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Winter Olympics: Gumbel’s Comments, Viewer’s Responses Out of Line

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We go back to kindergarten for our lesson today. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Radio stations, websites and message boards across the country are buzzing because of the recent comments made by Bryant Gumbel at the end of Real Sports, the television program he hosts on HBO.

“Finally, tonight, the Winter Games. Count me among those who don’t like them and won’t watch them … Because they’re so trying, maybe over the next three weeks we should all try too. Like, try not to be incredulous when someone attempts to link these games to those of the ancient Greeks who never heard of skating or skiing. So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention. Try not to point out that something’s not really a sport if a pseudo-athlete waits in what’s called a kiss-and-cry area, while some panel of subjective judges decides who won … So if only to hasten the arrival of the day they’re done, when we can move on to March Madness — for God’s sake, let the games begin.”

Gumbel’s remarks were ill-mannered and completely off-beam. He should most definitely be punished, although he probably won’t be. First of all, as a sportscaster, his political views are absolutely irrelevant. More important, Gumbel chose to incite racism in one the few places that the color of your skin is less important than the color of the team you represent.

[ADBLOCKHERE]Without question, Gumbel was wrong. At the same time, many of the reactions to his comments are just as crass as the original statement.

The majority response to Gumbel has been, “Well, why don’t I say that I won’t watch the NBA or Track & Field because the majority of athletes competing are black?”

Since when has it become okay to counter bigotry with bigotry? That’s where the problem lies. Even if it takes the ignorant opinion of a man from another race to provoke your racist views, it is still wrong.

We live in the year 2006. It’s about time we get past these trivial issues.

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  • You make excellent points here, Dan. Was what Gumbel said stupid? Absolutely. However, if you look at it in context, it was just really more of a throwaway line (ill advised as it was).

    Yes, I have heard some reaction to this that is even more foolish than Gumbel’s words. One commentator (on Fox News last night) said, “Well, what if John Madden said there weren’t enough whites in the Super Bowl?” I’ve heard similarly inane comments on “talk” radio.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, and this is just ignorance and intolerance disguised as outrage over a silly comment.

  • Wait wait wait wait wait …. Bryant Gumbel is black?

  • No, Mr. Sussman, he is beige; do you have problems with visual perception of colors? What does his melanin level have to do with anything? It was an ignorant comment, whatever his hue.

    What really riles me is that I have heard talk-show hosts – right-wingers, natch – giving Gumbel crap for using the word “paucity,” as if to say, who does that n***** think he is using that word? That’s at least as disgusting as Gumbel’s statement.

  • Well, yeah it’s pretty silly to get one’s panties in a bunch over something someone said, when probably 75 percent of those people didn’t even know what Bryant Gumbel was doing these days. Hence my disinterest in mainstream non-sports talk radio.

  • zingzing

    i thought it was pretty funny. heh… funny thing, though, i never realized the almost total lack of black athletes at the winter olympics. i haven’t really watched much… but i have yet to see even one. that is kind of strange. the gop comment was hilarious. that said, bring on march madness.

  • Nancy

    Whatever happened to the Jamaican Bobsled Team?

    That said, I’m surprised some of the snowboarders aren’t black, as it translates really well from skateboarding, I’m told by kids (of several shades) who have done both. Maybe it’s just a temporary lag thing; remember, for a long, long time there were no blacks in pro-sports of any kind except boxing, and now they’re pretty ubiquitous in most of the big “team” sports, and making marks also on the previously all-white sports of tennis & golf, just as women are getting more into sports like basketball & hockey. The more, the merrier, IMO.

  • fantasticsound

    You’re confused, Mr. McGowan.

    “The majority response to Gumbel has been, ‘Well, why don’t I say that I won’t watch the NBA or Track & Field because the majority of athletes competing are black?'”

    There is absolutely nothing racist in the above position. The point they are making is not that they WOULD make that comment. It’s a hypothetical question. You’re responding as if they DID make that comment and intend to boycott the NBA, etc. You make their point valid by getting huffy and accusing them of fighting racism with racism. They’ve done no such thing.

    They’ve simply shown, successfully, that were a white person to make a similarly racist remark they would be lambasted for saying so, and likely be fired from their job.

    I don’t see any of that happening in the mainstream press to Mr. Gumbel.

    Yes, there are always lunatic fringe who will hatefully respond to legitimate concerns, confusing the issues further. But despite the pedigrees of several right leaning celebrities and journalists who have picked up this story, few, if any have said anything other than, “Where’s the equal application of political correctness? If white, on-air talent are verbally blasted and fired from their jobs, when will Bryant Gumbel have to face the same for his equally reprehensible comments?”

  • Nancy

    I don’t think white or black has anything to do with it: it’s all about ratings, and if he’s got the ratings, the Suits at HQ won’t do a thing, whether he’s black, white, or houndstooth check.

  • Mr./Ms. Fantasticsour: You are absolutely correct. Stating a hypothetical does not mean acceptance of the hypothetical view. However, when radio talkers condemn Gumbel for being “uppity” in his vocabulary choices, they indeed are being as bigoted as Gumbel.

  • Most people are missing the main point, which is the most important point of Gumbel’s anti-white comments. That is the racial double standard in today’s society. There is no question at all that if Gumbel were white, he would be fired, but he can and has said quite a few anti-white comments over time.

    Don’t expect HBO CEO, Albrecht to fire Gumbel anytime soon. On the contrary, Gumbel knows that his boss is on his side.

    I don’t have a problem with Gumbel’s comments, I have a problem with the extreme racial double standard in America and in the West, in general. The calls for an anti-white and ADL created “hate crime” might even be raised if Gumbel were white.

