills

    Wow. i have to say i agree with your thoughts. i am not sure the people commenting even read it! sounds to me like you did not agree with cohen’s comments on the tragedy but will miss the show and its guests. i have to agree.

    he should not have said what he did and his apologies should have been more sincere. however, threatening someone’s family crosses the line. after reading the responses to your article i have no doubt that he and his family received death threats. can you imagine the response you would have received if you had defended cohen’s postition? pathetic.

  • John Manchester

    Two events
    seperated by 4 years
    different country and city
    135 dead.

    Only common thread: Liverpool Football Club and their supporters. You make it sound like the police pushed those fans in there.

  • Doumbwey

    It’s kinda of funny to see most of the reactions so far you received condemn you for telling how you will miss a show you enjoyed. They completely overlook the fact that you thought Cohen was wrong in regards to the tragedy and started insulting you for stating your feelings. This my friend is whatthose liverpool fans call peaceful, non-threatening boycott!

  • Chris

    Cohen Lied. Its that simple. He would not know a fact if it walked up to him and hit him in the face. Cohen has refused to show any proof that he has gone to the Authorities with these “threats”. Yet the one person who believed he was threatened by Cohen has an FBI file number, the whole shebang.

    I respect your opinion on the show – I suppose I would feel the same if match of the day was removed from the schedule over here but you MUST understand something.

    Cohen was taking you all for mugs. His “opinion” was at best doggerel and at its worst actionable. Judging by the content of the shows I have listened to (and I have), he believed that you were all so ill informed there was nothing wrong with spouting his own ill informed rubbish and presenting it to you as fact.

    Take a look out there – he has “supported” (and you can find it on the internet if you care to) Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea to my certain knowledge. Your team is sacrosanct – something handed to you by the older generation of your family (generally, and certainly in my case). To go from Spurs to Arsenal simply beggars belief. A TRUE fan of either club could not, WOULD not, do that!

    To then go to Chelsea because they happened to be winning stuff is even more incredible. Its like Obama saying “You know what – that Sarah Palin has a point – I’m a Republican!” He did not care for your opinion nor about educating your palate, he cared about Dollars and making himself a personality on the back of a fawning listenership whom he believed knew no better.

    I hope you have a superb show come along and fill the gap that WSD has left. I just hope that you have a better informed, more respectful presenter than the vapid ball of Idiocy that was Steve Cohen.

    Good luck in the future America. I truly hope this has not spoiled your opinion of this truly beautiful game.

    Yrs, A sincere LFC Fan.

  • Kayleigh

    I’ve been a fan of World Soccer Daily since the its inception 7 years ago. It was entertaining, enlightening, and although I might not have agreed with all the host’s comments, I learned a lot completely useless yet interesting information about the world of football.

    I think it’s a shame that a few narrow-minded people and their complete overreactions brought down such a great show. Steven may have been controversial, but that was part of the fun in listening.

  • Thomas & Doumbwey…thanks.

    Was Steven wrong to say what he said? Yes, I think so. Could the apologies have been more sincere? You bet. That, however, does not negate the positives. If all our good deeds were washed out because of a few mistakes, we’d all be in a world of hurt.

  • Harry

    He knowingly spread a pack of lies over the airwaves, infecting the minds of listeners with poison that was hurtful not just to the families of the dead, not just to Liverpool FC and its fans, but also to football as a whole.

    What apart from a negative perception of our game do you think listeners got when he deliberately butchered the facts to make 96 tragic deaths seem like just desserts for mindless thugs rather than an unnecessary loss of life as a result of police incompetence?

    In his zeal to denegrate Liverpool he denegrated the game as a whole. That he did it to listeners who didn’t know how twisted his version of the events was, bordered on criminal. No wonder many Americans view football as a game for thugs.

    He showed no remorse for his actions, and, as others have pointed out, his apology was a sham. Then he did it again…

    Ours is a beautiful game. It has room for rivalries, and none of us expects human beings to be totally unbiased, but this guy took his personal hatred of Liverpool FC to another level and abused his position as a journalist when he opened his mouth.

    He knew what he was doing. He just didn’t care.

  • Henry

    Harry’s comments are right on and the perfect post to this issue.

    A quick scan of the comments posted here show only about 5% in support of Steven Cohen.

    Why were some of these comments not allowed on the last show of WSD ? I’m sure many tried to call but were not allowed on. It was almost sickening; the entire last show had only people calling in with their unabashed love for Steven and Kenny; not a negagive comment in the lot !

    Almost seems like the “last” show was scripted as well as censored and well planned; not a spur of the moment decision as Steven alluded to made just the night before.

    So the freedom of speech in the last WSD was just the unbridled admiration and glorifying of the two hosts; nothing about the incindiary and hateful comments that Steven spouted time and time again; and where no real repentance was ever shown.

    I too listened to many of the WSD pods; the lineup of commentators was top quality. But as Harry posted; the beautiful game of Soccer was not well served at all by the constant hatred shown not only to Liverpool FC but also to the city of Liverpool and all of the citizens of Liverpool by the host.

    The responsibility he had as a public voice was repeatedly misused; and in the end he was the author of his own demise.

  • Harry

    By the way, the comment made by John Manchester (15th above) is just as ignorant.

    Perhaps you should educate yourself about what happened if you don’t already know.

    But something tells me that you do know, and, just like Mr Cohen, your words have more to do with tribal allegiances than actual appreciation of the facts.

    People wave their loved ones goodbye in the morning expecting to see them again in the evening. I hope you never personally experience having someone snatched away from you but, if you are ever unfortunate to lose someone when you least expect it, maybe it will open your eyes.

  • Harry

    The same goes for the person behind post 22.

    That some idiots sing about Munich as if its something to celebrate is undeniable. But to suggest that it’s almost sanctioned by the club, or that the majority of fans find it acceptable, is a disgusting slur.

    I wouldn’t suggest that most Manchester United fans enjoyed seeing 96 Liverpool fans die, but there are a minority that do celebrate it. Do I or any sane person assume that they speak for all? Of course not.

    Again, blind hatred has no place in our sport. Perhaps, “Liverpool Firing Squad”, when you have learnt to deal with your own issues then you will be better qualified to comment on those of others.

    As a very wise man said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

  • Adrian

    The idea Liverpool fans over-reacted is ridiculous. Should we have limited the boycott to just half the advertisers? It was proportional because Cohen’s hate and prejudice was sustained. He underestimated the upset and subsequent resolve of Liverpool fans and has paid the price. Here’s genuinely hoping a quality North America soccer show fills the vacuum – there’s certainly the market. Just hope the presenter’s not a lying bigot.

  • zingzing

    “The idea Liverpool fans over-reacted is ridiculous.”

    i’m pretty sure that the comments on this page disprove that little theory. what a bunch of ninnies. go everton.

  • Justin

    Good riddance to the preacher of hate and lies.

  • Gene

    I completely agree. Without getting into who is right and who is wrong in the Liverpool debate, it’s his opinion. If you don’t like the show, just don’t listen to it. People who organized the boycott are truly misguided and should be ashamed of killing the show. RIP WSD.

  • mlp-1234

    I am a relatively new fan of football. It started when I choose to be a fan of Liverpool about 6 years ago. I have also been a big fan of Steven’s show. I used to be surprised by Steven’s very public dislike for Liverpool and some of its supporters. I now see what he was talking about. I guess I’ll never be a true red until I learn to get my hatred on and plot until I have silenced anyone who disrespects my club! What BULLSHIT. I would like to think that crap wouldn’t fly on this side of the pond…

  • Harry

    Gene, if his “opinion” was that the people who died on September 11th deserved it for working where they did then would you be so willing to say “oh, well, it’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it?”

    I guess the answer to that question would be no.

  • Harry

    Hang on, mlp-1234. I’m not condoning death threats (if there were any) but I’ve seen exactly that sort of behaviour from fans of other football clubs: Chelsea fans vs Reading players and UEFA referees immediately spring to mind.

    Furthermore, that sort of reaction is not unique to football fans: other sports have their less than savoury fans, as well.

    Of those people that have commented here, not one has made a threatening remark towards Mr Cohen. Indeed, the one comment with semi-violent undertones was directed against Liverpool fans (by what seems to be a Manchester United one).

    This isn’t about disrespect towards a football club. This isn’t about a guy saying “Liverpool suck, they can’t play, they’ll never win a thing”. This is about a guy going out of his way to lie about a perhaps preventable tragedy in which 96 people died, and abusing his position as a journalist and broadcaster to spread that deceit.

    I was honestly shocked when I heard and read what was said. But as much as I was shocked I was also saddened that someone trusted with informing a nation about the global game was so happy to pass off such garbage as the truth, just so he feel a little bit more superior.

