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Without any complaints left, Howard Stern has decided to be entertaining again…

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Clear Channel who pulled Howard Stern off the airwaves due to indecency issues and Howard Stern have agreed to withdraw their lawsuits against each other. Well, with Howard moving to satellite radio, he appears to have moved beyond his biggest complaints, the Government, Clear Channel and K-Rock management.

With nothing else to take up large blocks of time (due to his whining), Howard may actually get back to producing an entertaining show again. But then again, I am sure he’ll have a problem with the Sirius studio, their management, or some other entity to point the finger of blame at.

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  • shma_yisroel

    That’s just a silly comment. He’s entertaining or interesting every second. In the case of his lawsuits, his audience is now one of the few groups in America that even knows what a “right” is, what a “law” is and isn’t. Seeing Howard call FCC Powell’s bluff, face to face, then watch Powell step down just weeks later was a gift Howard gave to the Constitution of the United States and all who respect it/remember what it is.

  • Matt

    Shma–agreed. Howard’s show has been extremely entertaining lately. Plus, his shtick is all about fighting the “man”. That’s how he connects daily with 8,000,000 other people who go into their jobs every day, hate their boss, and think their work conditions suck.

  • Well, yet another person who just doesn’t get it.