    Let Mr. Gumbel pass on the Olympics and watch “march madness”, where he can enjoy watching the best player in the country, JJ Redick (white), embarrass the blacks.

    The Olympics are too white for Gumbel, the NBA and NFL is too black for me. Bottom line, lets do away with ADL made “hate crime” laws and the racial double standard and attitude.

    Most important of all, white people are now only 8% of the world, we’re facing extinction across our formerly white lands…

    The Jews, blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Asians and arabs all think racially, it is about time that white people do the same. Whites were well over 90% white before and anti-white 1963 immigration act, now we’re already a minority in a few states.

    We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children
    -david lane

  • zingzing

    oh, f*ck off, mr. white. you’re dis*us*ing. (to the editor–i’ll censor myself, thank you.) you’re as bad (probably worse) than gumbel, and you pass it off like you are morally superior. what he said wasn’t racist, it was just a fact. it’s like saying, “there are not too many minorities in colorado.” it’s just true. and he’s right, the olympics are dull. who wants to watch ice skating?

  • Mr. White

    You’re missing my point, maybe if you lose the irrational emotion you might be able to think a little better.

    The “fact” is that if Gumbel ( a mulatto who is married to a white woman) were white, he would definitely lose his job.


    White Pride World Wide.

  • No, he wouldn’t lose his job. He’s on HBO. Nobody loses their job on HBO — their contract demands just get too large.

  • Uh, I do. And though my ethnic makeup is partly “white,” few mainstreamers insist on using another term to describe me. Figure skating rules. And what Gumbel said was at least repugnantly ingorant, though not nearly so disgusting as the “white supremacist.” Protect the future for all children – who the fuck cares what their skin colors are?

  • Mr. White

    I contend that he would lose his job, HBO or not, if he were white.

    As I noted in a previous post, the non-whites, in general, care very much for their people. I am white, I want to see my race exist, I think white people have that right, unless of course some or so filled with hatred that they welcome genocide, sometimes of their own racial group.

    For a little more on why the HBO CEO would not even consider firing the anti-white Gumbel, read ‘Jewish Supremacism’ by Dr. David Duke, which can be ordered at http://www.whitecivilrights.com

    Oh uh, Natalie, apparently “La Raza” “cares what their skin colors are”. The meaning of La Raza is ‘the united race’, and their Mestizo motto is: “for those inside the race, everything, for thos outside, nothing”. It is a purely racial group, which feminist, Hillory Clinton gave a speech too. Again, another example of the racial double standard.

    PS- a “supremacist’s” are people who want to rule over others. White people who are racially conscious are no more supremacist than ADL, NAACP, La Raza, or literally hundreds of other racial groups.

  • Whoops. *Many* mainstreamers. *Far* too many.

  • zingzing

    ugh. hey, white, do you think that adl, naacp, la raza, etc, are racist?! bet you do…

  • Mr. White

    Yes I do think they are racist organizations. That is without question. None more than the Jewish hate group, ADL.

  • ronjon


    Do those organizations serve all racial groups, or just particular ones? Please, show me a case where the NAACP has furthered the interests of whites as well as blacks. Please, show me an instance where the ADL has focused soley on another group besides Jews…

    If these organizations are not specifically helping all racial groups, then they are racist. Now, tell me of a mainstram group, that is supported by the government (like the ADL, NAACP, and La Raza), that favors only whites and no other group…

    It looks to me like many of you people are merely anti-white and deserve no credibility yourselves. Oh yeah, and Gumble’s statement was totally ignorant and uncalled for.

  • Santana

    The only thing I don’t get is that if the shoe was on the other foot and a white announcer had said that the summer games were too black than he’d be getting called out by the media and civil rights people like Jessie Jackson as racist. How come Bryant Gumbel can say a thing like this and HBO doesn’t bat an eye lash? I’ve always respected Bryant, he’s a good commentator, but what would ever make him say anything this off color (no pun intended)?

  • Oh lordy, here we go now.

    Look, it was said, we all agree it was in poor taste, and now it’s over. We can move on.

    Go watch the Olympics.

  • Santana

    Well I don’t agree with this Mr. White, but he does have one point I agree with.

    If it had been a white announcer, everyone would be crying racism. There should be some sort of public apology or his firing. Sorry Bryant, next time think before you speak.

  • Most disingenuous of you, Mr. White. Any informed person knows that Stormwatch is a separatist hate group that has many bigots and anti-Semites as members. This phrase is quite telling: “None more than the Jewish hate group, ADL.”

    I am ashamed to be in the same species as someone who holds the thoughts you do, Mr. White.

    Mr. Ronjon, groups that work for equality for all in this society do benefit everyone, whatever their names. MLK’s dream was for everyone, not just the negroes. So… are you looking forward to the revolution?

    NR Davis

  • Nancy

    As I said, black, white, or plaid, it all gets down to ratings: good ratings, no consequences. In that sense, the bottom line is colorblind.

  • [WARNING: Extreme cornball pun alert]

    No, Nancy, only one color really matters: gold.

  • Nancy

    Touche, Matt! Good one 😀

  • George in PA

    I am proud to be in the same species as someone who holds the thoughts you do, Mr. White.

    Thank you for telling it like it is. There are too many sheep among Whites in the USA, that’s how Gumbel gets away with it.

  • ronjon


    Are you saying that everybody doesn’t have the same ooportunities in America? I was born in the 80’s, I have never once seen any of my black peers be discriminated against in school or anywhere else for that matter.

