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Wireless Networks Called Security Threat

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Richard Clarke, the federal homeland security cyber-poobah says wireless networks are vulnerable:

    Wi-Fi manufacturers, as well as home and office users, face a clear choice, they said: Secure yourselves or be regulated.

    “Homeland Security is putting people in place who will be in a position to say, ‘If you’re going to get broken into … we’re going to start regulating,'” said Cable and Wireless security architect Shannon Myers in a panel dubbed “Homeland Security vs. Wi-Fi.”

    Myers was one of several consultants for President Bush’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, which is finalizing its National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.

    Since being named special advisor to the president for cyberspace security last year, Clarke has stressed wireless access points as a national security threat.

    “Companies throughout the country have networks that are wide open because of wireless LANs…. Millions of houses are getting connected, which means that more and more are getting vulnerable,” Clarke told attendees at the Black Hat Security Briefings in Las Vegas earlier this year. [Wired]

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  • http:// Ryan

    Tell me, just how is my WiFi network at home a national security threat?

    Sure, if I don’t secure it properly would-be intruders could access my files…but how does that affect the gov’t ?


  • Ryan

    DoS attacks… just came to me.