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Wonderfalls Coming This Week

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The new Fox series Wonderfalls debuts this Friday, March 12, at 9pm ET. It’s another “what if freaky weird stuff happened in everyday life” kind of thing:

    What if one day inanimate animal objects began talking to you? If that seems crazy, just imagine how Jaye Tyler feels!

    Set against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, Wonderfalls is a distinctive, family dramedy about underachieving 20-something souvenir shop worker Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas). Her life is forever changed when inanimate figures – including toys, cartoons and anything in the form of an animal – begin to talk to her. In each episode, the creatures’ cryptic messages set into motion a chain of unpredictable events that invariably lead JAYE into the lives of others in need.

    Created by Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland, and executive-produced by Fuller, Holland and Tim Minear, Wonderfalls focuses on Jaye as she meddles in, muddles up and ultimately betters her own life and the lives of herself and the eclectic variety of strangers who cross her path.

    As Jaye tries to make sense of her newfound abilities, she soon discovers that the inanimate animal figures tend to become especially vocal when she interacts with her eccentric family of overachievers. From her high-maintenance mother Karen (Diana Scarwid) and outspoken father Darrin (William Sadler) to her seemingly straight-laced sister Sharon (Katie Finneran) and her sarcastic brother Aaron (Lee Pace), each episode finds Jaye pulled in several directions … to resolve the family matter at hand, or suffer the consequences of her little “friends.”

    Throughout the series’ bizarre situations and madcap adventures, Jaye seeks advice from her best buddy Mahandra (Tracie Thoms) and befriends Eric (Tyron Leitso), a local bartender who tries to help answer her lingering questions. Is the universe conspiring against her? Is this real or just her imagination? Should she struggle with fate or surrender to destiny? Whatever the outcome, one thing is for certain – Jaye will discover that the world around her is a magical place and that the seemingly random events in her life are actually all part of something much greater.


We have advance clips of the show right-cheer:

Windows Media:

“Legend” clip

“Therapist” clip

“Intervention” clip





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  • It is fitting that it follows “Joan of Arcadia”, but is snarkier, funnier and weirder.

    I should mention that last week I watched “Joan of Arcadia” with my mom and niece and asked them to not laugh at me for wanting to watch it.

    As I’ve posted before, the only problem I have with “Wonderfalls” is that it is filmed in Canada, with Canadian actors and insists that it is in Niagara Falls New York, when that clearly isn’t the case.

  • Oh, yeah, both my mom and niece laughed at me for wanting to watch “Joan of Arcadia”. Bitches.

    But then they watched the show with me.

  • Any word on whether XTC’s Andy Partridge did indeed do the theme song? I had read this on Chalkhills sometime last year, but never saw anything more about it. Regardless, I’ll be checking it out Friday, it sounds intriguing . . .

  • Nevermind, found out for myself. The answer is yes, according to Billboard’s March 1 issue, but starting with the second episode.

  • It’s really frustrating that both the official site and imbd have no info on this. Geez, Fox, if you’re going to do a site at least have info people can’t get from watching the frigging show! Y’know as an accessory to the show?