    So, will the ADL, NAACP, or La Raza, side with whites as they go up against our federal, state, and local governmetns for racial bias in hiring practices at police and fire departments, federal jobs, and private sector quotas? I have yet to see any so-called “civil rights groups” backing the numerous cases of reverse discrimination that are taking place right now. For you to to sit there and tell me that these groups activities are good for everyone, and not just the group they support, is just ridiculous and spit in all white people’s face.

    I truly fear for whites. This double standard is not only prevalent in the United States, but in Europe and Australia as well. In places where whites make up the minority, such as Zimbabwe, we get the shaft there too, usually ending up dead.

    Think of what I say however you want. But, I’m telling you that when whites become a minority in the U.S., we better not expect the same gratitude that we’ve shown them. At least, this is what I see when taking the human rights track records of all black nations in Africa, and all mestizo nations in Central and South America into account.

  • George in PA

    PS Anika Sorenstam is the greatest ladies golfer in history, at one point she even won 10 straight tournaments — but the anti-White machine serves up Michelle Wie instead. And Wie hasn’t even won yet.

  • When I was writing sports, I deplored the attitude of some male sports writers who didn’t think athletes who didn’t fit their concept of a jock were really athletes and as such their respective sports didn’t need to be respected. The non-sports sports would include rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, ice skating (figure and dancing) and jockeys.

    There are some non-white people competing. Is there something wrong with Asians and Asian Americans?

    Davis was named the US Speed Skating athlete of the year in 2005. He was the first black on the US speed skating team.

    There are more than white people there.

    Vonetta Flowers (bobsled) is black and American. Shani Davis (speed skating) is black and American. Ben Agosto is Latino. Two athletes from Algeria. One from Kenya (black). Three from South Africa (white). One from Ethiopia (black). One from Madagascar. One from Senegal (black).Of the 10 members of the Brazilian team, some are black.

    Jamaica doesn’t have a team this year.

    Maybe if he thought about tradition, geography and the general requirements for winter sports, he would have come up with a better answer.

  • “So, will the ADL, NAACP, or La Raza, side with whites as they go up against our federal, state, and local governmetns for racial bias in hiring practices at police and fire departments, federal jobs, and private sector quotas?”

    I would hope so. I don’t support “affirmative action” on principle. As I belong to none of those groups, I would suggest you ask them.

  • I live in So. Cal and I have seen black, Latinos, Arabs, Persians, Asians and other non-white discriminated against and the subject of hate crimes.

    Arab and Persian-American women threatened with rape during the American embassy hostage situation and both Gulf wars. People who had bombs thrown into their homes. People who had had racist slogans bleached onto their lawns. People who have racist slogans spray painted on their homes. People refused housing and service.

    My family, friends and I have personally experienced these things. Not everyone has the same opportunity in the US.

    The riots in Los Angeles should tell it all and as did the subsequent coverage. Racism isn’t dead in America yet. The 1998 death of James Byrd should tell you that.

  • ronjon

    Purple Tigress,

    Oh, so what are you trying to say? That only non-whites can be the victim of random acts of violence of a racist nature?? Are you trying to tell me that whites have never been victims of racism? I think you are trying to tell me that; as a result, I think you are a mere anti-white bigot.

    Racism in its institutionalized form IS DEAD! I’m sorry if you have been the victim of racism, but so I have, and I am white. In school, I was beaten to a pulp when I was 15 by a group of blacks who wanted my shoes… I did not blame society for that random act of violence, I blamed the perpetrators who were caught and dealt with accordingly. WHITES CAN BE VICTIMS OF RACISM TOO!! Individuals will always be racist, but to blame that on society is just irresponsible.

    So, you can give me that bleeding heart tripe about how non-whites have it so bad in America; regardless, I think you are full of crap. If you are so discriminated here, why don’t you move back to your country of ethnic origin.

  • ronjon


    These groups don’t give a hoot about “reverse” discrimination. I have never seen any actions that would prove otehrwise; and its their actions by which I judge them. No, the truth is, they don’t support all groups in America, they support only a select few. Furthermore, when whites attempt to establish a “civil rights” group, it is deemed racist and extreme. These are the facts of life as a white living in the U.S. post civil rights era. Certainly, I could choose to ignore these issues, be satisfied with my TV, video games, and beer, like many whites in my age group, but I have decided to take an active interest in things that concern the well-being of my family, future children, and myself.

  • La Raza supports civil rights interests of Latinos and this might include whites as well as blacks as well as meztizos and Native Americans theoretically.

    NAACP supports the civil rights of colored people.

    ACLU defends the civil rights of all Americans.

    Ronjon, such acts of theft would not be considered a hate crime. I am addressing hate crimes based on race. There would have to be other proofs for it to be classifed as a hate crime or a racially motivated crime. Since you have trouble defining and differentiating between these things and address things emotionally, I doubt if you’d be qualified to judge whether or not institutionalized racism is alive or dead.

    A random act of violence doesn’t qualify as racism in sociology or the court of law.

    It is because of issues of racial and ethnic prejudice that the specialized groups were formed. From the beginning, this nation has been made for the benefit of white free males.

  • ronjon

    So I guess the cracker, honkey, and ***** white boy statements didn’t constitute racism? The fact is they targeted me because I was white. You can make all the excuses you want, I really don’t care what you think.

    Also, I will submit that white males were a dominant force in American society, but after the passage of the 1964 civil rights act, that became a figment of the past. Of course, white males still dominate much of the elite, but that has to do with our numerical superiority rather than anything else. Democracy is based off of numerical superiority, once whites no longer make up the majority of the U.S., non-whites will be elcted and will fill much of the elite positions. It has nothing at all to do with institutionalized racism. For you to even consider it shows how oblivious you are.

