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There are few bands as fun to listen to as Flogging Molly. Their mix of punk and Celtic music (with a pinch of Cajun and other odd influences for good measure) comes at you in a hurricane of blistering guitars, drums, banjo, fiddle and tin whistle one minute and transports you to a neighborhood pub for a quick cry in your ale the next.

While it is impossible to truly capture the experience of seeing them live, their albums are filled with the head-banging, hyperspeed rockers and Guinness-soaked anthems that unite their audience in a slam-dancing jig or a wailing chorus of a new Irish drinking song. If you ever get a chance to see them live, you would be insane to miss it.

Their third album, Within a Mile of Home sticks with their tried-and-true formula. It’s got full-speed-ahead rockers like “Screaming at the Wailing Wall” and “Seven Deadly Sins,” arms-locked drinking songs like “Whistles the Wind” and teary-eyed ballads like “The Spoken Wheel” and “Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering”.

In truth, there’s not much new here. If you’ve heard their previous albums, Swagger and Drunken Lullabies, then you know exactly what to expect from this one. But if you’ve heard their previous albums, then you know exactly what to expect from this one. In other words, you’ll be craving more Flogging Molly, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. For Flogging Molly fans, this is a must-have. For the Flogging Molly-challenged, they’ve made it easy for you. Buy any of their albums, and you’ll be singing drunken lullabies until dawn.

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