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Words to the Wise and Willing: Suzanne Lantana Author Melissa Pettignano Provides Pathways for Pre-Teens

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The pre-teen years are some of the most important years for young girls. In a way, they begin to discover who they are. Unfortunately, there is no guidebook for success for the pre-teen years. However, recently I discovered a book that provides lessons, guidance, and a path for young girls. This book is called Suzanne Lantana by 20-year-old Melissa Pettignano.

It’s a collection of fiction and non-fiction short stories about a girl named Suzanne Lantana. Starting in fifth grade and ending in eighth grade, the stories are all about growing up and learning lessons. Suzanne is just a normal, young girl trying to make it through life. She learns a lot through the book and I think all young girls will, too. I wish I had been a pre-teen when I read this book. Suzanne is tough, free-spirited, and a great role model.

The first passage is about a tree that teaches Suzanne about God and life. The tree says wise things like, "We don’t see life as beauty, only a place to stay," (p.3) and "If everything stayed the same, what fun would life be?" (p.3) Words of the wise. There’s also a story about Suzanne losing an aunt in the September 11th attacks, which is really inspirational, also.

On Wednesday, November 19th, Melissa will be discussing her book on one of Blogcritics’ stations, the Teenaged World of Maddy 🙂 at 5pm Pacific time. There will be a chance to call in and ask her about her book. She’ll be answering questions like, "When I read the book, I automatically considered Suzanne a role model for young girls. Did you purposely write her like that?" and "What made you want to write a book, essentially one written to help pre-teens/teens deal with what they and you went through?" If you can’t make it then to ask questions, you can always listen to the show on archive.

I’m not the kind of girl that endorses books like crazy. I’m not big on reading, so I don’t tell other people to read, but I have to make an exception here. I have never read a book that is so inspirational to pre-teen girls. It’s absolutely amazing.

Parents: This is a book you should encourage your child to read. Pre-teen girls: This isn’t a normal book; this is a cool book. You’ll want to read it. It’s pretty good.

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