  • zingzing

    haha, fall in your own trap, mr white!

    mr. white: “White people who are racially conscious are no more supremacist than ADL, NAACP, La Raza, or literally hundreds of other racial groups.”

    me: “ugh. hey, white, do you think that adl, naacp, la raza, etc, are racist?! bet you do…”

    mr. white: “Yes I do think they are racist organizations. That is without question. None more than the Jewish hate group, ADL.”

    logically, then, you are a racist by your own words. other than that, you are anyway. that last statement… neo nazi.

    i don’t want to even start on ronjon, who just a paranoid bigot. whites have plenty of support from various agencies around the country. why do we need one all our own? we may not be a majority in everything, but, if you look at the top posistions in most of these organizations and agencies, you’ll see mostly white faces. we are well looked after.

  • ronjon

    Well, I take that back, institutionalized racism does exist. Its focus? White males. We are the only ones discriminated against by the government as can be seen by racial quotas in hiring (both public and private), higher education, and housing. See http://www.adversity.net if you are interested in the prevalent anti-white racism by the American government.

  • zingzing

    ronjon, do you pine for the good old days of 1963? and yep, once we are no longer a majority in this country, you should start seeing some color in the higher ups. and maybe society will become less tilted. ought to be interesting.

    my favorite racial epithet is “bucket.” as in, “you ain’t pale, you’re a bucket!” ooh. funny stuff. i’m white; so, it’s just funny.

  • ronjon

    Oh, I’m a paranoid bigot? I think its you who is the anti-white bigot. Of course, anybody who even thinks the way I do is automatically a racist…sure. You are the bigot.

  • ronjon

    1963? Dude, I’m 22 years old.

  • ronjon

    So, since youre white, you dont think you can be anti-white?? Well, your terribly wrong. We’re our own worst enemy.

  • zingzing

    maybe affirmative action isn’t 100% fair. but, neither was enslaving a bunch of people. and then there are people like you, who wouldn’t want minorities in your neighborhood, wouldn’t hire a minority and don’t want to see minority education on the rise. so, in the end, it’s fair.

  • ronjon

    Why are you making such generalizations about me? How do you know who I am or what I’d do? So, because I care about my race, I’m all the sudden some evil Nazi who wants to eat black people for lunch?? You are truly crazy and lost….

  • zingzing

    i’m not anti-white. i grew up with white people. lived with some during college. i even have some white friends now. i don’t blame them for the color of their skin.

    on the 1963 thing, i was asking if you think things were better then. were they? in your estimation, of course, young man.

    and, unless your really really poor and can’t find a job and never had a chance to go to college, how does affirmative action hurt you? just because? because it’s something that helps minorities and not you?

    did you have a sibling when you were young? did they ever get something that you didn’t? were ya pissed?

  • zingzing

    well, would you hire a black person? would you want to live next to someone from mexico? ever said anything about the coming race war and the ingrates who will start it?

  • ronjon

    Why can’t whites care about their own? Blacks and Hispanics are given their own groups that focus on everything from their history to civil rights; whites are not allowed any of this. Why am I not given the right to feel pride in who I am and where I come from?? Why would you be against such a thing…attributing people who think like me to bigots that just hate black people for no reason.

  • ronjon

    Well, since you are so intrested in my personal life, I’m actually going out tonight with some friends; one who is Honduran (tantamount to Mexican, I guess). If the black was qualified, I’d hire him, but not over someone who is more qualified.

  • ronjon

    I also think people should be free to associate with whom they want. So, if you got a bunch of people that want to form an all-white community, or an all-black community, they should have that right.

    Anyways, I through with you anti-white bigots…have fun hating “the man”.

  • zingzing

    well, good. maybe. you say that you don’t want to be compared to “bigots that just hate black people for no reason.” you don’t hate black people because a couple of them stole your shoes when you were a kid, do you? if you don’t, good; the statement is a little vague.

    you can feel pride for who you are, all the pride you want. but, just because something is pro-minority does not mean it is anti-white. it’s just pro-minority. there is no racism involved. so what if a pro-white organization is bound to fail… WE DON’T REALLY NEED THE HELP. just because you like the beatles doesn’t mean you have to hate the stones.

  • zingzing

    hahaha. an all-white community… yeah, it’s called the suburbs. blar blar blar.

    still, you can’t do things like that. you can own your own property, but you can’t buy up a bunch of land, sell it to a bunch of white folk, and then keep the n***ers off. that’s called racism.

    don’t you want to see the world in many different ways? don’t you like diversity? christ, if i saw nothing but white people all day, i’d go a little nuts.

  • zingzing

    *dusting off his pants, riding off on his high horse into the sun*

    “where ever the crazy man talks shit, i’ll be there.”

  • N. Davis: There is nothing disingenuous about me whatsoever, you on the other hand seem to be lacking in the honesty department. I am a realist, I am also a racialist. What you are or what you claim to be is irrelevent to me.

    The website is called Stormfront, not Stormwatch, so obviously you know little about it. It is a separatist white racial website, extremely informative I might add. It is not, as you say, a “hate group”. As a matter of fact, it is not a group at all.

    As for the Jewish hate group, ADL, I suggest you do a little research on that venemous anti-white hate group. Ever hear of Moe Dalitz? Have you ever heard about the ties to organized crime, or the invention of so called “hate crime” laws which were created by the ADL? “Hate crime” laws apply ONLY to white people, you’re either a liar or are ignorant about the subject to argue otherwise.
    Mind you, what I said is only the tip of the iceberg about the criminal ADL Jews.

    If you’re ashamed to be in the same species as me N. Davis, might I suggest you take a flying leap into your nearest lake. Incidentally, you’re not in the same sub-species as me, as I am a white man. Therefore, no need to be ashamed. But please, take a flying leap by all means, I promise not to lose any sleep over it.

