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Wishy-Washy Voters — Prove your love!

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OK kids…I really appreciate all the support you offer. Really I do!

But you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You can’t tell me you support Dan’s and my relationship and our right to marriage, yet be willing to consider voting for Dumbya. That is not support.

You can’t tell me you “have my back on the marriage issue” but won’t vote Kerry because of your 2nd amendment rights. Hello! Are you in a “well organized militia?” Those rights don’t apply to you. Moreover, there is not one single politician in this nation stupid enough to attempt, let alone mention taking guns away from Americans. The very idea is un-American. And its political suicide.

You can’t tell me you believe that Dan and I should be allowed the same rights as anyone else who gets married and then vote for George W Bush!

He does not believe this. He very much wants to write us right out of this country.

You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t work that way. If you love us. If you believe he is wrong. If you believe his position is extreme. Then you need to cast a vote for us.

I think we have earned your trust and your vote. So vote for Kerry in November. We will call it an early birthday gift if that will make you all feel better.

Just stop telling me you support us, and then telling/showing me you are gonna vote for someone that doesn’t. Your support rings hollow. It’s nothing more than lip service. If you really believe that we deserve equal rights under the law, stop telling us. Show us.

Don’t tell me you love me and then have a Bush for 2004 bumperstick on your car. Don’t tell me you love me but hate abortions. Don’t tell me you believe with all your heart that Dan and I should be protected, and then hide your ignorance behind the gun laws.

Don’t even try to convince me that we mean something to you when you are going to ignore us at the polls in favor of some bigot that doesn’t care. Actually that’s not right, he cares. He cares a great deal. He cares so much he is willing to risk everything on changing the constitution to ban my existence. He definitely cares.

Well so do I. So step up if you love us. Step up to the booth and cast your vote. You have no one to answer to but your conscience. We will never know for sure, but you will remember every time we bring it up after the amendment passes. Federally and in every state. We will know that not all of you had the strength of conviction to defend us when it mattered.

The guilt is yours. All yours. Pull up a chair and have a big plate full. I will pass, as I have done all I can to make this right. I can’t do anymore.

Guns, abortion, taxes, terrorism, flip-flops, patriotism, republicans, democrats, southerners, northerners, east coast, west coast, Iraq, WMD’s, liberals, conservatives, Nader…all those are intangibles. Concepts for debate. Ideas for discussion. You know Dan and I. We are real. We are your family. We are your friends. I would think something you can see as real (our relationship and our friendship) would be more worthy of your vote than something you only can talk about as an idea or a concept. We are real to you.

My birthday is in November and I will gladly accept your votes as gifts on the 2nd. Thanksgiving is a very busy time of the year you know.

Shop early. Shop smartly!

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  • RJ


    Kerry supports “discrimination” against homosexuals, but he draws the line at actually putting it in the Constitution. Vote for him! 🙂

  • boomcrashbaby

    I can’t speak for anybody else, Milos, only myself, but:
    1) there isn’t a viable candidate who supports gay marriage, at this time.
    2) while Kerry personally does not believe in gay marriage, he also does not believe in actively writing his belief into the U.S. Constitution. He believes in letting the people vote on it. While I don’t believe that equality should be left to popular vote, at least this way, we can continue our fight in courts to prove we are entitled to equality, we won’t have an amendment that strips the courts of their power to do their job and determine when discrimination takes place.

    Basically, with Kerry in office, we don’t win the fight for marriage, but we can at least continue it.

  • But… go to johnkerry.com and do a search on ths subject…. Kerry is against gay marriage as well… (see http://search.atomz.com/search/?sp-q=gay+marriage&sp-a=sp1001847f&sp-p=any&sp-f=ISO-8859-1&x=13&y=4)

    I am confused…

  • boomcrashbaby

    I know people who believe in our right to marry, but feel the need to vote for Bush because of the war on terror. Their concern for their own immediate family outweighs but does not negate their concern for us. I realize this, and I realize it places them in an uncomfortable, unfair position. We can’t blame them for putting the security of their family first and foremost on their list.

    Fortunately for us, we can just look at their number one issue, terrorism/homeland security, and see that Kerry is the one for the job. CNN reported that much of the world saw the debate, and they recognized a leader in Kerry, something the world hadn’t had the opportunity to see before. This gives him a distinct advantage over Bush in foreign policy and building alliances. Kerry also believes in getting the job done, he won’t pull out of Iraq before the mission is completed, which is something conservatives accuse him of. AND most importantly, he is taking a far more aggressive stance than Bush on the Israeli/Palestine conflict as being the source of the problems of terrorism.

    This makes the answer for us simple. To get the undecideds who sympathize with us, but put the security of their family first, we just need to convince them that Kerry will do a better job than Bush of combatting terrorism.

    Bush has made too many mistakes to continue as Commander in Chief. Iraq, while needing to be freed from Saddam, was undertaken with far too many mistakes. The whole WMD thing was a mistake. Underestimating the reaction of the populace/insurgents was a mistake. Devoting so much of our resources to a evil dictator who as it turns out had not much more than a hidey hole was a mistake. Alienating people all over the globe and turning the worlds sympathy of 9/11, into the largest anti-Americanist emotion that is practically palpable is a HUGE mistake. CEO’s of conservative businesses are fired for making much smaller mistakes.

    If you want to get the undecideds to vote against the President and the Republican platform of discrimination, you convince them Kerry is better capable of protecting them and their kids. Hey, at least the facts are on our side, shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Eric Olsen

    interesting – if we had an a la carte system we wouldn’t have to prioritize between competing interests in the case of candidates who don’t reflect all of our own positions. But I’m not sure how that would work

  • Shark

    …or a vote FOR KERRY could be a vote against intolerance and a future attempt to push through a constitutional amendment that would restrict basic human rights.

    PS: If you wanna “protect the sanctity of marriage” — push a constitutional amendment to ban divorce.

    I didn’t think so.

    Fucking Right Wing Hypocrites.

  • RJ

    You got that, everyone? A vote for Kerry = A vote for GAY MARRIAGE!

    Bush in ’04