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Wisconsin: A Lesson of Democracy in Action

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I truly hate to rain on youse union and commie-lib/simp, lefty-pinko, commie/Marxist loving, useful idiots and ideologues‘ parade — well, actually I don’t. In fact I rather relish the idea. But no, what occurred in Madison was not a lesson in “democracy in action” — but to the contrary, it was indeed a rather stark object lesson in union and liberal-progressive “thugocracy”.

And it was thoroughly and very eerily reminiscent and redolent of the wild, mindless, chaos and anarchy and yes, violence, gratuitous and otherwise; of the turbulent and pandemonium-filled protests of the 60s and 70s; especially as focused in the anti-Vietnam War movement in particular, and in the excesses of the counter-culture in general.

Look here, dear readers, I’m not going to relive nor rehash the turbulent 60s and 70s herein. But I will provide you with just a slight and most cursory summary and encapsulation of it; in order to refresh the memories of those who have forgotten, and for those (born, let us say, after 1973) who have no understanding nor knowledge of history, nor see any need nor reason why they should.

Allow me dear readers, to focus solely on the anti-war movement. The phony claims to the effect that it was solely based on pure idealism, dissent and civil disobedience is an utter lie and myth. Save for a truly minuscule handful of true idealists; the anti-war movement was by far a matter of narrow and parochial, solipsistic, vested, self-interest.

No, the age of Woodstock was neither heroic nor advanced nor altruistic nor civilized nor rational; but rather, it was self-absorbed, narcissistic, primitive and utterly mindless, and thoroughly uncivilized. This was not the advancement of humanity and civilization, but its complete opposite.

And the anti-war movement fully embraced this “New Age” and “New Left” Marcusian age of unreason and naked solipsistic, vested self-interest while the counter-cultural movement embraced a mindless return to the Dark Ages and worse. And so the mantra and siren call of the former was “hell no, we won’t go!” Sorry, Charlie; but there ain’t nothing idealistic ‘bout that.

Proof: When Nixon began to draw down American troop levels in South Vietnam in 1970; OMG, what a “co-inky-dinky” – the wild protests in almost direct mathematical proportion also began to diminish in numbers, intensity and scope. To the point that when all American forces were withdrawn by Dec. ’72 and Jan. ‘73; guess what, the protests all but ceased and “disappeared” themselves.

And when the Nixon administration went to an all-volunteer military; well it was as if the anti-war movement all but evanesced into thin air and simply vanished off the face of the earth.

And so QED. (Quod erat demonstrandum; literally, [that] which was to be proved – supply – was.)

But that was then, and what about now? What about those mobs of liberal-progressive and union, rent-a-thug demonstrators in Madison? Well, I maintain this was simply a replay, a 60s and 70s nostalgic redux of the past; or as Yoga Berra would say, it was “déjà vu all over again.” Only this time, it was not only the bad players of the past barking their leftist dribble and warmed over Marxist, class-warfare spittle; but it was also their children and grandchildren. How freaking ironic that be!

But let us examine more closely the specifics here. The democrats and their liberal-progressive, leftist, activist and union thug allies; did not exemplify themselves as upholding democracy with its rule-of-law, nor with any decent and civilized behavior, nor with a modicum of respect for the process of democratic governance; but instead did their best for almost a month to thwart, subvert, disrupt and usurp the duly and lawfully elected representatives of the government of Wisconsin; solely by means of force, obstructionism, strong arm tactics and intimidation. Well, dear readers, that is not democracy, rather that is in Aristotelian terms, nothing less than “mob rule” and intellectual lawlessness.

Here is a short litany of the excesses of the former.
First off, from the very beginning of this event, of the disruption and lawless and violent takeover of the Capitol building in Madison; the legislative process and rule-of-law itself, were suspended with the aid, incredibly of all people; of the Wisconsin State troopers who had taken a sworn oath and pledge; and thereby had a solemn obligation and duty to protect that Capitol, the legislature as well as to ensure the public safety. Yet incredibly, they essentially joined sides with the so-called protesters in a show of union solidarity with them.