  • JWefc

    great article mate don’t listen to these people giving you stick they are an utter disgrace…they hide behind their computers and issue forth hate over a slight that was not all that offensive to begin with…the 96 would not want their memories tarnished by such miscreants

  • Dave

    Steven never said an ill word toward the people that lost their lives, but he did have an opinion of how it happened that nearly no one agrees with. Liverpool fans had and have the right to boycott the show, and WSD even lost some sponsors from it. However, the numbers were still excellent and new sponsors were easily brought on board.

    This must have really irritated people, so they targeted his new family. The means to their end was directly threatening children and that is how you got the result you desired. Are you still proud that Steven is off the air?

  • Rubbish

    Liverpool fans have the right to be pissed off about what Steven said. What he said was incorrect. What they don’t have the right is to CHOOSE what i listen to. And to think i’m a fucking idiot because i believe every word coming out of Cohen’s mouth. And trust me I blame Cohen as well, make no qualms about it he is at blame as well. The boycott was right if the purpose was to spread information about the main issues/causes/opinions involved in the Hillsborough diaster but to continue like a pack of savage dogs to the extent that the show is now gone is a DISGRACE. I know for a fact one of the main proponents of the boycott Tony in New Mexico is SCUM of the earth. He was initially a ‘friend’ of the show, for months calling in. He joined the message under several aliases operating as a ‘friend’ of Steven Cohen posting scum (in reference to Munich), threatening other members that he would get his ‘friend’ cohen on the boards (and even TALKED about it on the show), spreading rumours about the cohosts and talking general shite. He was looking for an opportunity to take WSD down and so he did. I love it how some Liverpool fans on RAWK are celebrating the demise of WSD. What does this achieve for the victims Justice? Bunch of bullocks. Take your petty win and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Adrian

    “I love it how some Liverpool fans on RAWK are celebrating the demise of WSD.” Rubbish

    Noone’s celebrating the demise of WSD. We celebrate the demise of Cohen. Another much better national radio show will fill the void. By the way, Tony New Mexico is, in fact, SALT of the earth and you, my friend, are a damn liar.

  • Adrian

    Also Chris, in the interest of balance will you be blogging next week about Cohen’s reply when you pushed him for evidence of the anti-semitic emails and threats to his step-children that he alleges. Your readers deserve it.

  • Liverpool fans < Tossers

    Obviously Steven went a bit too far, but I really don’t see why Liverpool fans can’t at least understand his view point. Thousands of fans beyond capacity is just asking for trouble. Should the police have stopped them? Sure, but what are they going to do? Beat them back with clubs? You’d have the entire stadium turn on the cops. Yes, they should have seen what was going on in the front, and thats the crux here. But any additional fans who went in without a ticket or was pushing the people in front has to accept some responsbility. Thats not being mean, thats just common sense.

    What about the Taylor report, you say? Didn’t it place blame solely on the police? It does, but Lord Taylor also stated that overcrowding and alcohol were secondary factors. Thats quite interesting, especially considering how Steven Cohen stated that liverpool fans who were there without tickets or drunk share some responsibility. Pretty sure those two statements come down to mean the exact same thing. Drunken and overcrowding fans were secondary causes. Fans should share blame. Crystal to me. Whats not to comprehend?

    While I’m sure Steven and Tony, Mel and others are equally responsible, bringing the show down is ridiculous. Boycotting advertisers is one thing, but harassing them and threatening them are two very different concepts. Then you take into the new claims that Stevens friends are getting threats, his stepkids are getting threats and even Kenny, who is not part of the feud, began getting threats? Thats beyond crossing the line. Now the only daily soccer (yes i called it soccer. if you don’t like the bloody word, blame your English selves for creating it originally for the sport) show in the US is gone. They had a decent listening base, consistently top 10 sports podcast on itunes, for those who think no one listened. Now its gone, and there is absolutely nothing similar that i’ve come across. Its either USMNT OR MLS OR EPL OR la liga, etc. This gave us a bit of everything.

    Also, for the idiots who think the final show was staged: Steven was part owner of the show, obviously he would have called his advertisers before hand to let them know it was ending. Why would they allow people to come on and bash them on the final show? A final show should be for fans, not tossers who want to ruin it for the rest of us. Plus, its not like listeners had any warning. The first emotions are shock, sadness, anger, confusion, so obviously loyal callers are going to be saying things like “we’ll miss you,” “WTF,” etc. When someone or something is dying, you don’t go to that person and tell them all the things you hated about them. Thats called being an asshole. Something Liverpool FC fans are quite gifted at.

    I can take solace in the fact that your two owners, Hicks and Gillete have no idea what they are doing (see Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, etc), and LFC will eventually fail to get into the champions league, which will result in most of their stars wanting to jump ship. But now I’m just being spiteful…

    I will say that it is kind of odd that he never provides more info on these threats, and I was shocked that the show was taken down so quickly. It kinda seemed like he was just waiting for an excuse to get out. I’m sure that idiot Rush gets death threats daily as well and Sir Windbag is still going strong. But everyone has a tipping point. For Liverpool fans, it appears to be pointing out the obvious.

    Thanks for ruining the show.

  • Adrian

    “I will say that it is kind of odd that he never provides more info on these threats….etc”.

    Yes, very odd eh, Tosser? LAPD or FBI would be interested and he would get support from me if it showed any clear links to LFCNY or even LFC itself, as Cohen suggested. Fact is, it’s a lot easier to blame fabricated threats than admit that a peaceful boycott of his sponsors (that he previously claimed was having no effect) was a magnificent success!

  • Gene

    Let’s not over-dramatize things. Again, I don’t know whether Cohen was correct or not. For the sake of argument, let’s say he was 100 % off. On its face, the comments from him that I head did not strike me as offensive as the hypothetical opinion you’re comparing it to. He said, to the best of my recollection, that the club was also culpable in the tragedy. Forgive me, that’s not even close to saying that a person who died in a tragedy deserved it.

    Anyway, those comments were about less than 1 % of what that show was about. If they offended people so much, stop listening. I cannot stand Fox News, so I don’t watch, but I don’t go around campaigning for them to be off the air. And, you know, many of the things those folks say strike me on their fact as much more offensive than anything Cohen had said about Liverpool.

  • Liverpool fans < Tossers

    Adrian, I don’t buy that the “boycott” was peaceful.

    Most sponsors don’t really care about controversy (unless its from their own products, see: the Eagles and Vick. No one is leaving the eagles even though they just signed a felon), least of all when it is in regards to soccer (theres that word again) in the states. So for LFC fans to “peacefully” offer reason and then for the that sponsor to agree and withdraw is, well, unreasonable. I just don’t see it happening, especially with Steven claiming antisemitism.

    Whats worse: a bunch of LFC complaining or a hailstorm from the Jewish community and bleeding hearts everywhere?

    Also, the owner of Objectivo.com was on that last show talking about all the crap and threats that he gets from LFC supporters. They aren’t all lying, mate. I don’t think Steven’s hand are entirely clean, but no way Tony, Mel, and others are peaceful sit-in hippies that you make them out to be. I’ve seen too many posts on RAWK to believe that. There are some crazy fools that have jumped on this anti-WSD bangwagon.

  • Henry J

    For the poster who goes under Liverpool fans

  • Liverpool fans < Tossers

    Come on Henry J, its an equation:

    Liverpool fans are less than Tossers.

    If I were a fan, I would have chosen something like LFC-FWT-FFS or something. Come on guys, this is rudimentary mathematics here….but I digress.

    So much hate from a few ruins it for the majority. A shame. As mom always said, “it’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out.”

  • Henry J

    For the poster who goes under Liverpool fans < Tossers , you write your views but why not post your real name ? You write : "Why would they allow people to come on and bash them on the final show? A final show should be for fans, not tossers who want to ruin it for the rest of us." I wrote that the show could have been staged because of the concept of FREEDOM OF SPEECH that rotates in the mind of Steven Cohen around which this core issue is built. If Steven is such an advocate of this concept; his public show should be left open to whoever calls in and voices whatever they have to say which equals FREEDOM OF SPEECH ! But the last show proved that FREEDOM OF SPEECH does not apply to everyone equally. Make no mistake; Steven is the author of his demise. He wasn't taken off the air by Sirius; he pulled his own plug when his business model was no longer sustainable. As in most divorces and separations; they do not occur overnight and usually build up over a long period of time. Steven could have nipped this in the bud a long time ago and got on with the real business of promoting the beautiful game and not his false sense of ego by thinking he was being denied his freedom of speech. Have I defined the word HYPOCRITE sufficiently for you ???? And don't hide in the shadows under titles like liverpool fans < Tossers unless "Tosser" is your real name !

