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World Of Warcraft Woes Continue

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Keeping up with 6-million-plus players can’t be an easy thing — so Blizzard Entertainment continues to find out with its World of Warcraft title.

A new problem with the wildly popular title has been reported. This time it centers on billing issues. It seems the company’s billing system has gone on the blink, causing some accounts to be put in the inactive file since their credit cards can’t be charged. What’s worse — some players are saying — the customer service lines are so clogged, they can’t get through to solve the problem.

All of this is adding to the frustration of some players, who are now threatening to cancel their accounts. A post has appeared on WoW’s forums from company officials explaining the problem and how to fix it.

We are aware that accounts that renewed around April 20th and 21st were not charged and players cannot get into the game,” the posting said. “We have a workaround for the problem. It requires you to ‘refresh’ your payment options by placing it in the system again. Note that you will not get double charged.”

The Blizzard post then proceeds to spell out the specifics of the steps required to reactive players’ inactive accounts. If those steps don’t work, the post continues, players should call a toll-free number for support.

But players are angry about the latest problem and are saying so.

“This doesn’t work and the phone doesn’t work and I can’t even cancel the account,” wrote a player called Edar on the forums. “This is ridiculous. I am finished with this game. This was really the last straw.”

Source: CNET News.com

Although it’s the biggest MMORPG going, WoW has faced a lot of problems in its relatively short history. Not only are there billing issues, there have also been server logjams, discrimination complaints and more.

This latest round of problems will, it seems, make the title lose a few players, but with over 6 million, will Blizzard even notice?

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About Igniq

  • Yea, i cancelled my WoW account because if the constant server problems, but now i wanna come back…the games to addicting.

  • The dark side of something extremely popular. This is always the case.

  • Lumpy

    The problem with WoW is the intolerance and basic selfishness of the dominant player culture. It’s all about what group you get in with and playing ‘nice’ and it’s unfun and boring as hell.

  • this suycks

    WTF when i try to make a new account it doesnt exsept my phone number!!

  • Frustrated

    Still being charged after cancelled months ago, now even though I have not used it, they have been charging my credit card account anyways, they send me an email that said they dont do refunds, BUT I DIDNT EVEN AUTHORIZE THE CHARGES, im gonna complain to my card company and call it a merchant dispute. They said im supposed to get a confirmation email that said my credit card information is deleted, I didnt get this email the first time i cancelled. I checked all over my inbox and nothing received. Although I cancelled through the steps on the screen.

  • Rob

    I just purchased WoW…foolishly perhaps. I played the trial and though the servers were almost constantly being rebooted (hours of game time lost based on my availability) and patches being performed (even more time lost, perhaps I should have seen the light then..) the game itself was really quite good so I went for it!

    I started in Area 52 and brought a character to level 20 during the demo so of course I decided to pursue that realm…

    There was never….not once ever a delay in getting in during the time I played the demo, clearly this denotes that Blizzards gives priority to the demo players in order to establish” no wait times”. Since then I usually land 1000+ in the que which is almost always over an hour wait or in other words:

    I pay money to play a game online (going online is also a service I also pay money for… to wait for at least 1 hour!!) Worse yet, often when I decide to tab out I frequently crash while waiting and of course it is usually when I am nearing the end of my wait that this happens!

    My best advice is don’t get suckered in as I did and if you are already with them…fight until they make things right!

  • Well the lag problems have been fixed just by spreading out players into unpopulated servers. The game is EXTREMELY addicting and I can’t quit T_T