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Winning, by Jack Welch, written with his wife Suzy, takes a look at exactly what it takes to turn a corporation into a success. This was both an entertaining as well as an educational read. Because Welch served as chairman and CEO of GE for four decades before retiring, there are personal anecdotes tucked into each lesson.

The book is divided into three parts.

The first is an overview of a company, taking leadership down to bare bones. It also examines what it takes to effect change.

The second goes outside the company, focusing on the competition. In other words, how is one going to stay ahead of everybody else who has the same type of business?

The last is parting words that the reader can take to heart about how to make one’s own career work.

What I enjoyed most about this book were the personal anecdotes from Welch’s own experience at GE. He was not afraid to admit that problems existed, and that sometimes he could be labeled as the cause.

This book goes beyond the regular definition of self-help. It empowers the readers into believing that they can succeed if they are only willing to dream big.

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