  • Tybio

    Not meaning to upset the witch hunt with fact…as I don’t expect it to matter. However, An apology was offered and that wasn’t good enough. No one from LFC spoke out against the actions of some members of the boycott, and thus the high ground was lost. Asking for proof of it is a cop-out…should it matter? A simple press-release distancing the Club and Fan groups from the actions which went past a boycott is all it would have taken…but “Right or wrong, they are LFC supports” won and in that we all lost.

    Thank you all for proving Jim Rome correct, and dealing yet another blow to football in the US. The comments he made were out of line…but so was the failure to accept his apology. Football in the US will suffer for this, for that alone this event saddens me.

  • Liverpool fans < Tossers

    Henry, you can call me Tosser if you’d like.

    Why would they want people talking smack on their last show? Its not like they only allowed people they knew and liked call in all the time. Just a few days ago there was some idiot who got on the air with the lame “i saw your ex-wife last night, and um, she gave me herpes” bit that I thought died out years ago.

    Last show, last callers, they can let on who they like.

    Yes, Steven pulled the plug, but its not as though he had no advertisers. He had plenty, enough to sustain a daily 2 hour bit on Sirius plus a top ten podcast.

    What I don’t understand though, is that if he is getting threats, and I believe him, but again, no proof, then what does pulling the show matter? I’m sure the harassment will continue, so what does pulling down the show accomplish?

  • Rubbish

    Adrian you have no idea what your talking about. Your full of shit and don’t go calling me a liar. Where did i lie? which part? the part when he called the show to talk about the boards and the way he tried to get Steven Cohen to make him a admin? Go listen to podcast archives there all fucking there and then come back and tell me i’m full of shit. Go on the WSD boards and ask liverpool fans what Tony from new mexico said on the boards and each and everyone will admit he was a nasty piece of work.

    Did you even listen to the show? I doubt it otherwise you would know that Tony in New mexico is flat out liar and so are you.

  • Liverpool fans < Tossers

    Either way, I really don’t give much credence to posted email messages, as they can be forged without great difficulty. Also, any complaint raised with any law informant agency will get you some sort of case number to refer back to. None of these things prove Tony’s case. Likewise, Steven has not produced these “threats” that he has received for whatever reason, and all we have is his word, which also fails to prove his case.

    In the end, I’ll continue to believe what I believe, and you will do the same until one of us is proven otherwise.

    Cheers for keeping it civil.

  • Henry J

    Liverpool fans < tossers; I don't think that you are a tosser so with all due respect I address you as Mr. Liverpool. I think that comments like the one you mentionned about Steven's ex-wife which unfortunately I also heard prove a point that there should be a 7 or 10 second delay even in satellite radio. I'm not talking about the base elements of society. There should have been a more balanced list of callers if the FREEDOM OF SPEECH card would have applied. Go out by applying the Golden Rule even if it bites you where it hurts. You say : "Last show, last callers, they can let on who they like. " They should have made sure in advance to get 1 of 2 callers on for sure; probably as the last ones which sadly didn't happen 1) Dave in Seattle 2) Gordon in New York ! Then I would have been totally satisified ! 🙂

  • Joe G.

    Wow, some of you people make me sick? Are you in America? This country stands for freedom of speech and freedom of opinion. To threaten someones family, destroy someones business and spout hatred, bigotry and anti-semitism is entirely anti-Anerican. It smacks of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s USSR and Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. Am I connecting those three to what’s been happening? Yes I am, albeit it is on a smaller less important scale.
    It’s a fricking game! I say again. It’s a GAME! Threatening someone’s family is not. And Mel Absher, Tom Hicks, Liverpool FC and Liverpool fans who supported this crap should be ashamed. You haven’t brought justice to the 96, you have soiled their memory and brought shame upon yourselves and the game here in America.

  • Florida Chris

    WSD aired for almost 7 years with controversial points almost weekly. Threats to friends, family, sponsors of WSD at the hands of LFC supporters and sanctioned by the club have reached into our country and brought down a free speech radio show. Seems to me a boycott of our own might be in order.

    Carlsberg, Adidas, Paddypower.com, MBNA, Thomas Cook Sports, Getty Images, Lucazade, and Maxxis Tyres seem to be a few companies that should hear from supporters of WSD and use the freedom of speech to let them know the tactics of LFC and their supporters.

    I love the English game and have supported Liverpool for 8 years. LFC won’t feel the lose of this 1 supporter but hopefully there are others out there that feel as wronged by this as myself. So long Liverpool. You can find my kit at Goodwill.

  • benton

    Nicely written article. I too am saddened by the loss of the only informational podcast in the US on Football. I now have nowhere to go that will give me the same daily information and enjoyment.

    Obviously the new technological age has given too much power to people who want to retaliate for the spoken word. I don’t agree with Cohen’s statements in any way – but to endorse such hatred for his opinion no matter how wrong is outrageous. To encourage and even enjoy the threats to a mans family and friends is truly 3rd world thinking. You all should be ashamed for not condemning the attacks on his family first and foremost. Why don’t you all comdemn such actions and then state your opinion without personal attack and threats. People will listen to that – not this rage-filled vitriol.

  • Dave

    What Cohen said and continues to say is the Liverpool fans need to take SOME of the responsibility for the disaster. Which it was. A disaster. A terrible tragedy. Just as Luzhniki, Ghana, Ibrox, Burden Park, Bradford, and on and on and on… In Hillsborough there were plenty of places to point fingers. It was a “perfect storm”. To scream for justice and to take no responsibility at all is foolishness.

  • Yorkie

    I don’t see how anyone can believe the “death threat” stories. As the whole sorry saga progressed Cohen became increasingly erratic. He would make an apology and withdraw it in the same breath. He would denounce the boycott and then immediately call for a boycott of departing sponsors. He claimed his email address had been abused, then published those of the leaders of the boycott (and continues to do so). Days before he closed the show claiming threats against his family, he had attempted to intimidate one of the boycott leaders by displaying his detailed knowledge of his family.

    He attempted to use his show to defame Liverpool fans, and now he is using its demise to do the same again. “Supporters” of his show have swallowed his lies whole.

  • Manuel

    Cohen was forced off by unruly LFC supporters who have no life other than to threaten a child’s life. All of you who supported such despicable hate should be ashamed of yourselves. Your are nothing more but a bunch of terrorist and Nazis! Who the hell do you think you are to dictate what I and any other listener of the show can listen to!

  • Benton

    Yorkie – you are blinded by your opinion. One can listen to a show and not agree with opinions therein. His show provided a plethora of soccer information from some great journalist guests and was the only podcast out there that did it so comprehensively. You have also caused Kenny to lose a job – a funny, fun-loving guy.

    To take something like this so far is a disservice to all the soccer fans in the USA. You should all be ashamed of your over-reactions and not thinking of your fellow soccer fans. No matter how much I could ever agree with your opinions, your actions to deprive US soccer fans of great daily info are no less than childish and archaic. You needed to state your opinions and correct what you saw as an injustice to the 96 – but to do everything possible to rid us of this show – my god. What is this world coming too – I am so disapointed.

  • John

    For many in the US, the event has transcended a tragedy 20 years ago. In the present, it shows the foulness of Liverpool fans to destroy a unique venue for football in the US. I never liked Liverpool FC much in the first place. Now I am an anti fan. I’m confident that Gerrard will continue to have run ins with the law, Rafa will never really learn English, Torres and Mascherano will move on to greener pastures, and the trophy draught will continue. Liverpool’s popularity will continue to plummet in the US and George Gillett and Tom Hicks will continue to lose money.

  • silentmajority

    Check my post to an uninformed poster on foxsports!! Says it all>>>>>>>>>go-mes…… go home! Cohen is a tosser and got what he deserved. A true sc/um.bag!! Im so glad hes gone. I bet he wished he kept his mouth shut!! I dont advocate anti-semitism, its disgusting. Whoever went that route took it way too far.

    With that said, Ive listened to his final bradcast and find it absolutely hilarious!! Talking about how he’s “not going to put his family thru this anymore.” You already have you idiot!!! You should have kept your arrogant mouth shut and now you have no broadcast career. Talking about “freedom of speech” and “all the hate” his family has received. Well, you exercised your freedom of speech to spew hate against Liverpool supporters, specifically those grieving the loss of loved ones in the Hillsborough Disaster, and now you’ve payed the price for your hate. Then you have the nerve to rebuke the Scouse nation for exercising their right to free speech concerning your apparent lack of respect and common decency??!!! We’d expect nothing less from you, you arrogant p/rick!! What I really love is how Chelsea distanced themself from you, clearly clowning you in their statement(my son’s a Chelsea fan and feels that you’re a p/rick bas.terd fook, too)!! Here it is for those that havent had the pleasure….

