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Women now a majority of web users

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“As late as 1997, males made up 65% of all Internet users. But things have shifted, and quickly.”

As a matter of fact, women now make up 51.6% of all Internet users in the US. That number seems a bit surprising at first, but when compared to the overall population breakdown in the US, which is 51% women, it looks as if about the same number of men and women use the Internet relative to their portion of the population. The most interesting thing is the dramatic shift. But it’s nice to know that the web is, at least in the US, an equal opportunity program.

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  • More power to ’em, I say! (Right, honey?)

  • Actually, it’s not surprising at all if you consider that in many families, the woman is also the administrator-in-chief. The number of things you can do online these days (shop, mind the bank accounts, pay the bills, make those vacation plans, and on and on) is quite large, and if you can get most of your chores done online whenever it suits you, well, it simplifies life.

  • Did this study have a way to verify gender claims? The linked article does not seem to say how these numbers were calculated, and I don’t have $695.00 of spare spending cash with which to purchase the full report.

    There is considerable truth to one of the old jokes about the Net: this is where the men are men, the women are men, and the little girls are FBI agents.

    Certainly women are gaining market share on the Web; there’s no doubt in my mind about the truth of that. Still, I’m not so sure about the specific numbers being claimed here, especially without any information on the methodology used in the study.