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Witchcraft and Marxism in Delaware

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By now, if you’re aware of the U.S. Senate race in Delaware, you’ve probably heard about Christine O’Donnell’s brush with the occult. Yes, apparently she admitted on Bill Maher’s show that she “dabbled into witchcraft.” Frankly, in keeping with my standard of not letting a candidate’s religion bother me, I don’t really care. That’s right. As a red-blooded conservative American Christian, I don’t care if Christine O’Donnell is or was a witch. It irks me when the far right mumbles about Obama being a Muslim. It irks me when the media harps on a candidate’s temporary foray into witchcraft.

Instead of worrying about O’Donnell’s witchcraft, I’d be more concerned about Chris Coons dabbling in Marxcraft. In fact, Coons not only dabbled in this dark art, he claimed to be a card-carrying practitioner. Perhaps his declaration was more hyperbole than a confession; but even being a quasi-Marxist would still most likely lend itself to a wealth distribution ideology that would make Chairman Mao smile.

Personally, I’d take a practicing witch who understands and advocates Constitutional and conservative principles over a church-going Christian who moonlights as a Marxist. As long as Chris Coons is going to be Harry Reid’s “pet,” I don’t care if he’s sitting in the pew next to me: I’m not going to support him for U.S. Senate if I’m a citizen of Delaware.

The media’s bizarre obsession with tearing down conservative women like O’Donnell and Palin while covering up for Marxist candidates is probably not going to pay off in the long run. But back to the concept of O’Donnell practicing witchcraft. Isn’t it the typical response of the media to protect those who practice religions outside of Christianity? We’re constantly told how tolerant we need to be of Islam. But does this tolerance extend to Christine O’Donnell?

As she has recently pointed out, O’Donnell’s dabbling days are over. She proclaims herself to be a Christian. Shouldn’t we take her at her word, as we should with President Obama? Shouldn’t we believe her when she says that it was part of her youthful past? After all, it worked for former Klansman Robert Byrd. But unfortunately, I’m afraid that there are limits on what the media is willing to forgive and forget.

However, if nothing else, I’m sure that O’Donnell the witch and Coons the bearded Marxist have their Halloween costumes already picked out.

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  • El Bicho

    “I’d take a practicing witch who understands and advocates Constitutional and conservative principles”

    So is it a Constitutional or conservative principle where a candidate embezzles campaign funds for personal use? Either way it sounds like a “wealth distribution ideology” so not sure why you are defeding her.

  • Clavos

    …a candidate embezzles campaign funds for personal use…

    Waitaminnit, isn’t that what politicians do??

  • grok

    As a life-long, practicing marxist, I take deep offence at your libelous slur on my creed, sirrah.

    At dawn.
    Be there. (Or be square[-headed]. And you most certainly are.)

  • take a practicing witch who understands and advocates Constitutional and conservative principles over a church-going Christian who moonlights as a Marxist.

    What church did you say you went to?

    I will say one thing, Jesus, whom I usually leave out of politics as a rule, most likely was a Liberal with Socialist teachings. He didn’t disparage commerce, he just didn’t want it in his father’s temple.

  • The media are giving this ludicrous woman far too much attention, and probably increasing her fundraising by a considerable number.

    Yes, she has said a lot of dumb things and many of them in fact are hilariously way out and irresistible.

    If anyone actually wants to defend her intellect and her likelihood of being a good Senator, I’d enjoy giggling at the attempt.

  • And the Coons/Marxist meme is exaggerated/bogus, according to MediaMatters [I realize that source will not convince anyone to my right; whatever; prove your assertions then]:

    Coons never called himself a Marxist, and Politico never claimed that he did; the title is a play off of a joke by his Republican friends.

    In a statement to Politico, the Coons campaign reinforced this fact:

    Dave Hoffman, a Coons campaign spokesman, said the title of the article was designed as a humorous take-off on a joke Coons’s college friends had made about how his time outside the country had affected his outlook.

    I’m sure the fact that the time he spent outside the country [as a formerly Republican college student] happened to be in Kenya will cause additional merriment, irrelevant though it may be to this election.

  • Excellent article. Spot on.