    “We have distanced ourselves and will continue to distance ourselves from any comments that disrespect the memory of Hillsborough. We can see no benefit of giving him legitimacy by the club singling him out. Giving Mr. Cohen oxygen is the worst thing we could do. He is not a representative, nor ever has been a representative of the club.”
    But you know what gives me real pleasure???? The fact of knowing that the treatment youve received from us Scousers and the rest of the footballing world pales in comparison to the h.ell your new wife is putting you thru for opening your big mouth!!!! HAHAHAHAHA OMG Not to mention the h.ell youve put poor Kenny Hassan thru!! Youve got to feel really small right now you fookin wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao FU Steven Cohen AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SG

    I really don’t understand what you yanks are going on about? You talk about freedom of speech and then refute ours…talk about hypocrisy.

    If there were threats, they were wrong, but you’ll be talking about a minority. The type of death threats that are banded about losely whenever anyone says something controversial in the media. Thats life in the public eye for you.

    Lets not tarnish all LFC supporters with the same brush. However, we have exercised our right to boycott his show and we have exercised our rigt to ask his sponsors to boycott the show too. If they didn’t agree with our reasoning, then they would’ve stayed. They didn’t, what does that tell you.

    I for one am glad that this preacher of hate is off the air.

  • Alan, Ireland

    As for this comment from someone above, 15 – John Manchester
    Two events
    seperated by 4 years
    different country and city
    135 dead.

    Only common thread: Liverpool Football Club and their supporters. You make it sound like the police pushed those fans in there.

    Read the Taylor report and also have a look at the the findings of Heysel while your at it too of you are going to spout that shite.

    Also the author of the article should have a look at the Taylor report and then see if this muppet was funny and realise the true cause of the Hillsborough Disaster.

  • Alan, Ireland

    Florida Chris, you say you have being a Liverpool supporter for 8 years, I think you should read the Taylor report and understand what happened at Hillsborough – if you knew the history of Liverpool Football Club at all you would understand this. I have supported since the age of 7 back in 1990 just a year after Hillsborough. I didn’t know much about it at the time what it meant being so young but I immersed myself into knowing all I can about Liverpool Football Club and its history.

    Heysel and Hillsborough – tragic events that should always be remembered. The club if you look at the LFC web site, remind all supporters of these tragedies.

    Florida Chris as for Steve Cohen like Kelvin McKenzie & The S*n newspaper and even Charles Itandje before him – disrespect the 96, karma will come back and kick you in the balls.

    Liverpool supporters are the most passionate about their club and history shows this in spades. Disrespect the 96 you disrespect the FAMILIES OF THE 96, THE CLUB AND ALL ITS SUPPORTERS END OF…you should know that if not, your not a true Liverpool FC supporter.

  • Harry

    “Liverpool fans < Tossers Aug 22, 2009 at 7:29 pm Obviously Steven went a bit too far, but I really don't see why Liverpool fans can't at least understand his view point. Thousands of fans beyond capacity is just asking for trouble..." The Taylor Report, which examined the CCTV footage to count every person that went into that part of the ground, had the capacity of the stand as it should be. There weren't "thousands of fans beyond capacity". To my knowledge, the only person EVER to have suggested this is Mr Cohen: nobody in the British press has ever made such an allegation. What you are overlooking is that the stand had a history of crushes occuring, dating back over a decade or so, simply due to its poor design. In one, dozens of Spurs fans were badly injured. There were other events, too, on an almost regular basis. The stand had failed almost 20 different safety inspections. So, not overful: something that Mr Cohen "taught" you. And not safe up until then: something that Mr Cohen also told his audience. His "viewpoint" is a lie. For him to preach it as the truth, when not one shred of evidence backs up what he has to say, is disgusting. As I said in my first comment he knowingly spread this pack of lies just because of his personal hatred for Liverpool. In doing so he showed no respect for the dead (suggesting that they were to blame), for the club and its fans, or the game as a whole. I would suggest that those who think that he made any valid claims do this one simple thing: take the time to skim the conclusions of the Taylor Report (or read the whole thing, if you have that much time), and then examine how much truth there was in what Mr Cohen repeatedly said. The only person on this planet who ever claimed that 6-8,000 extra fans were to blame is Mr Cohen. What does that tell you?

  • Jarrod

    you just don’t get it… the actions taken by liverpool fans are not those of men. There actions of cowards who are so insecure with themselves it is truly sad. You honestly think Hillsborough liverpool fans aren’t partially the responsibile for the hillsbprough disaster? Guess what I’m american and I realise the 911 Is partially the fault of america!!

  • Harry

    By the way, the overcrowding occured because the actions of the police effectively funnelled all the fans into one section of the stand. The central pen was bursting beyond its limits while the side pens were relatively empty.

    If the police hadn’t made the mistakes that they made then that would not have happened, and more fans would have moved towards the side pens.

  • Jarrod

    you just don’t get it… the actions taken by liverpool fans are not those of men. There actions of cowards who are so insecure with themselves it is truly sad. You honestly think liverpool fans aren’t partially responsibile for the hillsborough disaster? Guess what I’m american and I realise that 911 Is partially the fault of america!! I’m sure that there are thousands of people across the world including bloggers and radio hosts who say that it was all our fault and that we got what was coming to us. Am i out harrassing them, or threatening their families? No.

    And to be frank the 96 themselves are in a place were they could care less about what some radio host in america says about them.[Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Michael

    This entire incident says a lot about Liverpool FC and their fan base, particularly their American fan base. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Cohen, as imperfect as he was, will be missed.

  • Chris

    I listened to the show for about five years.

    I want to separate out Steven’s dislike of Liverpool from his outbursts regarding Hillsborough. The former is acceptable, the latter was not.

    I read the Taylor Report and as much information as I could find online. I don’t know how much, if any, of this material is accurate and don’t vouch for any of it, but I accept the broad outlines as basically correct.

    The conclusion I reach regarding Hillsborough is this:

    it was a terrible tragedy caused by a confluence of factors, each of which could have been avoided. The stadium officials should not have been surprised to find that thousands of LFC supporters turned up to watch a match, and that some of them may not have had tickets. The supporters themselves should not have been surprised that the ground might be overcrowded, and (with the benefit of hindsight) should perhaps have been prepared to walk away if it looked like they could not get in safely. For me, however, it’s really down to the stadium officials to control access so as to keep the ground safe for spectators, to recognize the desperate situation the supporters were in, and to react in humane fashion. I’ve got no opinion regarding any police coverup. The deaths and injuries are enough in themselves to make this a true tragedy, and I feel deeply for the people who lost loved ones and friends that day.

    What always puzzled me is why Steven felt it necessary to discuss Hillsborough at all, and why he seemed unable to simply let it go if he could not put his point, however erroneous, across clearly.

    I had no sympathy for Steven’s complaints regarding the First Amendment. As has been pointed out elsewhere on this blog, free speech is available to everyone, and LFC supporters and others upset by Steven’s comments were well within their rights to complain to his sponsors and employers about him.

    What’s not acceptable, however, is threats of death and violence against Steven, Kenny, and others, as well as anti-Semitic language. Some people on this blog claim to want to see “proof” that such threats were uttered before they will take a position. It should be enough to say, as others on this blog have said, that if such threats were made or language used then that is deplorable and is not consistent with honoring the memory of the 96. I’m also not impressed with people who demand to see “proof” when they have nothing personally at stake. No one has threatened them with violence or death (if such threats were made) for opining that Steven is a fool (if not worse) and wrong on Hillsborough, and that his apologies came across (to me anyway) as incomplete and insincere.

    I would have hoped that some accomodation could have been made, perhaps by the show providing extensive air time to people more knowledgeable of the actual events to share their experiences, but it appears that once things reached a certain point there was no way back.

    Leaving Hillsborough aside, I thought the show was improving all the time. It had become less of a call-in show and more of a clearing house for experienced and talented football journalists. I listened to the show primarily for Tim Vickery, Bobby McMahon, Massimo de la Pegna, and the others. I think that portion of the show is going to be missed. I hope that there is a way for a daily podcast to continue bringing football people of this caliber to the air.

  • Joe G.

    Here’s the thing, and I know I’m going to be slated for it, but here it goes:
    I don’t give a toss about Hillsborough, the 96, Liverpool or any of it. Doesn’t affect me one way or another, it’s sad, I feel bad fir the families of the 96, but c’mon, they’re not the only victims who’ve perished at a game. They are no more important than anyone else that’s lost their lived, they are all important. So Liverpool fans, get off your frickin high-horse.
    What I do care about is we lost our only daily show on the beautiful game here in the states. If you’re outside the U.S., you have NO RIGHT to boycott this show.
    And I don’t care what Cohen said, nothing justifies threats. What that shows is disrespect for your club, the so-called “96” and humans everywhere that love this game.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Harry

    OK, I’ll say this once again, because some people just don’t get it…

    Mr Cohen knowingly lied about the tragic deaths of 96 people. He did it year after year after year. He did it even after he offered an “apology”.

