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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game On The Horizon

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It has more than 6 million players, a movie in the works, and more buzz on the Internet than Jesus and George Bush. What more could the World of Warcraft possibly need to get players enticed?

It seems the answer to that question is a trading card game. That’s right, a trading card game.

Upperdeck Entertainment intends to launch its official World of Warcraft tabletop card game this October. According to Upperdeck, the game is based on Blizzard’s MMORPG and will enable “players to explore Azeroth as never before.”

The game boasts artwork from some of the industry’s top pros and it does look pretty flashy. Each card pack will contain UDE Point Cards that have codes on them. These codes, according to the site, will let players earn TCG cards, promo items and “distinct cosmetic upgrades for your online World of Warcraft character.”

There’s the hook. Players of the card game, or at least buyers of it, will have a chance for in-game rewards if the boasting is correct. While I’m not a fan of trading card games, that would make a deck or two worth the purchase price.

The cards are set to debut in October. A starter pack with 33 cards built for one of the nine character classes with 2 booster packs will cost $14.99. The UDE store can be accessed here for preorders.

WoW’s popularity is phenomenal in the MMORPG world and it looks like this out of game enhancement might only increase it. While it’s hard to picture the game’s 30-something players running out to buy cards, with the potential for in-game bonuses they just might.

And if the cards weren't enough, WoW can now be played on Linux and cross-realm battlegrounds are in the works.

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  • As Igniq points out, there will be quite a few in-game rewards for those that play the card game. These rewards will surely be a hot item and I bet they’ll be highly sought-after. I’ve posted a list of a few of the in-game rewards on: http://warcraftcardgame.com

  • You can also see a screenshot of one of the rewards, a turtle mount, here:get-turtle-mount.html