    George in PA, thank for the comment, its nice to see that some people have both common sense, but more importantly, honesty, instead of lies and political correctness. WPWW to you.

    To zingzing: I don’t mince words, I tell it like it is. You haven’t caught my in any trap, you’re grasping at straws there zingy, you see, I AM a racialist. I am a separatist. I am not however, a supremacist. I’ll leave the supremacy for the ADL and the majority of the jewish tribe (ruling over, or desiring to rule over other peoples is to be a supremacist, and when it comes down to it, a Jew will ALWAYS side with his/her people), which thoroughly control both parties in America, as well as the media (see “Who rules America” at http://www.natall.com), along with ruling over the Palestinians.

    As for your additional personal attack of me being a “neo nazi”, wrong again. I am in no uncertain terms, an Aryan. Aryan= racially conscious white who acts on it. “racist” is a Jewish media slander word. I prefer to be around my race, I also desire for my race to exist and advance.

    Stormfront- white nationalist forum.
    ADL-criminal (proven fact)hate group which is infatuated with stifling free speech by disidents.

    Funny how treasonous whites liberals and non-whites like to throw around that word “racist”, or “neo-nazi”, I suggest not being so hypocritical, as non-whites think racially, as a rule, and whites do not. Thats what has to change, my people need to start thinking racially, as we cannot allow are race to perish because of genocidal Jews and hypocritical, anti-white types like the zinger.

    lastly, and to get back on track with this comment section, the mulatto Gumbel is yet another hypocrite, a hypocrite who is married to a self-hating witch who is and has done her part to destroy her unique genotype, her race, on this earth. The piece of filth might as well stand out on the streetcorner with her pumps and short red skirt, because she is of the level of prostitute for being a negro lover.

    You hypocritical clowns who defend the ADL, while calling non-lemming whites “racist” ought to read something other than your Jewish approved text books, go to http://www.stormfront.org for an education. That is, if you can handle the facts and the truth.

    I’ll leave you with http://www.jewwatch.com, there you will learn why jew HBO CEO Albrecht would never fire Gumbel. On the contrary, his tribe has done very well, they have followed their genocidal plans to a tee.

    We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children…and we will.

  • Most important of all, white people are now only 8% of the world, we’re facing extinction across our formerly white lands…

    Mr. White – you cannot be for real. It was barely a few hundred years ago that the ‘whites’ helped themselves to these lands here in North and South America.

  • Mr. White

    Well Mary Willaims, its nice to see that you’re all for the extinction of white people. How loving of you.

    As for whites helping themselves to these lands, and I am referring to America; whether the Indians were here first is debatable. However, using your philosophy, hypothetically assuming that they were here first, did that give them the right to scalp us alive? To attack us left and right, before our people said ENOUGH! and to put it bluntly, kicked the crap out of them.

    You, Mary Williams, seem just fine and dandy with the thought of the eventual extinction of whites from this planet, kind of like the Jewish professor at Harvard, Noel Ignatiev, who claimed that “the white race should to be abolished”, yet he keeps his job.

    Also, I would point out to you Mary Willaims, that the Indians live in peace on their reservations these days. Now lets pretend that the percentages of whites and Indians in American were reversed, shall we. I have news for you, the Indian savages would have already slaughtered us, without question this would have been the case. They would have attacked us, raped our women, killed us all. Period. Don’t see how that could be? Look to Zimbabwe and South Africa these days, whites are and have been getting absolutely buthchered in the most horrific ways, yet I don’t see the outcry from goody goody liberal whites…where are these goody goody’s that screamed about “apartheid” a decade ago? Hypocrites, hypocrites because “apartheid” was NOTHING like whats been happening to whites in the former Rhodesia today.

    The Indians never did a thing, it was whites that built this country into what it is today, to argue that would make one out to be a fool.

    Maybe you and Bryant can raise the question as to why there is no “diversity” in Israel and throw out your liberal feel good baloney with regards to the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jewish Supremacist state of Israel, a country (and people) that just happens to control our media and government in the United States; read “They Dare to Speak Out” by former congressman (liberal at that) Finley from Illinios.

    I care about the crew of the USS Liberty, whch was savagely attacked for three to four hours at the hands of the Israeli’s who wanted to sink the vessel and blame it on Egypt. I care about my fellow whites who are being constantly attacked, raped, beaten, robbed and killed in America at the hands of negro’s. Oh, but you heard about James Byrd didn’t you? Of course you did, but did you hear about the 1.5 million white victims of interacial violense, yearly. Did you hear about young Kevin Shifflet from Virginia, who was stabbed about 50-60 times by a savage negro beast who walked up on the Shifflet front lawn while Kevin was playing to do his anti-white hate and damage, all the while yelling racial slurs. This happened in 2000 or 2001. You didn’t hear about this from the alien controlled media, nor did you hear about countless others, of which I could type 24/7, telling you about them.

  • is he still on television? arent bryant and ahmad rashad tv history?

  • Noooo, Mr. White is no supremacist. He’s not a bigot. And Jerry Rice dances like Gene Kelly.

  • Well Mr. White.

    You make some pretty nutty assumptions of what you think I stand for, based on my wee little comment.
    Allrighty then. I actually tried to leave a comment a moment ago, and the darn page never came thru.
    So i try again.