    So forgive me if I sound cynical, why should we believe him when he say he’s received death threats? He makes things up for fun, so why assume that he’s telling the truth about this?

    All those of you rushing to condemn all Liverpool fans consider that just for a moment.

    I don’t condone any violence, ever. But I’d like to see some proof that this liar is telling the truth for once. You should too before rushing to join him in bad-mouthing others.

  • Harry

    Chris, when you’ve lied as often as Mr Cohen did then you lose people’s trust. Hence the reason why people won’t accept his claims without further details.

    When you cry wolf over and over then sooner or later people will want to see the wolf before they’ll rush to your aid.

  • Joe G.

    C’mon guys, it doesn’t matter if he lied or not. He stated that it was his opinion and I can go on any number of websites and see the same opinion or variation of it about Hillsborough.
    I’ve read some of the vitriole on fansites/forums, I’ve heard the emails he’s read, I’ve heard the people call his show.
    And to me, U.S. Liverpool supporters are way, way out of line.
    You don’t threaten someones family over an event that someone expressed an opinion over that happened years ago, unless you subscribe to terror. And those people are the same as Al Qaeda.
    Good job guys, you’ve destroyed a man’s job, business and peace of mind over something that you have NO connection to, except maybe through a website. Good job!

  • Adrian

    Try to imagine Cohen starting his show last Friday with an admission that the boycott of his show’s advertisers (which Cohen had previously claimed was having no effect!) was a magnificent success and his broadcasting career was on it’s knees. Wasn’t going to happen, was it? Far more palatable to make allegations of anti-semitism and threats to his family and raise further the hackles of his maniac cronies. Wouldn’t put it past him. He’s stooped lower.

    Let’s see the proof and, if it’s true, let’s weed out these thugs that disgrace our club.

  • Alan, Ireland

    Jarrod –

    Read the Taylor report…

    Joe G. – Liverpool supporters all over your country boycotted it – starting with the Liverpool Supporters Club Of New York. It means a lot to Liverpool supporters, unfortunately you don’t understand where we Liverpool supporters are coming from to understand how the comments of Cohen is spewing out to your footballing public about Hillsborough. Have a look at the Taylor report to see the exact cause of the issue which was squarely put upon the Yorkshire Metropolitian Police.

    Football as you know it today would have not being in terms of stadia wise only for the Taylor report, as the recommendations not only set a precident for football stadia in the UK but across the rest of Europe and the World as the likes of UEFA and then FIFA incorporated those policies into their constitutions.

  • Alan, Ireland


    In the central pens it was overcrowded you knob due to the incompetence of the police and the Taylor report specifically says this. The CCTV footage went missing even though the person who set up the PA and Security systems prior to the game said there was CCTV footage pointing directly at the pens but where did the video go – vanished, the police knew what they did was the height of incompetence.

    Once the British Government release the files of the Hillsborought disaster you will see what happened.

    Look up Anne Williams, this women lost her fifteen year old son, you was still alive after the 3.15 cut off point which was a fuckin joke.

    A lot of you yanks really need to read up on the Hillsborough Disaster before commenting again because you clearly just don’t understand not living what happened in the real world over 20 years ago.

    JFT 96
    RIP to the people you have lost their lives in Munich, Ibrox and Heysel.

  • Dave

    Us “Yanks” really don’t care about Hillsborough, it was a terrible tragedy that no one wanted to see happen, but it was over 20 years ago and had nothing to do with us. If I never had to hear about it again, it would please me.

    It all could have been avoided in the 1st place if football supporters of the time didn’t need to be caged like animals, something you never see in America. However, one trip to RAWK and you will see why the cages were needed, people who act like animals need to be treated like ones. Go celebrate the end of WSD, just like you did your captain “twatting” a DJ.

  • Joe G.

    Alan, I can appreciate the importance if the tragedy to Liverpool fans, but seriously, it’s only important to LFC fans. I don’t give a toss about it. It’s not even the worst soccer tradgedy to ever happen, but that shouldn’t matter.
    And I understand that there are a fair number of ex-pats living in this country, and some are LFC fans, but their number is dwarfed by the number of WSD listeners there were. And those LFC fans who care, know or were personally affected by Hillsborough are even smaller still.
    I really think a lot of this is fake outrage and more spurned on by those with a personal vendetta against Steven Cohen.
    In the end, it’s us Americans who’ve lost. Congratulations.

  • Harry

    Dave, people like you amaze me.

    If you think that stupidity is the domain only of football, and furthermore only of Liverpool fans, then you are sadly mistaken.

    I can point out many incidents where NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and even US college sports fans have acted like animals.

    But just because a handful have behaved badly at some point in time does that make it right for me to write them off forever?

    Every sports team in the world has a minority of idiotic fans, Liverpool are no exception.

    But read some of the comments above and you will find it’s the people who’ve come to attack Liverpool who are guilty of poor judgement here, which is why their posts are the ones from which that the Comments Editor is having to remove personal attacks.

    Mr Cohen lied. He lied again and again. He knew he was lying. We know he was lying. His behaviour, generally, was very erratic, and that’s putting it midly.

    So tell me again why people should believe the liar?

    If there were any threats then send the evidence to the police. Threatening to take someone’s life is a crime, and if it crosses state boundaries it’s a federal one.

    If a crime was committed then why hasn’t anybody acted on it? Perhaps because it was another of Mr Cohen’s lies?

  • Harry

    “74 – Joe G.
    Aug 23, 2009 at 10:32 am

    I really think a lot of this is fake outrage and more spurned on by those with a personal vendetta against Steven Cohen.”

    I think it was Mr Cohen who displayed the vendetta. How else can you explain his constant vitriol, much less his unique version of history?

  • Joe G.

    I don’t think you can say “vendetta”. He was very forthright, honest and open about his dislike for Liverpool FC. He said time and time again it wasn’t all LFC fans he disliked, just made jokes about those who opened themselves up for comedy. It was radio and no one took it seriously.

    Now, “vendetta” can be said about those who went after Cohen for his opinion.

    I ask the question: if WSD came back, with Kenny and a different host, but still owned by Steven Cohen, will those “offended” LFC fans still boycott?

  • Mack

    The comment of #1 Horace is pretty pathetic. Yes brainiac it is all a hoax. I’m sure the FBI will think so too. I had no axe to grind with Liverpool one way or the other. Now I hope Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton kick their asses on a regular basis. As for the fans, what can you expect from a group that robs from its own players.

    I will now consider Celtic the sole owner of YNWA as these Liverpool “fans” by action and comment show it is a farce when they sing it.

  • LFC Hater

    Liverpool fans have shown themselves to be the muppets they truly are.

    Are we really to believe lfc fans that the clubs fans bare no responsibility for hillsboro? Really? Obviously the people who died don’t bear responsibility, but the LFC fans who crushed them do. Just like Istanbul ’07 though, someone else’s fault.

    And I’m sure you have wondered why Rick Perry had such a hard time marketing your club globally. Is it really any wonder with a fanbase of world class twats such as yourself that any nuetral fan around the world would not want to join? Do you know what people think of you worldwide? You ARE hurting your club.

    And finally LFC fans, you can sing all you like about the dead busby babes on the runway or moan on and on about whatever weak cause you up with next, but the fact remains: Manchester United, or no other respectable club’s fans have killed each other. Liverpool’s fans have done it twice. That blood will always stain your hands LFC supporters, no matter how hard you try to scrub it off by destroying someone else.

    [gratuitous vulgarity deleted]

  • Adrian

    “I will now consider Celtic the sole owner of YNWA as these Liverpool “fans” by action and comment show it is a farce when they sing it.”

    OH GOD, please no Mack, anything but that!!!!!

    No doubt the FBI would be interested if Cohen reported the alleged threats or anti-semitism. He hasn’t yet, perhaps because he fears they can’t be substantiated.

  • Mike

    I disagreed with what Cohen said, but I think everyone that got him off the air are morons. Look at how you all are attacking the author of this blog. Idiots.

  • luca

    cohen is the devil – cohen is satan – cohen is worse than hitler – cohen is a terrible human being…..
    i don’t know the man and didn’t always agree with him but i enjoyed his show. looks like i won’t get to enjoy it anymore.
    he’s decided to quit his job, are the people who wanted him to get off the air happy or are you gonna really try and physically hurt him and his family? why stop now right?

  • Alan, L.A.

    WSD was a great show! I hope it comes back tomorrow! I disagreed with Steven often(Heck, I disagree with Howard Stern even more often). He can be pretty darn shocking and insulting! But his show sure was entertaining and informative! What a huge loss for all of us who love soccer in America!

