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Woman Convicted of Rape

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BERGEN – A 23-year-old woman has been sentenced to nine months in a Norwegian prison for the rape of a 31-year-old man upon whom she had performed fellatio. The man, who was asleep on a friend’s couch reportedly woke to find the woman having oral sex with him.

“I feel very betrayed,” the man told a court in the coastal city of Bergen yesterday, according to Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper. After the incident, which took place last January 4, the victim’s friends made light of the situation, teasing the man. He also claims that the woman’s 40-year-old lover, amused by the woman’s antics, stayed in the room, watching. Faced with the apathy of his fellow partiers, the man recalls “sitting down and crying” upon returning home to his fiancee later that evening.

Currently, Norwegian police are seeking DNA evidence by examining the man’s underwear and sex organs for the woman’s saliva.

The woman claims that she was only “fooling around” with the man, who she claims was not asleep and who had, it seemed to her, smiled while she did so.

In an effort to provide some background for what she considers a situation which has blown out of proportion, the young woman explained that she and a lover had “made each other horny” and when the victim returned from the toilet “with his fly open, I took out his sex organ.”

All three involved had been drinking, but none were very inebriated.

“They both said that this was nothing to take seriously, that this wasn’t anything serious,” the man recalls. Accordingly, at the outset of the trail, the woman claimed “this is a completely absurd situation. I never believed it would come to this.” The Norwegian court, however, did not agree with the woman. In addition to the nine-month prison term she must serve, the woman has been ordered to pay 40,000 Norwegian crowns (approx. $6,355 USD).

The woman’s lawyer, Per Magne Kristiansen, had expressed objections to the court’s ruling, insisting that the “very hash sentence” is an inappropriate solution to the situation.

According to Bergens Tiende, the victim’s attorney, Roar Vegsund, notes that “he has the same symptoms and reactions as woman” in similar situations. Thus, the prosecutor argued, she should not receive a lighter sentence.

The woman was prosecuted under a Norwegian statute (straffelovens ‘ 192) which punishes people for “having sexual relations with a person who is unconscious or, for one reason or another, incapable of consenting to such activity.”

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My Take: Good for Norway. What’s wrong is wrong. Raping a woman isn’t funny (as readers of the Pipe Dream will tell you) and sexually violating a man isn’t something to blow off as “nothing serious.”

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  • Ra.

    But how often do women get caught? Even if they seduce on promise of marriage, it is not rape, in India.

  • L. Ron

    What a homo

  • anonymous

    I just love how you must be a womans sex toy in our culture

  • Crystal

    joy, that was an ignorant and insenstive thing to say. Telling a sexual assault victim to grow a pair is just sick. For all you know, Shocked could have been abused as a child.

  • Brian

    She’s lucky I’m not the judge becase if she was she’d be in there for life without parole.

  • Ahh, yes, ofcourse!


  • Norwegian wood

    It’s called norwegian kroner not crowns….

  • TheNon-AsexualGuy

    Thats hawt!

  • daniel

    Perhaps if you’d been violated at a young age you wouldn’t feel the same way now? Don’t be a douche, nobody likes a clean freak.

  • joy

    Shocked why dont you grow a pair?

  • Shocked

    Typical how many people write of abuse against me as something funny.

  • kuben

    Brad: Being Norwegian, I can tell you that it is very rare to name anyone involved in a criminal case here in Norway, even when they have been sentenced. It’s not against the law, but can get a newspaper into trouble if they are considered to name the involved without a particularly good reason. It is not considered something everyone needs to know, and newspapers needs to defend their choice to use the name of someone convicted because the justice system is constructed so they can live a normal life once their sentence is served. Having their names plastered everywhere is not going to help them return to normality.

    Only cases at the moment where the guilty party is named in the papers are two cases of serial paedophiles, one who committed over 300 offences, another who was a police officer (this is something everybody agrees that the public needs to know) and a man involved in some serious money laundering and who has been on the run for five years before he was caught. He is named simply because police went out with his name and picture to catch him.

  • Tuxis

    “I don’t know what Norway’s journalism standards are, but in the US it’s OK to name the accused (usually a man) but NOT OK to name the victim (usually a woman).

    Interesting that in this article neither was named. Could the editors be confused about the rule and think it’s not OK to name the woman?”

    4.7. may be relevant to your question.