    And EB, please point out where there has been an ethics investigation which convicted O’Donnell of the crime of embezzling.

    In fact, she’s only been accused of “conversion” of campaign funds, which is not at all the same thing and is just an accusation from a far left activist group, which no one has acted on and likely never will.

    But by all means, wallow in the gutter with your smears.


  • zingzing

    isn’t she the one that’s against masturbation? i can’t go for that. and her stance on abortion (illegal even in cases of rape or incest?) is a no. and opposing stem cell research? fuck her. her pathetic opinions on homosexuals? ugly. guns, evolution (and backing up fucking creationism–proof that she’s an idiot), health care, ss, the environment… wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. and she’s another conservative who claims god literally comes down and talks to her. so she’s a fucking liar.

    but witches? that’s fine. whatever. i’m down with that. it’s the best thing about this woman. all of her political opinions are disgusting, but witches are fun.

  • Paula

    As for the witch part, I think Congress could use a little magic!! 🙂

  • omfuqingah

    what the fuq, this post is so ridiculous i can’t believe im reading this shyeet. Marxist, witch, republican, democrat whats the difference throw them all out they are all vampires!

  • Right, Dave, because you are above smears. Is that it? How laughable. You should save the fertilizer for your backyard.

    So are you saying former O’Donnell aide David Keegan and her 2008 Senate campaign manager Kristin Murray are members of a far left group? That seems rather an odd choice by O’Donnell but everyone is entitled to hire who they like. But of course you have better insight into what O’Donnell was up to than they do.

  • zingzing

    yes, dave… an excellent article about a republican who is not a witch and a dem who is not a marxist. and how we (meaning the left) should be tolerant of a woman because while she was once a witch (or not, but most of us on the left think that’s just funny either way, and not any real threat,) and has now become an evangelical christian (which is a real threat, as it leads her to hardline anti-abortion shit, blocking stem cell research, stupid opinions about homosexuals, and wants to teach our kids that god created the world 6,000 years ago).

    the left doesn’t care if she was a witch. we’re just poking fun at the right, which does care about such nonsense. we aren’t voting for her anyway.

    this article gets all the motivations wrong. the left doesn’t give a shit about witchcraft. it’s ridiculous. and coons isn’t a marxist.

    which is a more damning statement in america today?:

    “she’s a witch!” or “he’s a marxist!”

    both are utter junk. but “marxist” has become today’s “witch,” and you people are the maniacs in salem burning people. (or the mccarthys of today, as it were. just as people look at mccarthy and grimace, they’ll look at you in the future. you people are just reliving history.)

    also, i dunno if you’d back this ridiculous woman, but if you are willing to sacrifice the well-being of millions of americans to save a few bucks on your taxes, that’s sick. she may agree with you on a few points, but if you put those points above those points in which i know you disagree, you’re just being selfish.

    it’s disturbing how regularly the right lets their worst represent them if only for a tax break. this woman has a sick mind. remember that when you vote for her to represent your sick minds.

  • #13 is a stolen comment, Dean wrote this exact phrase:

    #24 – Dean Stephens
    Sep 19, 2010 at 9:28 am

    And another thing. Is everyone in the political section of this site, a bunch of conservatives? I should start writing more political articles to balance out the crazy. The last BC needs is to become a part of the right wing media.

    😀 Just pointing it out.

  • Braden

    Thanks, Dave. It’s interesting how the left just writes off O’Donnell with little or no proof to back it up. Their own candidates don’t get this treatment. Maybe they’re sexist. After all, even Hillary Clinton was hung out to dry in 2008.

  • So what if she’s a witch? It’s a legitimate religion.

    And I don’t think anyone on the left cares, especially since you’d be hard pressed to find a Wiccan who is a Republican. On the contrary, the people who are having fits about this are the right, the far right to be exact.

    Cue Karl Rove: “In southern Delaware, where there are a lot of church-going people, they’re probably going to want to know what was that all about,” Rove said. “And again, she said it on television when she went on the … the Bill Maher show.”

  • Mark

    Imagine a politics of consensus and cooperation and limited ad-hoc government.