    You say that there are all kinds of misfortunes dealt to whites in far flung places around the world, yes? I have no clue really, so for the moment I’ll assume you are correct. So, obviously that’s bad, right?
    But when you get right down to it, it dosn’t really matter what color is getting the raw end of the deal. It dosn’t matter which gender is being discriminated against.
    No one deserves to be held down, no child deserves to be hurt at the hands of adults, no one deserves to be shit upon, no matter what their race or ethnicity.
    As far as extinction of whites? I don’t think any race will become extinct. The only thing that should be wiped out is hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

  • chris bickford

    Bryant Gumbel made clearly racist remarks on
    a national network sports program and as a
    winter sports enthusiast who happens to be
    white and GOP I expect this callously racist
    remark to get its full airing on the national
    media. Just like Campanis, Jimmie the Greek,
    or Fuzzy Zoeller. This Arrogant SOB needs to
    know that he is no more above criticism than
    those others who lost their jobs for making
    racist remarks. Only severe hippocrites would
    speak in defense of Gumbel keeping his job.

    Chris Bickford.

  • gary

    well, if you dont think the skin color has anything to do with it your crazy, it has everything to do with who the man is. he is a black man with a national media network to voice his views. he is black on the outside as well as on the inside. do you think for a minuet that he would be able to get away with that statement if is was a white American, hell no!
    he would have been brought in to the ceo’s and they would have drilled him a new one. this is the road that the American media has been going down for a long time, an MR. GUM BALL is a small pawn in the the big game. Mr. GB needs to look at himself like many others, both black, white, brown, green, and whatever other colors these jokers come in, and realize that we the watchers create the need for them, and when we want a comment other than factual news, we will ask for it, otherwise shut the hell up mr GB. Mr. GB is under attack only because its the olympics, but i have heard and my comments against stupid remarks made by many of the media. i have to give a big thumbs up to Mr. Barkley, he seems to be the only person (black person) willing to take responsibility for his people. hell i take responsibility for mine, if i had a dime for everytime i told someone that Timothy McVey, or David G., or Jim Jones are some of the biggest pieces of shit ever to breath air, i would be a rich man. what it all boils down to is not ratings, no ceo is setting in the penthouse telling GB to say anything close to the remarks he made. but the buck does stop there with the top guns, and GB does need to be told that his job is not to make comments, but to report the news. If GB wants to be able to voice his on thoughts, and if someone out in TV land is stupid enough to tune in to him, then he needs to produce his own show. you see the even the famous Porta-Ricon last night on his show 2/17/06, denouncing GB’s comments. way to go G.R.
    P.S., not to change the forum, but what is up with Phili. are the Phili people all smoking crack? let one person in my neighborhood get out of hand, and even try to sell some t-shirt that says dont snitch, i will flat go over and soak them down with the ZIPPO FLUID AND TORCH IT.
    please people stand up for whats right, the Police are not around in abundance to take care of us all, they are around to perform clean up measures for us who are willing to take a stand. If the Phili people need some assistance with this matter maybe they should get a new major and most of all a new Police Chief, the one they have for sure is not doing his job, or the problem would have never reached the level it is.

  • Anybody notice that a black guy just won a gold medal in speed skating?

  • don’t you want to see the world in many different ways? don’t you like diversity? christ, if i saw nothing but white people all day, i’d go a little nuts.

    Zing- I know what you mean. I’m white, but I’d probably go nuts with the sameness of things. Good to have new faces around sometimes.

    Viva le difference!

  • “His people”??? Mr. Gary, I agree that Gumbel was VERY wrong, but “his people”?? I thought people weren’t allowed to own other people anymore.

    And I’m sorry: Tim McVeigh is as much mine – AND YOURS, whether or not you like it – as Bryant Gumbel or David Berkowitz or Kim Jong Il or Osama bin Laden or Dubya Bush. Just because someone has a similar skin color to mine doesn’t mean I have any more affinity for that person than any other. I can’t imagine why so many people embrace such a STUPID, shallow, inhumane concept!

    NR Davis

  • ronjon


    Do you think all-black communities or all-hispanic communities are racist? What about all-Arab or all-Chinese communities?

    Also, if you get so bored seeing white faces, who all have diversity in hair, eyes, skin tone (pink to olive), facial structure, then why don’t you move to South Africa or Brazil? There they have all sorts of racial groups and you would never get bored from us unexciting white people. Instead, you want all racial groups to come to historically white societies and breed us out to the point where no more white people will be around. Sound nuts? Check the U.S. Census population projections….

    I will maintain that you are anti-white as well.

    Also, if different human populations weren’t different biologically, then we wouldn’t have different cultures. If Africans were biologically the same as Asians, then one would think they would be at a similar technological state as well as similar in values. But no, there are drastic differences. To say it was the environment alone that caused these drastic differences is ludicrous. I believe, since we are all unique, we all have the right to exist racially intact; therefore, each group should be entitled to a homeland that does not admit any other racial groups. IS this hateful? I mean, all groups will have this right, so how does that make it hateful?

    With your guy’s plan, white people will vanish in as little as two centuries, just as they did in the Carribean Islands. Diversity within borders eventually destroys that same diversity. Mother nature intends only one group to live together; when that doesn’t happen, she mixes them into a homogenous group. That’s nature; that’s life.

  • That’s bullshit, Mr. Ronjon. All of it.

    I recommend you read Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel. It offers an alternate theory to yours about why different people in different geographic regions achieved different results.

  • Bing

    Gumbel’s remark was clearly racist and ignorant.

    As for saying that responding to his remark by saying “Well, why don’t I say that I won’t watch the NBA or Track & Field because the majority of athletes competing are black?”, well I see absolutely nothign wrong with that.

    Most likely the person responding to Gumbel by saying this doesn’t really have the desire not to watch sports that have more blacks in them because they don’t like blacks. Thier just putting the shoe on the other foot and illustrating how absurd and racist it is to say a sport is not worth watching because of the racial makeup of it’s participants.

    Does anyone actually think the people that respond this way ever said anything about not wanting to watch sports with mostly black athletes in them before Gumbel made his racist remark? I don’t think so.