  • evostay

    I was sexually molested as a 12 year old by a much older, but by many accounts, attractive female. I was scarred by it because no one would take me seriously when I told them it ruined my notion of sex and made me feel used and worthless. I was told to just “man up”, as if I should be happy I was sexually objectified.

    to all of you saying “men can’t be raped by a woman”–shame on you, it’s asswipes like you that make it so no one speaks out when they need to.

  • kamrom

    Mike: Total agreement (also, cracked FTW). Its disgusting how many on this board have no problem with a man being raped, calling it “ridiculous.” I guess its only women who are allowed to be victims in this country. If a man tries to report a rape, well clearly he is lying. For all you folks who think its no big deal: Some men do not like sex. GASP. I am among them. I have no interest in sex, no desire to have sex. If someone forced themselves on me, i’d be horrified and disgusted. We are not all the sex crazed lunatics we’re made out to be.

  • Mike 216

    Good for him, the human mouth is a bacteria infested place to wake up and find your penis. Now add the fact she was drinking, maybe smoking, and kissing on her lover “getting horny” before she puts said penis in her mouth. I’d fucking freak man I ain’t trying to catch shit from some stranger at a party this ain’t some free love world dude imagine if she had herpes or something. Plus who has pics? What if she was Fugly as Fuck? I mean sexual assault is sexual assault regardless but I can’t agree on her sentence being to harsh, she isn’t remorseful at all for the act itself. Some 40 year old dude sitting there touching himself and shit watching that’s an accessory to a sexual assault especially if he told her to go do that to the victim in the first place.

  • Ed

    This guy only did it because (and I’m guessing for) his girlfriend. I even think it was her who had the idea just to call it even.

  • *knew. Great spelling, thank you, fingers.

  • Funny, how he didn’t seem to have a problem with getting head from a hot blonde until he had to go home to his fiance. Sounds to me as if he didn’t bring his fiance to the party, got head from a hot chick, and new that his woman would find out, so he pretended to be ’emotionally distraught’.

  • mercator

    This is by far the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of.

  • Amanda

    Violence against men is just as serious as violence against women. It’s just that no one wants to admit the former is possible.

  • sav

    Right on, Fred. This guy just feels bad for violating his chick’s trust and wants to blame it on someone else.

  • fred

    Yeah…It’s nothing to BLOW off. lol!

    The guy was just afraid his girlfriend would be mad!

  • Antonio

    Yeah, I want to know her name so I can look her up! Giggity … Giggity.

  • Brad

    If the genders were reversed and some journalist decided to withhold the man’s name (Kobe Bryant, for example), we would be outraged.

    She isn’t just accused; she’s been convicted & sentenced. I think the public has a right to know her name.

  • -E

    Or perhaps the journalist simply doesn’t want to name either party.

    But I agree, the penalties for sexual assault should be equal across the board. I say that as a woman. I think it is unacceptable for people of either sex to take advantage of someone else in that way.

  • Brad

    I don’t know what Norway’s journalism standards are, but in the US it’s OK to name the accused (usually a man) but NOT OK to name the victim (usually a woman).

    Interesting that in this article neither was named. Could the editors be confused about the rule and think it’s not OK to name the woman?

  • Melanie

    Isn’t rape supposed to be a serious crime? If it is then the law should apply equally to men and women. Isn’t “equality” something women have wanted for many years. Now a woman is being treated equally she starts to whinge.
    Turn the case around, and a man starts to fool around with the vagina of a sleeping woman. Funny? Nothing to be taken seriously? I wonder whether N.O.W. would agree!!
    If a six-year-old American boy can be expelled from school for giving a friendly kiss to a girl in his class, surely a grown woman should be sent to prison for sexually molesting a sleeping man.

  • -E

    Women sexually assaulting men is actually a lot more common than most people suspect. I think it is good that Norway is taking sex crimes seriously.

  • Dawn

    I have NEVER met a guy who would have objected to such a thing. But hey, anything is possible.

    Is the victim’s name Michael Jackson?


    According to the investigator’s notes, the plaintiff said,”I told her she had to stop within the next ten minutes!”

  • RJ

    Well, on the one hand, it’s cool that the courts in Norway are taking seriously the unwanted sexual advances and actions of a woman on an unconscious man. After all, as you stated:

    Raping a woman isn’t funny (as readers of the Pipe Dream will tell you) and sexually violating a man isn’t something to blow off as “nothing serious.”

    At the same time though, I don’t know of too many guys who would object to an unsolicited BJ. I mean, that’s pretty much a universal fantasy among men, waking up to a hummer…