  • Over the rainbow…

  • Mark

    Oh, I dunno, jeannie. If, through deceptive advertising, we could transform that image into Everyman’s masturbatory fantasy, then, maybe…

  • SHHHH, O’Donnell might hear you…

  • Clavos

    Imagine a politics of consensus and cooperation and limited ad-hoc government.

    I want some of whatever you’ve been ingesting, Mark…

  • It would be great if the Obama Administration could get some consensus and cooperation from the clowns on the other side of that, Senate’s isle.

    The Party of NONONONONONONONONONO reminds me of spoiled little brats.

  • Cartoon of the day. LOL, I love Mario Piperni’s mind.

  • James

    I guess I need to confess to my employer that I played with a Ouija board in the 12th grade and in the 10th grade I found a book on spells and actually tried one of them….
    Its high school, kid stuff, and the adult wourld shouldnt care… the only people trying to destroy this woman are people who are afraid she is powerful. If she is an idiot and a nobody then leave her alone…
    I, for one, don’t know her and don’t care to. I dont live in Delaware… funny how the national media and looney lefites all over the country are so scared of her winning.

  • Braden says Dems are sexist because they “hung Hillary Clinton out to dry” in 2008. Say what?

    She came in a close second. There can only be one nominee. Did the GOP hang McCain out to dry in 2000, or Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in 2008?

    And she has now been “hung out to dry” in a very high level, high profile job as Secretary of State. Gee, pretty humiliating.

  • The “far left” group Dave is casually sliming [as usual] is CREW, the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

    CREW’s most recent list of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress includes 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans. Among the Dems are Jesse Jackson Jr, Charles Rangel, and Maxine Waters [and also the late John Murtha]. Not sure how that corresponds with a “far left” viewpoint, but whatever.

    Notice how propagandists like Bill O’Reilly and Dave Nalle nearly always add “far” to “left”? Who, pray tell, are the near left?

  • Clavos


  • doug m.

    So when do we get to hear how Clinton was hung out to dry or is Braden just reinforcing what little he knows about politics?

  • zingzing

    braden: “Maybe they’re sexist.”

    maybe she’s a lunatic. and of the 17 women currently holding senate seats, 4 are republican, 13 dem. 76 women serve in the house, 15 of which are republican, 61 dem (if i counted correctly). you can work out the math.

  • TK

    Who cares if somebody looked at With Craft when they were in high school???
    After the success of Harry Potter and the Twilight series nobody is going to be fit to hold office, all those withces wizards and vampires.

  • gregory

    zing,zing a Christophobic God hater afraid of Truth because it shines the light on your dead dark heart.You hate christians and our God because You know He does care about you, and how you live, and what you will do with the gift of life His son Jesus came to give all of us two thousand years ago.Turn from your unbelief your sin and receive His forgiveness too. Like i did like christine o donnel did. We are not perfect ,we are forgiven and now we have rejected sin. before we came to a saving relationship with God through Jesus work at Calvary, I sinned plenty I engaged in perverted sex like homosexuals and fornicated with many woman i Did drugs i dabbled in witchcraft I I was a drunk I despised Christians. I really was quite lost too. Until I surrendered my Life to Christ Jesus and made him Lord of my life. He gave his life for me so I surrender mine to Him. I now wake up every day with purpose to want to bless someone for Him in Jesus name. I still have troubles ,but I’m not facing them on my own anymore. Hey zing zing, God wants to change your life too! He love you where you are and He will save you too! Give up your hatred and let Jesus forgive you. read john 3;3 3;16 3;24 Hebrews 9;27 acts 4;12 may the Lord save you.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Gregory, have you been leaving leaflets on my car again?

  • Baronius

    I just have to take a break from my usual conservative ramblings and make an observation about Gregory’s comment. I’ve never known that kind of testimony to change anyone’s mind. Even assuming everything in it is accurate, it’s contrary to human nature to expect anyone to warm up to your message after calling him a God-hater. Now, maybe there are people out there who hear comments like Gregory’s and convert, but I’ve never met them. Those comments are more likely to polarize people, turn a non-believer into an anti-believer. So I have to assume that such comments are only made to make the commenter feel good.

  • Isn’t it fascinating how God rescues people from a life of sin and debauchery all the time but never teaches them how to spell and punctuate?