Yes, the State Troopers are citizens like everyone else, and yes they have a right to sympathize with the so-called protesters and to civil disobedience as well. But no, they do not have a right to actively abandon their duty to uphold the rule-of-law and to ensure the public safety; nor do they have a right to take sides in a partisan and factional, political manner. No, it is their sacred responsibility to remain scrupulously neutral in such matters.

If they wish to be conscientious objectors, or political, factional activists, or exercise their right to civil disobedience, they of course possess that right. But not on the taxpayers’ dime nor not while they’re on duty. For to do so is a clear act of insubordination and a massive dereliction of duty.

But once ensconced in the Capitol and protected by the sympathetic State Troopers, the union thugs and liberal-progressive activists and professional agitators then proceeded to disrupt the legislative process and to harass state workers, and to physically intimidate Republican legislators and their staff members and to shout them down even while they were in session. Worse yet, many of these Republicans received actual death threats and the Republican Majority leader of the Senate was also actually, physically jostled and surrounded by a mob shouting in highly abusive language, who also hurled wretched threats at him. A truly harrowing experience doubtless to say.

Well, again, I must state that that sort of behavior is in no way an exercise in true democracy, but rather again, is a form of political partisan and factional thuggery, mob rule and intellectual and philosophic lawlessness.

Now I anticipate that the liberal-left will respond that this was merely an exercise in their God given right to dissent through civil disobedience. Well let’s examine that argument a little closer.

Historically there are three essential and seminal thinkers and actors who not only theorized and philosophized what true civil disobedience is, but actually put it into practice. They are first Socrates (through Plato and the four Platonic dialogues surrounding the trial and death of Socrates); Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

(As for Thoreau and his essay on civil disobedience, I maintain both he and his essay are an intellectual and philosophic fraud, for if one reads the essay carefully one will, or, one should clearly see that Thoreau is advocating anarchy and not civil disobedience.)

There are two basic sine qua non criteria/requirements which make an act of civil disobedience truly legitimate. Both of these criteria must be requited for that act to be a true and legitimate measure of civil disobedience. And both Gandhi and MLK fulfilled both these requirements.

First and foremost, the law and or social custom or more in question, must truly be beyond the pale, must truly be immoral. I am sorry, but political, factional and partisan differences just do not qualify, and that is exactly what transpired in Wisconsin – it was simply a matter of political and highly partisan and factional differences concerning policy and power, and yes, basic political ideology; as well as pure, unmitigated vested self-interest on the part of the unions and the liberal-progressive activists and professional agitators. And those sort of petty, factional and petty differences are never equivalent to true, fundamental, genuine morality. No cigar nor coopee doll on this one – not even remotely close.

Secondly, once the act of civil disobedience has been committed, it must also be requited. One must willingly accept a condign punishment for one’s violation of whatever law or social custom is in question – otherwise this unrequited act of so-called civil disobedience also becomes, intellectually and philosophically, just as lawless as the law or custom in question.

Or to put it in Aristotelian terms, and unfortunately I must paraphrase here, ‘anyone who considers himself above the law is likened unto a wild beast in the jungle’. Which can be reduced and refined down to the simple term or phrase “intellectual lawlessness”. My point is that anyone who transgresses the law, no matter how onerous or even immoral it might be; must pay the price for that transgression – otherwise as noble and as pure as its motivations are, it still nevertheless is an act which renders and places the transgressor above the law which is clearly an act of “intellectual lawlessness” unto itself.

It, an unrequited crime, is also a form of anarchy and leads to utter chaos and ruin. And as the Greek Tragedians viewed it, an unrequited crime is a cancer upon the state, upon the body politic, which if not requited, punished, atoned for and expiated, becomes a deadly and lethal cancer which will ultimately destroy the state.