    As for the GOP remark, well Gumbel is wrong again. President Bush has appointed more minorities to his administration than any other president in us history. But most on the left just label them tokens and Uncle Tom’s. Yes those enlightened left wing progressives who call all Republicans and Conservatives racists seem to believe that they can use racial slurs to describe anyone who is black and a Republican\conservative. As proof I am sure that several of the blue chip left wing BC posters will do exactly what I just said and label all the minorities in the Bush administration “tokens” because they don’t adhere to leftist political thought.

  • CB

    The greatest answer to Brant Gumbels racist remarks is this:

    2006 Winter Olympic Speed Skater Shani Davis wins 1,000-meter race, takes GOLD:

    States after the race: “I want to be the best I can be, regardless of black, white, Hispanic, whatever,” Davis said. “I would say it would be [socially significant] if this was a bigger sport, if it was regarded by minorities in the same way track and field is. It isn’t. [The significance] is what people make of it. If people in America are excited and thrilled to have a black speed skating champion, I’m happy I can make people happy … I love what I do.”


  • I think all of this shows the insanity of this continued illusion called race. Racism is very real from people of all shapes, sizes, and colors – but race is a failed scientific theory from a few hundred years ago. These problems will never go away until we throw the whole concept of race in the trash can of history.

    For those who claim that race is a real, physical thing I ask please define in real physical terms the black and white races. Please don’t attempt to give me the finer points of genetics for two reasons:

    1 – the geneticists already have this one settled – there is only one race, the human race. Of course there are differences (both external and internal) based on various breeding groups that have existed in relatively recent time (I’m an ex-geologist so I look at time from a more realistic viewpoint, i.e. from about 3.5 billion years ago when the first pulse of life began on this planet). These differences show themselves in many areas – but they do not “create” the existence of the black and white races.

    2 – when people use the terms black this, and white that in everyday usage, they are not talking about the finer points of genetics – they are talking about a whole lot more than that – this is the definition I desire.

    So please – if it is real and not a social construct (i.e. it is made up by societies) then please enlighten me as to its definition. I certainly don’t seem to get it. I’m little slow (must be my race 😉

  • rebecca

    As a “white” person.. I don’t know I personally think that the color of one’s skin, shouldn’t be regarded as any different than the color of one’s eyes..

    Yes, there are differnet cultures and that’s well great. I’m proud to be an American, and proud to be of European descent too. But well cultures don’t necessarily get passed around by skin color.

    I do think there are some double standards see Gumble and racism exists on both sides….But really its just a color!

  • RedTard

    “So please – if it is real and not a social construct (i.e. it is made up by societies) then please enlighten all of us as to its definition. I certainly don’t seem to get it.”

    That is because you have demonstrated the inability to consider or grasp simple concepts. Race, like all words, is a human construct just like my example of the color orange. People argue about exactly what shades of orange exist but that does not make orange any less of a valid construct. Race has meaning because we gave it that. Also as I have stated before scientists can genetically determine whites from blacks from Asians. (kind of convenient that corresponds to the old caucasoid, negroid, and mongoloid terms)

    There is a genetic scientific definition, there is also the generally laymen’s definition based on certain phenotypes, skin color, nose, and certain eye characteristics.

    This is the argument of a PC nut gone mad. Instead of denying the obvious truth that races, as we have defined them, exist your time could better be spent fightng real racism.

    Of course, you may not believe in racism either because it has race, a false concept in your mind, as it’s root word.

  • RedTard – you didn’t define it. The speed of light is the speed of light – it is not a social construct nor is it only word – it is a real, physical thing. In a scientific sense no one argues about shades of orange – it comprises certain electromagnetic spectrum. It is VERY defined. You can use any word you want to describe it but it is the same since it is a physical reality.

    And no, it is not amazing that “scientists can genetically determine whites from blacks from Asians. (kind of convenient that corresponds to the old caucasoid, negroid, and mongoloid terms).

    We all have ancestors (in fact we are related to all life but that’s another discussion) and the general areas where our most recent ancestors come from can be identified by certain genetic factors. But you are completely wrong if you think these are “black”, “white”, and Asian. They are much more detailed than that. Genetically, Chinese are not the same as Japanese or as Laotian. Irish is not the same as Russian or Italian (oh wait, Italians used to not be considered white). But based on the failed theory of race these are grouped together as black, white, Asian, etc. The data doesn’t do this – humans force the data to fit a racial overlay.

    This has nothing to do with PC, it has to do with facts, science, and reason. And the first step in being a racist (or making racist comments) is to group individuals in these classifications based on meaningless physical characteristics. Racism is far too prevalent – read any newspaper any day of the week any you will see it. It’s just that far too many consider it normal.

    So take the challenge – please define the black and white races as used in everyday content.

  • I read all these comments and I have to say a couple of things…first…are there even snow covered mountains or temperatures that work well with cold weather sports in most of the countries that are predominantly black? I mean, come on…if Kenya doesn’t have a ski resort…it might be kind of hard to train skiers…and second…I’m gonna agree with all the comments about those on the left on BC…they screamed ranted and raved about assholes like jimmy the greek and rush…but you rarely hear a peep out of them when it’s one of their own doing or saying the ridiculously stupid.

    Lastly, Mr. White…did you really use David Duke to support part of your argument??? Couldn’t find a better source than a grand wizard of the KKK???

  • RedTard

    “In a scientific sense no one argues about shades of orange – it comprises certain electromagnetic spectrum.”