  • Joe G.

    I believe he did report the matter to the FBI and they continue to look into the matter.
    One thing for the thugs to remember, any crime committed against him will now become a Federal matter and will fall under “Hate Crime” category.
    That’s the most shocking thing about this whole thing. Steven is a good American, he served in the Army and votes in presidential elections. More than what I can say for most Americans.
    C’mon Villa, crush Liverfool.
    To those who led this personal vendetta against Steven, you are responsible for the hate, the anti-semitism, the loss of our only daily soccer show, the disgust of most people towards your club and now the antipathy of the Hillsborough tragedy.
    Way to seek justice, way to honor.

  • thatsyliverpoolsux

    To all you Cohen haters, we have the right to agree to disagree. I despise Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly (who by the way practically called for the murder of the abortion doctor in Kansas a few months ago, but he is still on the air, so please relax) and Fox News Channel. What do I do? NOT WATCH IT. NO one is forcing you to listen to him, but to attack him on a personal level is wrong. So stop being hypocrites and relax, Liverpool and all people who hate Cohen influenced in a way to rid of fans like myself and other American soccer fans of a show that had something no one else had, passion for soccer. Good job and watch as we see soccer go back to what it is in this country, a niche sport.

  • Lokibeat

    Wow. Quite a chorus. Unfortunately it doesn’t sway me. Tim Vickery I think did clarify it for me. What Steven said as a journalist is unethical. However, and perhaps this is what is missed. This is the country that has the Birther movement for crying out loud. Steven as a DJ has a right to voice his opinion as ill-informed and stupid as he wants it. Unfortunately Ina business that sensitive to advertiser influence he put his foot in his mouth. He’s paid the price. And unfortunately his fans who can actually think for themselves (if you can bring yourselves to believe it) must find another outlet. I believed LFC fans were getting short shrift from steven but the responses here tell me that perhaps there was a kernel of truth, not re: Hillsborough but re: the reaction. For the guy who said todays show was censored. Go out and create a show so you can air your perspective. Not so easy, eh? And if you do, don’t bother telling me about cuz I’m not interested.

  • ArsenalFC4ever

    It’s one thing to attack someone for what they said. It’s another when you go after a man’s family. No sports fan should condone or accept this. Supporters groups should band together and engage in a worldwide boycott of LFC and everyone that stands to benefit from supporting LFC.

  • Izo’o

    My only complaint is we wont get to hear a true football fans view on liverpool getting relagated this year … 96 was never enough.

  • Ethan

    This is a tough subject it always well be;there are strong feelings on both sides. I am going to start off by saying this, I have never lost any one close to me because of a great tragedy . I feel sorry for the 96 that died. I feel sorry for any one that dies in general losses are hard especially for people you care about or that you knew.

    That said, I really don’t care about the disaster any more. We have learned what we have need to learn from that. Because of past stadium collapses. The chances that these tragedy repeating themselves are very low in England. The sad part about events like that is maybe the only thing we can do is learn from them. We still have problems, Ie the recent Ivory Coast disaster that killed 22 and injured some where in the hundreds. Which besides WSD every other program I listed to had it as kind of a passing note. In general though there has been great strides in stadium safety.

    Was Cohen, right? don’t know don’t care, he had the right to say an opinion. Listen to Sirus sometimes there is a lot worse that is said. Were the supporter clubs wrong for email sponsors saying they will not buy the product if the advertise on WSD. They have every right to do that that’s the glorious part of free speech. Someone can say something and the other people can say shut up. If the threats were physical or violent in anyway. If there is proof especially about the kids these people should be sent straight to prison do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars. I will not hate Liverpool fans, because most of them were probably innocent of that crime. I do not like the Supporter’s groups that did this and I don’t like L.F.C. For not coming out and saying we do not condone this. They are acting has their own individuals.

    Its just sad to me that America has lost a soccer/football voice. A voice in that it was a show for American’s to call in and share their opinions about a game that is growing in the country. Weather you like it or not I know WSD, had at least a small part in the growth of the game in the country. The only other phone in show (that I know of) for American’s now is Fox Football Fone in. Which quite frankly I don’t want to bother to watch because I don’t care that much for Webby or Wynalda. Heck, I didn’t even watch it when Cohen was on there because I just didn’t care half the time. Right now, for audio voices we have a few podcast, probably the biggest one is EPL talk which is alright I guess but not exactly the voice of the fans. Today, I will be fine good podcast. Thursday and Friday, I should be ok because more podcast. Come Tuesday though, I am going to be stuck listening to talk about the Detroit Lions, Tigers and maybe a little bit of Hockey talk. That or Colin Cowherd because there will be nothing to listen to about soccer. Better start watching more American Football I guess.

    In the end going back, I remember a few things when the anniversary shows were happening it comes from 2 different podcast. The first one being Kenny just telling Cohen to drop it because something of that matter will always be a touchy subject. Cohen could never understand or feel for that the other was I think the Guardian. Basically they had a special with none of the regulars but then they do one with the regulars and basically they said to address the elephant in the room, sad for the loss, we don’t know anything new or anything to say lets move on.

  • charles


    I ask the question: if WSD came back, with Kenny and a different host, but still owned by Steven Cohen, will those “offended” LFC fans still boycott?”

    In a word NO.

    This was never about WSD, it was about Cohen and his bigoted lies and his slurring of 96 dead football fans (repeated in varous forms since 2006). In fact Cohen taking a back seat as Nick Geber (when he left to play poker) did was i believe on the table when Mark Sawyer-a UCLA Professor stepped in and attempted to mediate a reconciliation.

    That failed because (as others have mentioned) Steven was unable to provide any substantive evidence as to the death threats and anti semetic emails. This was asked for so that the offender(s) could be named, shamed and handed onto the authorities. Something Steven Cohen had already claimed on air that he had been to the FBI and RCMP and reported.

    His crying wolf, false apologies and the like led to him being asked to prove his ‘allegations’, LFCNY despite waiting nearly a month for an answer received none.

    Steven Cohen chose to take WSD down with him. His supporters should be asking him, why he couldn’t have kept his gob shut (remembering that he’s done this for three years), apologised and meant it or even hired a new host. Instead he chose to take the show off the air.HIS CHOICE

  • Mack

    #80 Adrian

    Cohen already said they were being investigated. It is not the hardest thing in the world to trace Facebook or Twitter posts. Leave it to these Einsteins to leave an internet or mobile phone audit trail.

    Gear up for another season of not winning the EPL – Enjoy it

    #88 Izo

    Why would you say that? Lowering yourself to the level of those LFC supporters who sing about the Munich air disaster.

  • Winthrop


    Why didn’t you and the rest of the Liverpool fans that disagreed with his statement stop listening to his show? Instead you created an enviroment that forced a man to shut down his business for fear of harm to his family.

  • Frank

    I was a regular listener of World Soccer Daily for the last 2 years or so, I’m American, and I consider myself a very informed and devoted follower of football.

    That said, I probably disagreed with about 75% of what Cohen said on all topics. Additionally, it was always a pet peeve of mine whenever I called in and when I have a point to make he interrupts me, or anyone else. You knew it was about the money for the countless times he cut callers off because of the scheduled “commercial breaks.”

    I’m not going to say I always knew more than Cohen, but I never thought he was accurate about a lot of things. Unfortunately, I don’t have a show to call into and debate my opinions anymore.

    Cohen should have shown far more sincerity in his apologies and the faction of Liverpool fans could have found a more peaceful means of protesting his opinion. Simple as that.

  • Izo’o

    Ok sry I really didnt mean it but its a disgrace that it came to this. Frankly I couldnt stand stephens views sometimes but at least he would let us call in and say it. Its sad when you put it as you said it,it drove me to bring myself down to LFC fan level and for that I’ll never forgive LFC supporters in their Commi Red

  • Disappointed Gooner

    the amount of liverpool losers commenting on this blog and helping to smear against cohen should be comical, if it werent so sad – these losers have nothing better to do with their lives than try and unseat a show that brings happiness and joy to millions of listeners all around the world, especially the united states.

    that some of these losers have even gone so far as to say he should be in the gutter is disgusting and, really, proves his point. sure, his comments were off-mark. they were stupid and i thought less of him after making them. still, his show was not biased against liverpool; rather, his best friend is a liverpool fan and i found it extremely neutral as an arsenal fan.

    i hope all you liverpool losers (not all liverpool fans are losers, of course, but those that smear against this show instantly qualify) someday get a clue. this is not a victory for the 96 victims’ families. this is a victory for anger, bitterness, evil, and the devil.