Well, where is the requiting of the very many transgressions against the state and its representatives and its taxpayers too? Where are their fines or slight jail time, literal slaps on the wrist with a wet, limp, mushy linguini noodle? Or their being held accountable for the damage and clean up costs they incurred by their behavior and actions which they literally sprung and foisted upon the state? Other than no where to be found?

Yeah, all the previous is small potatoes – but not the principles at root core issue, and at play and at stake here. The union thugs and their liberal-progressive activist and professional agitator allies were clearly guilty of mob rule, intimidation and the purposeful disruption of the duly and lawfully elected government of the state of Wisconsin. And their thuggery and partisan acts of intimidation, violence and disruption were in no way an equivalent of true, legitimate civil disobedience. Again, for the umpteenth time, mob rule and vested, petty, political special-interest demands, desires and whims; never constitute or are the equivalent of true and legitimate civil disobedience.

So much so for the justification and defense of the events in Wisconsin based upon this phony and fallacious argument of civil disobedience. Again, what transpired in Madison was not an exercise nor lesson in “democracy in action” but rather it was again, a stark object lesson in mob rule, chaos and anarchy, narrow, vested, special interest demands at the expense of the taxpayer; and the ugly intimidation and shouting down of anyone in opposition to them, which latter tactic is thoroughly redolent and indicative of pure intellectual and brutish, strong-armed fascism.

Not a pretty picture, this tableau portrayed by those union thugs and liberal-progressive activists and professional agitators – because it was more akin to fascism than it was to true democracy and or bonafide and legitimate civil disobedience.

America, if this is the true face of unionism and liberal-progressivism in America today, then there is much for us to fear for our nation, for ourselves and for our very republic and its very foundation of the rule of law and of our democratic institutions and our very Constitution itself.

May that my words be exaggerated and that this not come to pass. But as the Gipper once said, “trust…but verify.” And likewise, be skeptical if you must, but still be vigilant and wary — just in case.

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  • Arch Conservative

    There’s nothing in all the world quite as smug, self absorbed and puerile as a modern American left winger.

  • Dear Arch Conservative,

    Thanks for your kind and extremely accurate comment. And may I add a hearty (expletive-deleted) right-on, (and an even more obscene, vulgar and crude expletive-deleted) right-on too.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    And the above comments are a wonderful example of the right-wing echo chamber wherein they tell each other what they want to hear without ever feeling the need for a reality check….

  • What reality reality check?

    Actually good ole comrade Glenn, methinks you are guilty of what the psychobabblers call “projection”. I think you ought to perhaps be more introspective and reflective and look into your own soul before casting and smearing your own kettle’s grime upon someone else’s so-called, supposed blackened pot.

    Harrumph, f..k..g harrumph, LOL and have a nice f..k..g day. Made of course with all the sincerity humanly imaginable and possible. Wait, a minute, let me take that back.

  • Dear comrade Glenn,

    I know it’s actually asking a lot of you, but do you have any comment whatsoever or critical analysis of any of the theses posited in my article? Such as your liberal-progressive lefty “democracy in action”; or as to the true nature and philosophic requirements of “civil dlsobedience”; or to that which illuminates the reality and actuality of liberal-progressive pinko-lefty, real and actual fascistic thuggery as in liberal-progressive mob rule and intellectual lawlessness, otherwise known as union and liberal-progressive “thugocracy”?

    You know as so clearly indicative and illustrative and representative of all your friends, supporters and allies. Do you possibly think you could either substantively or thoughtfully comment on any of that? Cause I’d really like to know your (worthless) point of view (if I already didn’t know it by heart, since it is so gaddamn typical and predictable anyway!).

    But nevertheless, have a nice f..k..g day. And I sincerely and honestly mean that.

  • Sucka mytits

    ^^can’t you assholes die already so my generation can take over and be assholes to one another

  • GretzkyFan99

    sorry to hear the news, but not surprised. if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas