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Woman Injured By Janet’s Boob – And Sues

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Terri Carlin of Knoxville, Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against Viacom, CBS, MTV, Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake “on behalf of all Americans who watched the Super Bowl,” blaming Jackson and Timberlake for causing her and millions of other unsuspecting viewers “to suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.”

The serious injury must have been to Ms. Carlin’s brain which cause her to go completely insane, and in turn file this unbelievably ridiculous lawsuit. This shows us how frivolous American’s have become with law suits. I mean please. Aren’t outrage, anger and embarrassment natural feelings? These feeling do make people feel outraged, angered or embarrassed – but they are just feelings.

Did Ms. Carlin faint at the sight of Janet’s boob, and hit her head on something? I’m not quite understanding the serious injury part of the lawsuit. Why hasn’t anyone sued the streaker?

The part that I love about the lawsuit is (bottom of pg. 4)

“these events would reflect the standards and the reputation of Americans abroad, plaintiff and the members of the plaintiff class have been defamed by the defendants and have suffered injuries and damages to their reputations as Americans.”

Has Ms. Carlin ever travelled to Europe? Where sexuality is taken much more lightly. I think President Bush’s decision to send troops to Iraq did more damage to the reputations of American’s abroad than Janet Jackson’s boob did.

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  • magan

    I think that all of this is stupid.. It just shows how greedy people can be! They show just as much on langerie commercials on t.v. people aren’t going off suing those companies!?!?!!!

  • JD

    And again every European is laughing one’s head off with you Americans.
    Why don’t you sue everything. If we had to sue every boob they showed on television, it would be a full daytime job. The even show commercials of Fa body lotion and Nivea with fully naked women and 2 (two) naked breasts !!! around 8pm (between the news and the weather forecast).
    No European has ever thought about suing them.

  • I thought that was hilarious when I read the complaint, too. Harm to America’s international reputation? Please. And even if it were so, how is it a tort? The other alleged injuries are just as specious. As I said in previous comments: Be forewarned, that, from a legal perspective, the complaint is pretty useless. Much of its nearly dozen pages is devoted to cavailing about the supposed harm the brief exposure of part of Janet Jackson’s breast did to the ‘great American family institution’ of the Super Bowl, and, really reaching, the reputation of the U.S. abroad. Anyone other than a political opportunist would have been embarassed to file it.

    My take on the controversy here.

  • Comments about this story originally posted at Shark’s blog by the Curator

    I once saw John Waters speak at a screening. He told the story of a couple who’d rented Hairspray and found it delightful, and went back to the videostore for more movies from that wonderful John Waters fellow. You know the punchline – they rented Pink Flamingos. And halfway through the movie, they called the police.


    Said Waters: “I wish I’d known you could do that when I rented Forrest Gump.”

    Herewith the official position of the Museum of Stupidity:

    If the sight of Janet Jackson’s tit caused you serious injury, this is a good thing. We’re only sorry it didn’t cause you to fall into a coma. The fact that this Terri Carlin person shares the planet with us causes us to suffer…. well…. outrage, anger, embarrassment, and – after ten minutes of pounding our heads against a wall in hopes this fiendish hallucination would vanish – serious injury.

    If there are any attorneys out there reading this, please contact the museum directly, as we would like to explore filing a suit against this fucking dingbat. Seriously. She is a pestilence. If there’s a way to squash her like the bug she is, the Museum of Stupidity would like to help expedite that.

    At the same time, we are eager to see the results of her suit, because if she succeeds, man, we’re gonna OWN Fox.

    —-end of museum transmission—-

  • Shark

    sorry about the bad type stuff folks; I’ll try to do better in the future.

    “I am not a proofreader: I AM A HUMAN BEING!” —from the movie “The Elephant Sharkman”