    In a scientific sense no one can argue between the DNA of blacks, whites, and asians either. There are specific real, physical sets of genes that delineate each group. Certainly, there are large genetic differences in each race. Blacks, being the oldest group have the largest range of genetic diversity. (clearly a Pygmy and and most Ethiopians are quite different)

    There is nothing dangerous about race, it is just a word used to describe a subset of the human population based on genetics and certain visual cues. It’s what people do in response to these groupings that is the real problem.

    If you want to ignore science and reality and live in your own PC crazy fantasy world then go right ahead. Whenever you fill out an application asking for your race, please act like an idiot and write ‘invalid question – does not exist’ over top of it. The person taking the form will simply fill it in for you after you leave or throw it in the trash bin.

  • On the application why do they ask the question in the first place? What does it mean? You keep coming back to genetics but why does anyone care where my most recent ancestors came from? Does that define me in ANY way? Why is it asked other than as a continuation of past (and invalid) beliefs? We all came from somewhere; we didn’t just magically appear on the planet one day. So other than speaking very specifically about our recent ancestors, what does black and white mean?

    And since almost all of us are hybrids (using racist thinking) how can one say for certain what race one is? How much does it take to be “black”? or “white”? Please inform me.

    So in today’s Detroit News “Blacks hit hard as automaker jobs go south” they’re just talking about genetics? Or when schools state that they have this many “whites”, “blacks”, Asians (they’re all the same you know), etc. they too are just speaking of genetics? Gee, I didn’t know we had so many individuals who cared so deeply about the finer points of genetics.

    There is no way one looking at raw genetic data from around the world would develop the concept of “black” and “white” races. They take the data (as do you) and put it into your already preconceived notion of race.

    But I still await the definition. What is the black race? What is the white race? Black culture? White culture? You talk all around it but I’m still waiting. It is so real, describe it as a physical (and not societal) thing.

  • G.Chell

    Why can’t whites care about their own?

    They do. Have you been to the University of Alabama?

    “Blacks and Hispanics are given their own groups that focus on everything from their history to civil rights; whites are not allowed any of this.”

    They have been given their sororities and fraternities.

    “Why am I not given the right to feel pride in who I am and where I come from?? Why would you be against such a thing…attributing people who think like me to bigots that just hate black people for no reason.”

    Go join one of the white fraternities or sororities which wont admit non-whites

  • Greg

    So many people are saying, “What If”

    I think we have already seen the What If’s haven’t we? For the most part it has been accepted or played off differently depending on the audience some face.

    Bryant was just handing down what has been handed down for years upon years.

    Doesn’t make it right, but man it sure doesn’t fell good now does it?

    I’m not a Gumble fan, but I think I understand his point.

    Remember the fun that was made over blacks showing up in winter sports before or have we forgotten?

    To compare this with the flip side of the coin sounds like guilt and now finally being able to exhale to say what we use to say as kids, “See! He/She did it too!” when we got in trouble.


  • RedTard

    “On the application why do they ask the question in the first place?”

    Good point, and one I have pondered myself. Most of those questions are used to track and ensure that institutionalized racism is not being committed.

    Eliminating race would make it difficult to administer certain programs. Many businesses and universities have affirmative action programs. I suppose you could base your programs on geographical place of birth or that of your ancestors. I do have a good friend who migrated from south Africa (white, or melanin challenged if you prefer). Should he be qualifed to receive any special considerations for African Americans? I think this exact issue has already come up in the news a couple of times. That is a small minority though.

    How long in American before you transition from an African-American to a straight American. What percentage of African American blood do you need to have to qualify for the programs? Should programs designed to eliminate the legacy of slavery effect new immigrants from Africa or only those that can trace their lineage back to slaves? What percentage slave ancestors are required?

    The concept of race eliminates all those messy scientific problems. Basically, if you have dark skin and check African-American or black in the race box you qualify for those limited benefits.

    Without the concept of race, minorities may lose some assistance and controls set in place for their benefit and I’m fairly certain that eliminating references to race from public discourse will not stop people from categorizing others or those that choose to discriminate from doing so.

  • everyone forget Ter-A-za’s most famous line??? “I’m the richest “African-American” in the country.” She is from Zimbabwe after all…amazing how much money you can make sleeping with someone…

  • It’s my understanding that Mr. Gumbel has a white wife…or had…not really sure.

  • MCH

    “…they screamed ranted and raved about assholes like jimmy the greek and rush…”
    -Andy Marsh

    Wow, I can’t believe you’d bring that draft-dodging Rush Lardbaugh into this mix…

  • chuck

    Winter Olympics for me ended in Lake placid.

    It really doesent matter to me because I just dont care about Winter sports.

    But I do root for other countries besides my own to win the medal count!

    Greece had the best olympics and the summer olympics is what I follow. Winter Olympics are just boring.

  • tommyd

    Mr White and Ronjon, it’s nice to see you here defending the precious white race against self-hating whites and non-white racists alike. I’ve been speaking up on BC here for awhile and get the usual knee-jerk responses from the “more enlightened” members here, like “white supremacist” or “neo-nazi”. What rubbish.

    Anyways, the fact remains that if Blackman Gumbel were White and made insesitive comments about blacks, the guy would’ve been fired the same day. There’s no comeback for this fact by any in the “self-righteous” crowd who are indocrinated to believe that only Whites are eeeeeevilll racisssssss!


  • Arbig

    Well, what he said makes sense. Whenever whites get pushed out of one sport, they popularize another. Can’t compete in boxing anymore, say hello to MMA. Can’t run worth a damn, what about bobsledding? Basketball has already fallen out of favor, while NCAA ratings go up because the latter has more whites. Let’s face it: so long as whites make up a majority of the sports fans, there’s money to be made by glorifying pseudo-sports like golf so long as whites are competitive in it.