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WinOSSCDrom – Free Software for Windows Computers

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Popular around the world, the latest version of the WinOSSCDRom, version 1.6, is out. The disc, which you can download for free, is a collection of free and Open Source Software. Copying of the CD-Rom is not only legal but encouraged. If you find the CD-Rom of value you are free to make copies and pass them on.

The purpose of the WinOSSCDRom is to show Windows users some of the best open source applications that cost nothing, run on Windows, and also have versions that also run on Linux.  Created by consultant Rich Houston, the cd-rom is 699 MB is size, small enough to fit on one cd-rom but chock full of applications, that, in the proprietary software world, would cost thousands of dollars.

Every month, there are examples of organizations around the world adopting more open source software and switching from proprietary software, to open source. Open source software companies make their money not by selling software but by selling support contracts. Open source consulting companies, such as the one behind the WinOSSCDRom, make their money by helping integrate open source software into a businesses, in part or in total; on servers and desktops.

Rich Houston, the creator of the disc, is offering to ship hard copies of the WinOSSCDRom for those who are bandwidth challenged. If you would like a copy shipped to you please see this page.

"I built this CD-Rom with the following rules in mind: the software had to be free and open source and also had to run on both Windows and Linux. You Apple fans will be happy to know that some of the software titles are also available on the Mac, but not on this CD."

To download the CD and to see the detailed listing of all the applications, visit the WinOSSCDRom site

The disc contains open source software in the following categories, and more: 3D Animation, AntiVirus and antispyware tools, archiving, desktop publishing, edutainment, file sharing, games, graphics, media recording, networking, browsers, e-mail, instant messaging, FTP clients, RSS readers, media players, podcast receiver, office suite and tools, video and sound editing, security software, web site creation and more.

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