  • Villa wins

    Charles, get a grip. Get off your soapbox and realize your cause is pathetic. You just took away a show that brought happiness to Americans everywhere out of your own bitter agenda. You think this is a victory? Wow. You have an extremely twisted viewpoint if so. Your solution was for Steven to have apologized and kept his mouth shut for three years? Yeah, that is what America is all about. Don’t give your opinion if it clashes with Liverpool fans’ ideas – because we know they have such educated, well-informed, intelligent viewpoints…like kicking a show off the air means a victim for 96 dead people. Disgusting.

  • Eastside Gooner

    I have trolled the internet over the weekend and all I can say is that it never should have come to all of this hatred, from both sides.

    I have been listening to WSD for 6+ years, and although I listen to every other podcast on football, this show had something truly unique in format. The guests in the last year have been amazing. Graham Hunter and so many others have me drooling for a spectacle I don’t get to live on a daily basis, by being at one of these homes of football, like London, Paris, Rio,Madrid etc.

    I would like to note the two page letter of apology from July 16th, 2009 from WSD. For Liverpool fans I see this as the be all and end all of the apologies. I have rarely heard Hillsborough mentioned at all lately, correct me if I am wrong but no need to slate me if I am not accurate. Also I would like to see a few items procured from Steven Cohen’s side as well about the abuse. I have no doubt about it, as many others associated with the show have attested to receiving threats. I don’t think it’s all just made up to please one man’s ego. I also would say that plenty of Steven’s views I thought were inane and groundless. And although he tried to draw a line under it and move on, I think HE would have benefitted from direct discussion with LFC supporters.

    With all of this escalating in the last few months I would have liked both sides to take the opportunity to shed light on those not as informed on the subject, and allow this discussion to lead to other areas that still cause harm to the game.

    There should have been a round table discussion LIVE in studio with Steven, and a a select few that have run the boycott from LFC, with Kenny as a moderator. Let the fans call in and ask questions of both sides. I feel that more positive outcomes could have been reached. Now I feel the gap has widened. All this slander has created a huge dissolution among American football fans. And with so many fans from other countries now residing here as well, they have a lot to relay about these clubs, in both the good and bad.

    I am super bummed and really just want to hear Kenny have his own show and find one or two other people to be commentators with him, and bring it to the next level. Those of us who are caught between all of this truly deserve it in this country.

    Roll on the new season, regardless.

  • Jason

    Liverpool fans sicken me in the way that they blame everyone else for the death of 96. The bottom line is they were killed by their own and their collective guilt is what leads to them continually try to blame others. They also killed 39 innocent supporters at Heysel. They are a disgrace and should just let the 96 lie in peace instead of continually using them to try and absolve their own guilt. The fact that they react so badly to anyone questioning them is an obvious pointer to their own feelings of guilt and inadequacy

  • Mike

    I just had a thought…
    Before all of this madness started, before Steven said what he said, what could he possibly have stood to gain by making those comments. Do you think he was trying to cause controversy to gain listeners? What was his motivation? Couldn’t it just be that he was stating his opinion, however true or misguided?
    WSD taught me so much about the beautiful game, including that Hillsboro even happened. Tragic, truly tragic. I do believe that there are many out there like me who are relatively new to following the game that listened faithfully to WSD. I had really admired Liverpool’s history, the aura, the stadium, the whole legend. This incident, whether isolated to a few fans or supporters groups, has really put LFC in a bad light. It really ended up proving a lot of what Steven said about LFC fans, that I had disagreed with before all of this started.
    I’m so disappointed. Thanks alot…

  • your all delerious

    They hate spewed on here shows the ignorance and small Mindedness of liverpool supporters THIS IS AMERICA NOT NAZI GERMANY [Edited].you are all proving steven right. FUCK LIVERPOOL

  • Shane

    Liverpool played 3 lost 2

  • Felicia

    I don’t condone threats to his family and self (if they truly exist), and I hope they prosecute those if found guilty. I’m a woman and an Arsenal fan and have no particular favor for Liverpool, however that team has a very large fan base internationally and Cohen showed nothing but contempt for those fans repeatedly. You can’t do this and expect it not to come back to you. He has made many puerile and idiotic comments in the past, including sexist remarks, unnecessary statements regarding Liverpool and other inflammatory statements. He’s repeatedly made those sensationalist comments presumably for ratings thinking that he can say whatever he wants, about whoever he wants, whenever he wants. All I can say at this point is that you reap what you sow. It finally caught up to him.

  • Felicia

    And for the fans upset about losing the show… I’d say don’t worry. Someone else will soon fill that void. We can do much better than Cohen.

  • Jeff

    The comments to this blog post speak for themselves, don’t they? You boys are really doing Liverpool proud. [Edited]

  • 612Steve

    An opinion is just that. I am glad we have this public forum on which you can voice your opinions, no matter how much I may disagree with them. Sometimes, when a person is given enough rope to hang themselves, their lack of understanding becomes clear. That is true of both sides of this argument.

  • Steve

    I am glad we have this public forum to discuss our differences. I may not agree with your opinions, and find some of them offensive, but it is interesting to read what you have to say.

  • Nik farthing

    What a shame that was a great show.

  • robert jackson

    the lack of intelligence tha tseesm to rule the world today, is no more in evidence than what is contained in some of the posts against Cohen and WSD. I really have to laugh, more in shame really, that there are actually people that ignorant, that stupid, that uneducated in 2009 to post what they have on here !!
    SHAME !!

  • Kris

    Clearly North American LFC supporter branches read the article, then sent out an all out alert to post as many negative comments on here as possible. I find it narrow minded and ignorant they downplay any plausible chance that threats had been made against Cohen. LFC supporters are certainly well organized for that they deserve credit, they swarm to web posts like packs of ravenous sharks. All I can say is I hope fair minded Americans dont associate the rest of the soccer community with these [Edited].

  • BillyBob

    Liverpool will finish outside the top 4 this year. Forget about WSD…your team is shite!

  • It’s fucking unbelievable. I guess football fanaticism is the only way these people know how to effectively escape reality.

    Great show, Brits. Just look in the mirror to see who you really are.

  • TC

    Cohen didn’t “lie” you morons; he expressed an opinion. Just because something is written in an “official” report doesn’t make it off limits to debate. More than a few such reports have been politically influenced. Pathetic.

  • ShaneN

    I’m sure if any of you Liverpool supporters could keep a steady train of thought going for two hours you could have your own radio show to refute Steven’s comments, but then you would have to stop robbing your own player’s homes long enough to figure out radio broadcasting basics.

    Get over yourselves. Plenty of other clubs, mine included, have horrible tragedies in their past. The difference is we don’t wrap ourselves up in it every time we feel threatened. I hope you wait another 20 years before even sniffing a title.

  • Great show, Brits. Just look in the mirror to see who you really are.

    Roger, I’m pretty sure that most of the people who’ve commented on this thread are North American, not British.

    I don’t know about my compatriots, but I’m cringing at most of the comments here. Hillsborough was English football’s 9/11. Whether you’re a Liverpool fan or not, we were all Scousers that day.

  • ShaneN

    Just to clarify, I am a Rangers supporter. My great-grandfather was at Ibrox on 5 April 02. A cousin of mine was all of 15 feet away from stairway 13 in 71. We share common horrors in our past, though not from common circumstances. But we respect our dead; we don’t use them as a shield for any criticism directed at our club.

    You know, your captain is out getting in fist fights with pub managers, the big three are running laps around you as a brand, your owners could give two sh*ts about the debt they’ve saddled your club with, you spend hours waxing poetic about your precious New Anfield that will never see the light of day, and you haven’t won a league in a generation. Maybe spend a bit more time and effort getting your own ship in order, eh? Your kind has done a great disservice to the game in America. Enjoy it, perhaps even have a toast over a drink the next time you’re ransacking one of your very own players homes you classless scumbags.

  • southy

    ive been a Liverpool fan for 30 yrs and i’ve listen to WSD daily for the past 2. i found him to be bias against LFC and most of his callers sounded like they where bandwagon MAN UTD fans who where new to the game and rarely disagreed with him. with all that, i listened every chance i got. most of what he said was rubbish( like man utd will wipe the floor with barca) but being from a country where football is gospel(jamaica) and not having any other choice i will miss his show. i dont believe his reasons for ending the show though. i think he was losing sponsors. well i’ll just listen to spoony on 5 live

  • Craig

    Wow reading all these comments is living proof that the Liverpool fans are the biggest douchebags in the world! Seriously, grow a backbone and deal with the fact that people are allowed to disagree with your myopic feelings. His words NEVER physically harmed anyone… move on you douchebags!

  • pete

    I am not sure if the Liverpool fans are British or US born, but the statements are indicative of the current world we live in.

    For all of you that are for banning and censoring, just look at the beloved UK. Cameras on every corner and political correctness to the umpteenth level. I certainly do not want that in this country.

