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Working from home is a goal to which many people aspire. Aside from relieving one of the expense and aggravation of commuting, working from home often allows people to better fit their personal responsibilities around their working hours. The advent of the Internet offers better opportunities for this than were possible before. Some people who work at home simply telecommute to their regular jobs via the Internet. Still others are entrepreneurs who set up their own Web-based businesses.

For entrepreneurs, moving beyond envelope stuffing, telemarketing, multilevel/network marketing or other traditional home-based businesses, today a keyboard, a PC, and an Internet connection can offer you a window to making money online.

Accessing the World Wide Web today can allow any marketer or business owner to reach a worldwide audience of over one billion potential customers. A website or blog that offers a valuable product, solutions to customer problems, helpful information, digitally-delivered services, or entertainment can be grown into a profitable business online.

Common business models for home-based businesses include selling products online, online advertising sales, or personal services that are delivered remotely (such as virtual assistants or other telecommuting type employment).

Bloggers often share tips and write about the challenges and rewards of working from home.

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