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Wonder Woman: An Interview with Isis the Amazon

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Isis the Amazon entered the wrestling/sports entertainment business in June of 2008. It wasn’t difficult to see where she took her name from or even why she chose that particular profession, as Isis (aka Lindsay Hayward) stands a legitimate 6’9” tall.

She spent the better part of two years on the independent scene, working dates for smaller promotions such as Rampage Pro Wrestling and Global Championship Wrestling. She also worked with Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the promotion run by the Insane Clown Posse, at ICP’s annual “Gathering of the Juggalos” event in 2010.

Then, her big break came. Or so it was thought. WWE advertised Isis—renamed Aloisia for the show—as a performer on Season 3 of WWE NXT. Premised to be a reality show/competition for a spot on the roster, it was widely thought that Isis would be featured heavily on the show. Her future as a wrestling superstar was locked.

That is, until WWE had announced (as part of the story) that Aloisia was fired by her “Pro,” Vickie Guerrero. In actuality, there was some controversy over a photo shoot leaked online and several other issues between WWE and their future star. Ultimately, Isis negotiated her way out of her contract and, as soon as she had arrived, she was gone from WWE without the chance to become the biggest attraction—not just in sheer size, but in notoriety—the wrestling world had seen in decades.

Isis, now out on her own once again, is still looking to make that mark. When we talked on October 30 via telephone, she was gracious, hopeful, and determined that seizing her destiny would be no tall order.

I’ll go ahead and start here – I’ve been following your career for about two years now. I came across a video online and had that reaction of, “Oh my God!”


I had thought even then that, for someone your size, this seemed to be the perfect occupation. What led you in to wanting to pursue wrestling as a career choice? Was there more to it than just being the size you were?

Well, the fact that it’s so unique for my size; it was potentially something that had never been seen before and I thrive on controversy. [Laughs]

[Laughs] Yeah, I can see that. Were you a fan of wrestling already back then? Were there any influences that helped steer you toward that as well?

Of course. When I was 12, my cousin turned me on to [WWE] SmackDown. I was a big fan of Chyna and Chris Jericho. It really did have a big influence on me. I was 6’7” at age 12 and, by age 13, I was 6’9” tall. It was a difficult time for me growing up, especially not being in the best neighborhood. So, seeing Chyna was actually a huge role model and an inspiration. There are tons of other girls, children, and women that don’t necessarily have a role model or someone to look up to as a female. And I wanted to be that, too.

Certainly. Between the attention on it and the crowds they draw, it’s a perfect fit.


So, you were doing independent dates for a while before … how exactly did WWE find you?

Through the Wild Samoans camp. [WWE Talent Relations VP John Laurinaitis] had seen me there and invited me out for a tryout. Then they invited me out for another tryout and liked what they saw, so they signed me.

Yeah, it was a shock watching Season 2 of WWE NXT and seeing you on TV as a preview for Season 3. My jaw hit the floor and I was really looking forward to seeing youbut it didn’t happen. What was the reasoning for that? What happened with that situation?

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  • Chuck

    Hi Lindsey, I am 72 yr. old and uncle to your father. My sister is your grandmother. The last time I seen you, you were 5 yr. old ,You have certainly changed. We live in oregon and Anyway would love to have a hi back from you and I wish you the best.