    Be grownups about it and do what I did with Jim Rome. His venom for football (soccer) made me turn him off. Did I boycott, threaten…no. I did what any normal freedom loving person would do, switch him off.
    By the way, this guy Cohen is not a journalist. He is a radio/tv personality with an opinion. So, if we cannot deal with opinions then welcome to the big black boots of tyranny.
    If someone talks badly about Liverpool and Liverpool FC and it result in death threats and this type of passion….wow…you need to get a grip on reality and figure out what is important in life. It aint football mate. Use your energy and anger and direct it to something more worthwhile. Maybe boycott and pester the bankers that ripped the world off. Or maybe the politicians that are selling us down the river. Get your heads out your arses and join the real world before there is no more football.

  • Dreadful, #114

    You may be right I may have misspoken. I just wouldn’t assume such dedication to football on the part of the North American crowd.

  • Great comment, Pete.

  • Roger, just remember that the article was written in response to an incident on an American radio soccer show.

  • Gotcha!

  • Liverpool waaah, waaah, waaaah.. STFU with your crap from outside the US. I dont give a crap about your problems and perceived slights. Everyone gets insulted over something.. The muslims get insulted over freaking cartoons and we humour them, the jews get offended at insinuations left and right…enough!! Leave your ethnic and religious bickerimg, your vendettas and blood feuds and all that old world bullshit. I want to watch futbol and enjoy the beautiful game.

    THere are tons of UK podcast, few from the US. By far the best that covers both domestic and european leagues and im more than pissed that some limeys geting insulted (wait till I get started on the horsefaced royal parasites!) managed to get the best US radio soccer show to go off air.

    Thank god that like vampire and herpes…. theyre BACK!!! Actually, its World Football Daily and it seems like theyve gone more online, with skype calls and more live webcams on Ustream.

    Dont care about any of that other crap from another country. I want to know what happens in futbol in the US and abroad and they are the best at doing that.

    Name me ONE decent audio/podcast option to WSD/WFD on a DAILY BASIS.
    There isnt anything even remotely close.

    Bite me Liverpool fans. Go USA.

    Vladimir Escobedo Kurva

  • Jay

    Freedom of Speech is alive and well…now at World Football Daily. The Scouser, SS Army thought they had seen the end of WSD…they haven’t. The idea that one’s opinion, right or wrong, could lead to this is unfortunate. Glenn Beck has lost nearly every sponsor he had yet he is no closer to leaving the airwaves. Why? because even with 0 sponsors, he gets 3 million followers to tune in to hear his racist rants. Yes, even a vile individual like Glenn Beck is protected by free speech. His opinions will continue on even with less dollars flowing in from sponsors. Soccer in the country has grown and thanks to ESPN, is on the verge of becoming force in America. (yes, that’s been said before) We all have Steven Cohen and WSD to thank for that. Good luck Steven and Kenny

  • NewcastleFan

    Peter Small, Rob Hodges, Richard Cardiff, Shane Ireland, etc? What pathetic and lazy pseudonyms. All those hysterical postings and more were obviously written by the same one or two people, blinkered and hateful chaps DESPERATE to make it appear like the world was arrayed against WSD and Cohen.

    The truth? A few hateful enemies of free speech managed to terrorize Cohen and his family till they got the Pyrrhic victory they sought: the show off the air. Now that their witchhunt has borne fruit, they can sit in a pub and toast each other. Meanwhile, America’s only daily football broadcast goes dark. Stern, Jim Rome, Rush Limbaugh are all leagues more controversial, but they stay on the air. But Cohen had to be stopped!

    YNWA. Justice for the 96. Bollocks!

    As for those animals who now, in an attempt to justify activities that constitute terrorism, claim that Cohen fabricated the threats, and further claim they have searched public records and find no evidence of police reports so Cohen must be a liar, you are all despicable cretins.

    For the record, I love my footie and was glad to have WSD. But I wasn’t particularly a fan of Cohen’s. He was intemperate, his animus against Liverpool seemed unnecessarily personal, and as a host I could take him or leave him. But to suggest that he MUST be muzzled for his sins is hysterical nonsense.

    America. A country where you can disagree peacably with whomever you like. A country where you can boycott a show’s sponsors, though that was an act I thought both extreme and unproductive. (If you don’t like him, don’t listen, mate.)

    When you start terrorizing people and their families, when you bombard them with slurs and threats and go after their children, you should find another place to live.

    I suggest Liverpool.

  • Chris

    Hey – Newcastle Fan – You said his Animus against Liverpool seemed unecessarily personal – so he gets all hurt and offended when they take it personally? We get called Dippers we get called robbers and a hundred worse names, we say “And?”

    But – as Cohen has learned to his cost – to present OPINION as FACT to a listenership that he knows hang on his every word because he assumes they know no better gets him into trouble.

    I would personally like to see Cohen gone from the airwaves forever. He wont be but the victory is hardly Pyrrhic. He will only be listened to by those who pay to listen, he no longer has the platform to spout his rubbish – about all aspects of the game.

    Just because he was the only gig in town doesn’t mean he was the best. He is, at best, the worst kind of fan in the pub after the match who spouts what he hears on the TV as his own opinion – because he never made it to the match itself.

    The Man is an Idiot. I hope a better show comes to syndicated TV / Radio to show you all what an uninformed Idiot Cohen really is.

  • americankeeper

    I don’t know enough about the 96 disaster to have an opinion. I do know that I have enjoyed the show. Sometimes Steven is a knucklehead and sometimes insightful. In all cases though the reaction of the liverpool supporters is over the top. Disagree with him, OK, threats or even contact with his kids is just too much. Those folks should be ashamed.

    Support your club but the vitriol expressed by the liverpool fans is far bayond support. It is fanaticism much like that shown by extremeists around the world today. that extremism leads to violence so maybe Steven is on the mark

  • Tom

    It appears some people threatened family members and intimidated children as part of this “boycott.”

    It is incomprehensible that so many people here are less than outraged about that.

  • Machuga

    Cohen should have vented his dislike of LFC fans using Heysel as an example. Because no LFC fan group could have questioned that Liverpool fans were responsible.

  • Jay

    I loved the show, I know exactly how you feel.. Going to miss those guys.

  • Patrick

    Whoever thinks that Cohen is a journalist is just ridiculous, he is a commentator whose job is to give his opinion. No matter how wrong or misinformed it is, just his opinion. Now if Tom Brokaw did the same thing, that would be wrong. If Sean Hannity does it, it is just his opinion and really is your responsibility to find out the truth. So go find out the truth and let everyone know it with all the time you have spent forming boycotts, or better yet spend that time and energy helping support the families of the 96. But that probably makes too much sense, and no one dies at American sporting events…period. Welcome to America, now leave us alone.

  • Mattchester United

    I listened to the show for about 3 years. I stopped a few months before the end of the EPL season last year. It became too much. I couldn’t handle the attitude of Steven or Kenny as their arrogance grew with the show popularity and increase of guest appearances. I’ve played this game since I was a six year old boy. It was apparent that Steven had no idea what he was talking about in terms of the game itself. He struggled to comment when Kenny and the other guests would talk about player ability, tactics etc. He focused on the drama of the game and the show was more of a tabloid than anything. It became too gross to listen to. As I’ve grown older I have decided to stop listening to people who are speaking about things they have never done, like Steven and playing soccer./football (for you British snobs). When I recently tuned in to FFF on Fox and noticed Steven was not hosting I knew immediately why. How can one say as much as he did about Liverpool fans and be appalled by people responding the way they did? Should they threaten his life or children? No way but he only wanted the 1st amendment to work for him and not others. In a way he himself was practicing anti-Semitism. And not for nothing, after listening to his attitudes and stories about his life I don’t think it would be unfair to question his relationship with God. I say that because I heard him trash anything and anyone associated with spirituality all the time which is another reason I stopped listening. I used to pray for him while I was listening because I knew he had a tremendous influence on his listeners, especially the folks who were up and coming in terms of their fan-hood in the sport and hung on Stevens every word. Steven was bad publicity for the game and I’m not surprised to hear the show had been dropped.

  • Gerry Binks

    Cohen was kept on a leash when he was teamed with Nick Geber on both the radio and TV show on Fox. When Geber left (most likely forced out by Cohen), Cohen went “postal”. His real inner self came out. The man should just not be in the media. He is a fraud and a bigot. Maybe Geber (the nice Jew) can now give up his poker gig and start a new football show for us all.

  • Goumeboute?

    Cohen was the MAN!!!
    You all LFC supporters enjoy europa next season HAHA!!!
    You suck! Hope you keep rafa forever!!!

  • Phil Kirwin

    Be interesting to see if this viewpoint has changed in light of the truth we Scouser knew for years being revealed.