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World Press Photo Award 2004

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Last night I saw coverage of pictures that won the World Press Photo Award 2004 on the television and just looked them up again on the BBC web site.

The pictures chosen are usually snapshots that freeze an important moment in human history and records it for posterity. The entries cover some of the dramatic occurrences that we all witnessed and lived through in 2004.

The photographs are a clarion call for the work still left to be done so that each and every human being actually experiences the rights guaranteed by our United Nations charter.

Let us look at them and re-commit ourselves to BEING love, wisdom and peace as our daily lives unfold. Let us in our own small ways help those with whom we interact daily understand that freedom, adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and abundance are rights of every human being.

The pictures invite us to take on the personal responsibility to be a cause for the transformation of consciousness in our individual spheres, we cause ripple-effect transformation on our entire planet.

Self help for self only, without a vision of a world that works for all, is personal achievement in a vacuum, built on sand and lacking long term security.

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  • Sweet. I don’t think people truly understand the power of photography over moving imagery. That may be a bad, snobby way to say it. But what I mean is that something is captured forever, and there is an interaction there with the vision of the photographer, the subjects and the viewer.

    And most of all photos are real, reflecting not actors in a scene but real life people or nature in a scene.

    alt.photos.original (Newsgroup) shows a lot of striking images – as well as tedious scenes of Denmark’s canals). The occasional nude, too – nothing you’d be afraid to show at work, though.

    Then there’s my burgeoning efforts at casagrandephotos.com (which forwards to my site, do not be alarmed). Except all photos there are taken with a $100 digital. I really need to upgrade.

  • Eric Olsen

    “a slice of reality frozen in time” and all of that – remember this: it wasn’t the moving images on TV that caused the enormous uproar regarding Nipplegate. It was the still pictures spread all over the Internet and shown over and over again on cable TV

  • Angela, these photos are essential to our understanding of these events. They speak volumes and express in sight, what none of us could express without being in the same place and time. From the Brethern of Ohio to the loss of life in Iraq they are both foreign and familiar at the same time.
    ZZ Bachman / ZardozZ News & Satire Portal

  • Temple, didn’t realise u’re a photographer… thanks for the links… glorious sky/cloud shot on yr site… who’s the older person, thought a man first but then feels female, in the Lucas gallery sub-group?

    Eric, yes, the visual touches something deep within us all. We have witnessed how the power of the visual propels people’s involvment in issues that previously they never related to in any meaningful way.

    ZZ.. u’re welcome.

  • Yeah i love that cloud shot. it’s rght behind where i work adn i tok when i decided to walk hme form work one early friday evening

    I’m a reporter who also takes photographs. Did take photographs for the first six or seven years of my career. That means the last year I’ve had photographers to take 90 percen tof my shots. I’ve always been told I have a good eye, and I like to think I do, but I know that I like a lot of what I take. so thsanks for enjoying it, too.

    Ken Lucas took those other photos, of the old woman. He’s not famous – it’s just a hobby of his. I’ve been asking him for descriptions of what the heck is going on in his photos, but he hasn’t told me.

  • Great… enjoy the photography… I MUST take that up sometime before I hit 190 or so…

    Old lady is a beautiful shot… lots of stories in her lines…

    Thanks for sharing, Temple.